iOS 5 Compatible Cydia Apps & Tweaks List

by Ahmed Omar on October 13, 2011

Almost everyone has upgraded to iOS 5 but who has jailbroken their devices? In case you’re one of those jailbreak-lovers, you’d surely ask about an iOS 5 compatible Cydia apps & tweaks list. That’s why we’re here; to help our fans!

iOS 5 Cydia Compatible Cydia Tweaks

Below is the iOS 5 Cydia jailbreak apps. You can almost find all tweaks with its current status. Oh and if a tweak is not covered in the list, you can submit a request so that it can be tested and you get the results. The list is regularly updated.

We recommend you bookmark this post (CRTL + D form your browser) and come back to check if other Cydia tweaks & apps got iOS 5 compatibility.

You can jailbreak your iOS 5 tethered only using our previous guide posted here. We also have a video and written guide showing how to add & enable jailbreak widgets to iOS 5 notification center.

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  • guest

    Does this mean ultrasn0w is ready and we can use it to unlock 3GS with iOS5 on 06.15.00? Or will that be a separate announcement?

  • HumboldtRegio

    Ditto on the last question. Does this mean I can update my 3gs that’s unlocked with ultrasn0w, or do I still need to wait for an ultrasn0w update?

  • Anonymous
  • neoTUGA

    ultrasn0w does not work! shows error when installing :(

  • guest

    True…wait for the ultrasn0w update. Why would ultrasn0w be on this list as iOS 5 compatible if it wasn’t the updated version.

    So confusing. I’m absolutely grateful for their work, but I wish they’d tell us something.

  • Joe Davis

    nospot doesnt work!!

  • Mledgerwood

    “wraparound” confirmed working on ios 5

  • Anonymous

    NO, it will work, but not yet on IOS5.

  • Jhmdf

    Remove background SBS Settings crash with my iPod 4G…

  • Jhmdf

    Remove background SBS Settings crash with my iPod 4G…

  • Jhmdf

    Which is the repository that you guys use?

  • Jhmdf

    Which is the repository that you guys use?

  • Jhmdf

    Which is the repository that you guys use?

  • Deepak Panta

    is shrink working..??

  • Admin

    Multiflow works

  • Briggs

    Remove Background SBSetting crashes

  • Ss2367

    shrink does not working

  • Ss2367

    music controls pro doesn’t working

  • Ss2367

    my3g working

  • Ss2367

    remove background is installed. but doesn’t working

  • Israel Gonzalez

    Can you add Shrink and Iconoclasm on the list so we know when they become compatible (if they aren’t already)?

  • srd

    Hello. Does anybody know if  FAKE LOCATION or LOCSPOOF are working with CYDIA + iOS 5?

  • Anonymous

    Is MyWi 4 compatible?
    Or is any repo with free MyWi 5?

  • Tropicaljampie

    Does anyone know if bytafont works?

  • Stingray

    Anyone knows if SBSchedule works?

  • Snoboarder2684

    I jailbroke my 3gs this morning on ios 5 using the untethered Snowbreeze v2.8b8.  When i tap the cydia app it flashes like its going to open but does not??!!!  what is wrong?

  • Jeremy

    its tethered…go back into dfu mode and in snowbreeze click on just boot tethered…your good to go then

  • Mtchflknr

    Just reboot your device it should fix it

  • Dario Casertano

    What about WiCarrier?

  • Mtchflknr

    3GS has untethered it keeps old baseband

  • Snoboarder2684

    i tried rebooting and it still does the same.

  • Neilkalman

    VoiceKeys doesn’t work well either

  • Frillseek

    five-column springboard does not work, causes safemode

  • Jonas Bohlmann

    SwitcherPlus Chrashes iOS5 that you have to restore

  • Israel Gonzalez

    Bytafont works :)

  • Denny40

    anyone know if winterboard is working yet 

  • Frillseek

    no it is not compatible yet, it will cause safemode to be enabled until restored

  • Aaaa

    Found that out last night, ug

  • Mrt049

    iquickcall works

  • Mrt049

    Use Kill Background instead. That works perfect with ios 5

  • Mrt049

    Use Kill Background, it works with ios 5.

  • Kerem Knight

    Winterboard crashes, doesn’t seem to work yet :]

  • Mrt049

    Nope, not yet.

  • Mrt049

    Anyone know if Iconoclasm works yet?

  • Josh Hamilton

    my3g is working on ios 5

  • JailStrike

    if you have problem with WB.. uninstall it reboot your iphone then install it and reboot you device again :D works

  • Jacllondon

    remove background crash, and goes to safe mode

  • Juangarciadethomas

    Does PdaNet works?

  • Rob

    Signify and Tab+

  • Mytory

    facebreak work well.

