IntelliScreenX Beta For iOS 5 Released, Best Jailbreak Tweak Ever!

by Ahmed Omar on October 29, 2011

Most of you might have learnt about this awesome tweak: IntelliScreenX. The Intelliborn team today pushed a beta release of IntelliScreenX for iOS 5 which will make your iOS 5 notification center great. IntelliScreenX is a must-jailbreak tweak for all iOS 5 users. If your device is not jailbroken yet, it’s better to do it now.

What does IntelliScreenX add to notification center? First of, it adds the notification center directly to your lock-screen, that what a lot of iOS users have been asking for by the way. Your new notification center will automatically include some SBSettings-like toggles so yes, you don’t need SBSettings anymore in iOS 5 with IntelliScreenX.

IntelliScreenX is also similar to InfoLock jailbreak tweak; it adds your mail, Twitter timeline, Facebook news, RSS feed and more according to your options.

Oh, you can tweet and share posts on Facebook directly from IntelliScreenX. When you tap on “Tweet” button from IntelliScreenX, a keyboard comes up and allows you to type. You can also refresh your feeds by pulling down then releasing. Moreover, you can reply and mention people on your Twitter directly from IntelliScreenX on lock-screen.

You can really do more and more things with IntelliScreenX. Just get it and you’ll like your device. Below is an old video from the team where IntelliScreenX id demoed:

Since IntelliScreenX is still in beta, it may have some issues but I’ve tried it and everything is almost working great.

You can get it by adding the following repository then searching on Cydia for “IntelliScreenX”. The tweak costs $9.99 but you can get free time trail.

Have you got IntelliScreenX yet? What are you waiting for!

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  • Jk

    One thing more that makes me “I cant wait for jailbreak on iphone 4s” :)

  • Djsavta

    This tweak crashes right after respring :(

  • @Isusvoli

    If you are using Semi-tethered jailbreak it won’t be compatible. Tweaks that work on the notification center will not function on semi-tethered, simply because they won’t load. You must uninstall semi-tethered and run the tethered jailbreak instead. That will make it work. Good luck!

  • Ultrasn0w

    you’re good man :)

  • Flyingkanga

    Where the hell is it..

  • Jrlongmore

    I’m totally running it on a semi the there’s jailbreak. Best tweak ever!!

  • Jrlongmore

    Semi tethered**

  • Bobok

    Looks great, but come on – 9.99 for tweak, whitch work only if you have jailbroken device is too much. Next iOS actualization, and you have a problem – IntelliScreenX don’t work until someone make a decent JB method…

  • Alruilova

    I’m running a semi-tether jailbreak and just got intelliscreen x and I’m loving it :)

  • ratha seth

    too expensive

  • Redul

    $9.99 is an abnormal price. Very expensive for a f**kin tweak.

  • Eladrob

    Used it for 30 minutes and it completely drained my battery..

  • FlyingKanga

    Yeah, I’m noticing a battery drain as well.. What iDevice are you using? I’m using iPod Touch 4.

  • Nomydude

    is anyone else getting any issus with winterboard in the semitethered jb

  • Nomydude

    third party widgets lag heaps

  • Eladrob

    iPhone 4

  • Kel 켈빈

    How do I bring up the keyboard inside my notification center?

  • amy

    Crashes on Respring in 3GS

  • Tommyisfuego1

    Runs great with iPod 3G. Just dosent show the SBSettings on the top column.

  • Tommyisfuego1

    Would be sick if you didnt have to JB in order to get the Tweak!

  • Marathon3

    i’m running semi-tethered but searching for the conflict. It restarts every time

  • Nicoshjy

    I have install intelliscreenx, I can see the icon but cannot see any setting on 3gs

  • Markieze Anthony Mitchell

    and why is it so expensive

  • Vinylrichy

    Jailbrak apps should be free. Pisses me off this does 9.99! Fucking rip off or what?! Its not even a great app. Ill wait for Apple to make this tweek instaed of paying this fucking douchebag anything

  • simo

    Intelliscreen Rip off. I don’t need to prove it, it is obvious

  • Reis1486

    This tweak is great but I’m having troubles opening up some of my feeds that I’ve added? Anyone else having this issue??

  • Budsal

    You don’t think developers need things like food and places to live? $9.99 is DEFINATELY too expensive for any tweek in my opinion but I strongly disagree that jailbreak apps should be free.

  • Echo335

    I noticed a drain as well, 4s