How To Get 4G Indicator On Non-AT&T iPhone 4S

by Eduardo on April 4, 2012

The month of March brought two big releases from Apple. First being the New iPad, and second being iOS 5.1. While the world is still obsessing over New iPad, most iOS owners and users were not that excited about iOS 5.1, as this update brought little to the table in terms of features. However AT&T iPhone 4S users in the USA noticed that iOS 5.1 swapped the 3G indicator with a 4G one. This post will tell you how to get 4G indicator on your non-AT&T iPhone 4S.

There was a lot of confusion amongst AT&T iPhone 4S users when they upgraded to iOS 5.1 firmware and found a new 4G indicator on the status bar above. Turns out, the AT&T iPhone 4S 4G indicator is legitimate, as this device uses HSPA+ which the International Telecommunications Union regards as true 4G. Due to licenses, AT&T happens to be the only network in USA that can use 4G indicator, whereas iPhone 4S devices on Verizon Wireless and Sprint still display the 3G indicator.

It should be kept in mind that this is just a visual upgrade. Even AT&T iPhone 4S users in the United States just get the 4G indicator as a visual replacement for the pre-existing 3G indicator. No improvement in speeds whatsoever should be expected. So if you just want to show off a 4G indicator on iPhone 4S, this is for you. Read on below in order to find out how you can get a 4G indicator on your non-AT&T iPhone 4S.

So how to get 4G indicator on iPhone 4S? Simply download the 4G for iPhone package from Cydia. It is available for free from the ModMyi repository. 4G for iPhone package is a WinterBoard theme, and requires that the jailbroken iPhone 4S has WinterBoard installed. The iPhone 4S will re-spring once after the package has been installed and then the 4G indicator will be displayed.

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  • Mr Yeah86

    doesnt work

  • Cobaltthegreat

    Winterboard for something as simple as this is rediculous.

  • Hypnotixdmp

    This doesn’t even make sence, you can’t JB an iPhone 4S with 5.1 yet, why even bother to post this before it’s possible???!!!

  • Tekno Jeewes

    Fail news is a fail news… As Hypno just stated this is just stoopid! No jb for ios 5.1 on 4S and you morons tell us to download something from Cydia for iPhone 4S…

  • Darkanio

    Jailbreak 5.1 its true, the thing is that is Tethed…

  • Superduty04ford

    This info is false in some since…  Verizon’s iPhone 4S, once updated to iOS5.1 says that it has 4G service now also.  And this is happening in southern Az.  So you should all rethink your post!!!

  • Anon

    Way to read, people. Nowhere does the post imply upgrading to 5.1. It doesn’t say the tweak is only for 5.1, either.

    If you guys had half a brain, you would know you can do this on any jailbroken iOS. Durrr.