  • Frank

    ibluever, at least is important for me to know…

  • Mrt049

    Yep, I would just use kill background. Same thing.

  • Anonymous

    How about DisplayRecorder? Did Ryan already reply?

  • Mrt049


  • IcEtMaCcA

    Is there a list of working themes for iphone 3gs 5.0 thanks ?

  • Austin18

    kill background causes my iphone 3gs ios 5 to crash and go to safe mode occasionally.

  • SomeFlyGuy

    Run iBooty.

  • SomeFlyGuy

    Mywi 5 just came out.

  • Christian

    o.o barrel works for me

  • Dave Pedu

    Could I get write permissions to the spreadsheet? I have a few apps to report:
    IconSupport (Sends SB to safe mode)Infinifolders (Depends on IconSupport)Five Icon Folder (Works but folders don’t scroll)

  • eSportler

    Five Column Spring Board doesn’t work.

  • thetemplegeek

    does slide2unlock work?

  • Frankie Bloise

    AnyAttach is not working :(

  • Darkikiki

    Could you check for BytaFont, and BossPaper?

    Thanks :)

  • Darren Russell

    multiflow works fine on mine 

  • Frillseek

    bytafont works fine

  • Mrt049

    Bytafont does work. Been using it since I got the gm last week

  • Huzy85

    Appsync for iOS 5.0+ makes iphone go in safe mode

  • Huzy85

    Few tweaks that are working ok for me:
    Erica Utilities
    iType Apple Icon
    Lockscreen Dim Delay
    3G Unewatrictor

  • Adrien Benoit-Andros

    can someone my a video on getting cydia on iSO 5 please? I upgraded my iPod Touch 4G and it won’t work. I never had cydia on my iPod to begin with. All I want is the modern warfare 2 theme from cydia. someone please help. if you’re able to help send me a message on facebook. <—— A.B.A.2099

  • Pancho

    tonefx partially working

  • Anonymous

    Can you add shrink and Pdanet so we know their statuses please?

  • Ghelai Lim

    WB works partially. icon only change.

  • Ghelai Lim

    dimmer not working

  • Serveradmnstrtr

    Direct closer pro working

  • Fishmissile

    Barrel is not working for me. There is no button in it in the settings app to change the options for it.

  • zoopmitty

    barrel 2 worked fine for me using redsn0w_mac_0.9.9b4. what about customgrid? i didn’t see that mentioned above

  • Fishmissile

    Activator does not work either. the app will open but if you select any of the activator locations it brings you to a blank screen where there are no options to be set. Several of the tweaks I’ve installed appear to not be working. Any ideas?

  • Fishmissile

    Winterboard is not even showing up in the setting screen… I have the latest versions off everything.

  • Fairulazree

    bytafont works on IOS 5 Public release in iphone 4 GSM…

  • Plowman Ds

    Shrink is not compatibly

  • Plowman Ds

    Dimmer not supported

  • Plowman Ds

    multiflow appears to be working

  • Plowman Ds

    remove background for sbsettings restarts iphone in safe mode.

  • Pianist7137

    multifl0w is working =D

  • Pianist7137

    bitesms doesn’t work for me ._.

  • Awks

    five icon dock doesn’t work properly, when using it, all the icons get mixed up, for example, my phone icon was actually the icon from game center, then I resprung and it was the icon from mail, and my messages icon was that of the maps app.
    do not use five icon dock, as I’m unsure what else it was glitching out.

  • Awks

    Also, roundcorners appears to work properly, no glitches found so far

  • Luca Nardi

    run this

  • mike mike

    can someone tell me when bigify+ works…that would be awesome

  • mike mike

    and also playawake

  • Deepak Panta


  • Huzy85

    any news about lockscreen clock hide?

  • Evilmonkee

    PKGBackup has been updated to v.5.0.0 and claims iOS5 compatibility. Can’t confirm myself.

  • Mrt049

    AskToCall didn’t work for me. It just froze for about 10 seconds when I went to call someone and didn’t ask me if I wanted to call or not.

  • Mrt049

    Very weird. That didn’t happen for me. I’m using 5 icon dock perfectly. I’m just waiting for infinidock.

  • Mrt049

    Try using Kill Background instead.

  • Darren Russell

    multiflow works fine on mine ooops not any more keeps putting phone in safe mode when i click weather icon on notification bar

  • Anonymous

    MakeItMine doesn’t work for me, installs but wont load

  • Plowman Ds

    Thanks, I’ll give that a try!

  • Anonymous

    MakeItMine didn’t work for me, FakeCarrier works thou

  • Jasoon

    Anyone know if iBluever or five column sb works?

  • Matt

    Just a quick note…you have My3G listed as N/A, but it caused all Apple Apps (Safari, iTunes, App Store, etc) to crash immediately after initialization. Unless I’m an isolated incident, I’d change that to “No”.

