Fix Quarter Screen Issue On Jailbroken iOS 5 Devices (VIDEO)

by Ahmed Omar on October 10, 2011

In case you’ve already got your iOS 5 GM installed and jailbroken it using the newly released tools, you might have faced this big issue: When running an application or Cydia tweak, it will be displayed in the top left quarter of the screen leaving the three quarters on black screen. Some users have reported this issue so we came with a quick and easy fix for that.

Fix Quarter Screen Issue On iOS 5

What causes the quarter screen issue?

Well, says that this issue comes after installing Activator on iOS 5. BigBoss has warned from upgrading to iOS 5 GM and Activator was one of the reasons not to do that. Since Activator is an important tweak, most of iOS users who made the jailbreak has installed it.

Fix quarter screen issue:

Step 1: Open SBSettings
Step 2: Tap “Power”, and select “Safe Mode”
Step 3: Once booted into safe mode, tap the status bar when it says “Safe Mode”. This will bring up a prompt; tap “Restart” to restart into normal mode
Step 4: Launch an offending app, and the issue should be resolved.

iOS 5 will be available for public on October 12th. Stay tuned as we’ll post download links as soon as they’re available along with jailbreak guides for tethered and untethered tools.

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  • A Janulis

    It works, but it’s not an perpmanent fix – you have to do it each time after reboot…