  • Stephenmcf

    Bytafont works perfectly :)

    Sbsettings has makeitmine function which works, I’m using it now

  • Huzy85

    Any screen recorder available for iOS 5?

  • Thanvi_b

    Please let us know the compatibility of “browser changer” with iOS5

  • Phelan

    The iOS 5 jailbreak on 3GS is only untethered if it is an old-bootrom 3GS if it is an 8 GB 3GS you can be guaranteed it is a new boot-rom. If it is a 16 or 32 GB, you’ll have to use a program to find out if it’s a new or old bootrom. But since Cydia isn’t working properly I can 100% guarantee you have a new bootrom so it’s a tethered jailbreak still.

  • Blake Smith

    Quickreply for sms doesn’t work for me

  • Mrt049

    I just installed the new IconSupport version 1.7.2-1 and installed iconoclasm and gridlock with no problems.

  • Mrt049

    Try using SMS+

  • Stephenmcf

    Could you check home page in safari please?

  • Pjuhl2313

    Anyone know if MyWi is working on ios5?

  • Austin Nowlin

    Is QuickGoogle working?

  • Radek

    I have tried two Cydia addons not mentioned in the table above:
    ManualCorrect – works
    VoiceMailBlock – does not work, does not allow to run Phone application
    iOS5, 3GS

  • El_lact

    Resupported4 isn’t working

  • Eli.

    do blacklist work?

  • Jason F

    Why does Five Column SB say “N/A” in the Compatible column?

  • Jason F

    How about Exchange Unlock? Can you add it to the list?

  • Evilmonkee

    Anyone know if Rotation Inhibitor works with iOS5?

  • Vele Lamja

    Pdanet NOT compitable

  • Heisenberg

    biteSMS beta repo: your welcome

  • Nothanks

    dont bother installing the version of winterboard currently on the cydia repo (21:00 – 10/14/2011) it installs fine but wont boot out of safe mode

  • Jcorantess

    delete fakecarrier, in sbsettins is makeitmine for default, less ram

  • Maxxell

    Doesn’t the new SBSettings have MakeItMine/FakeCarrier built in?

  • maxxell


  • Onlyoneme_u

    No, only MyWi 5 is working.

  • Idioso

    This is BS, literally nothing is workkinig, winterboard keeps crashing, i kinda thought tethered wouldn’t be that bad. But it is, and i just saw today on cydia a cool looking new notification center for ios5, of course i can’t install it, i hope the untether comes soon. Any fixes for winterboard as of yet??????????

  • Scott Fine

    lol, I know, there seriously nothing updated in cydia, I think it’s going to take a while for everything to be updated to ios5, or not sure, maybe won’t take to long, I’m guessing when we get an untethered version, erything will be good, i hope. Also , winterboard doesn’t work at all, just keeps crashing into safe mode, so now, i can’t even install any themes. Ur’s working?

  • Joseph46

    Test Color Keyboard please

  • Spencer

    hopefully that means that no one has tested it out yet. can anyone confirm compatibility ?

  • Jay

    I have loaded EZDecline on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5 and it does not work. iRealSMS does work on iOS 5 but you cant use it for cheap SMS messaging as iRealNetworks dis not compatible with iOS 5 so what is the point of having it?

  • Jay

    When you try to load your credits from iRealNetworks it throws your phone into Safe Mode.

  • Newtonma

    Multifl0w works, however, if you happen to select the homepage background option (it does indeed indicate 4.X only) it will fail. After that, even if you unistall it and try reinstalling it will not work. In fact, I made this mistake thinking I’d just check to see if I could make it work, it will even persist across a restore from backup.

  • Newtonma

    As in, if you backup your phone to preserve apps, folders, etc. Reinstall and jailbreak, it will still not work. Never saw another jailbreak app do this. Tried using iFile to fix the problem, but could not figure it out, had to select setup as new iphone to make it work.

  • Gdog

    add alphacon please :)

  • Vannio

    Iconoclasm is working for me :)

  • shary

    please check that catagories work on iOS 5

  • Tressasilk1

    Could you plz tell me if page2d & iacces work?

  • Christian

    shrink working yet?

  • Mrt049

    Yep. working perfectly for me.

  • Mrt049

    I got winterboard working perfectly on my phone. You need to ssh the deb file into the phone and then execute it in terminal.

  • Nothanks

    the beta version works fine, if you just install off of cydia, it goes to a safe mode loop

  • Hugh23

    yes it does

  • Austin Nowlin

    Thank you!

  • Phil

    I cannot get Browser Changer to install “due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed.”

    Any ideas.

  • Medic

    TetherMe is not on your list. It works, but has a bug. If you leave the personal hotspot screen it shuts tethering off.

  • Medic

    Same here. That should be easy to fix. They just need to allow it to install on IOS5

  • Firat Ciftci Frt

    Is “MusicBox” working??

  • zoopmitty

    can someone check on COLOR KEYBOARD and VWALLPAPER 2

  • zoopmitty

    ohh and can someone check CUSTOMGRID too

  • Radek

    Could you please confirm that Location toggle works in SBSettings 5.1.3 with iOS5? I have tested on 3GS and 4 and it seems it does not turn off/on Location services.

  • Rajal Talapian

    StyleUnlock literally LOCKS you out of your phone. Tried all 13 gestures, had to restore because of it.
    Winterboard works if you get the online .DEB file (google the beta version on mobile safari)
    SBSettings works except for the Location toggle and as does Scrollingboard (yet for some reason it lags barrel a heap load)

    BiteSMS works through beta 8. Flawlessly.
    Anyone know if Multifl0w lags on ios5 iphone 4?

  • Tangz-ice

    Can you check if Bigify+ works for iOS 5?
    Also, would be really glad if you could check these tweaks, if they are yet compatible for iOS 5:
    Five Column SB

    Thank you so much! I have bookmarked this page.

  • Absoluteonend

    Can we please get a working copy of winterboard through a Cydia repo. This is ridiculous. What’s the point of Jailbreaking your phone if nothing works and nobody seems in any kind of hurry to do anything about it? I appreciate all the hard work that goes into the dev teams, but we really need your guys help now. We are relying on you guys to help us out please come trough soon.

  • TheHeroUnited

    Could you please try and get graviboard working?

  • Whoisawesomeme2

    please say if


    Icon Renamer
    Springblock breaker

    Work PLEASE

  • Christian

    five column works for me!

  • Christian

    bitesms beta8 workkss but for quickreply box is crooked LOL

  • Rachel0179

    eddecline isnt working, cannot install browser changer,

  • Rachel0179

    ezddecline isnt working, cannot install browser changer,
    adblocker isnt working correctly..

  • Andygold

    First of all, iOS 5 is jailbreakable “untethered” on
    3GS with old boot rom via sn0wbreeze.

    I cannot get SBsettings to start up at all.
    This is opposite what the spreadsheet

  • limaluca

    Just figured out COLOR KEYBOARD is what keeps crashing my mail app. I removed it and now all is good.

  • Bigrich0272

    Works onip4

  • Bigrich0272

    Winterboard does work now

  • laz

    sb settings works fine on my 3gs w ipad bb w/old bootrom ….snowbreeze jailbreak

  • laz

    I would give sms+ a try….in my opinion, it is probably the best sms platform yet. Works perfectly.

  • Moreno0093

    Anyone know if beyondsms works?

  • laz

    winterboard NOT working on my 3gs w/oldbootrom

  • Mark Stephenson


  • Nathan

    Browser Changer will not install due to “required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”.

    It says it depends on iOS <= 4.3.5

  • Jowe

    why does gridlock says it is working.. when i go to gridlock it says its incommapitble with my ios version.. running 5.0

  • Sharonmmm1702

    Can you add tweetie SMS, Kauidail and Novoicecontrol?

  • cptDion

    ToneFX please :3

  • Code3addict

    Winterboard is not working yet

  • WoeperBE

    WEATHERICON works except the icon image !
    Statusbar icon and temp is OK batch on icon is OK !

  • Alf23

    newbie at this keep getting unable to purchase for barrel what do i need to get it

  • Ady7262

    plz update ibook fix,ibook fix is not working no ios 5 after jailbreaking

  • Taylorcaldwell15

    can someone please explain to me how to exit safe mode? i have winter board and it won’t let me do any themes or anything. I’m new to the whole jailbreak thing so i have no idea what I’m doing.

  • Ady7262

    open cydia and winterboard and reboot ur device and u r good to go

  • Ady7262

    i mean remove winter board from cydia

  • Erez Avital

    copic (Cyntact replacement) is better and iOS 5 compatible. highly recommended.

  • Paveeedc

    install winterboard fix ios5 and it will get it running smoothly

  • Assassino

    Hey some tweaks like:
    *Yourtube 2
    *Safari Download Manager
    *iPhoneDelivery(for Bitesms integration)
    : aint listed..
    btw i found this forum really useful n wouldbe pleased if you update it frequently..

  • Mhms77

    my EZDecline working after reboot…

  • Hhfdx

    Cydia works but have to SSH into iphone

  • Hhfdx

    **winterboard even

  • Rachel0179

    when someone calls me, in lock screen, i get *slide to answer*

  • Mrt049

    Yea. I actually had to ssh it into my phone using WinSCP.

  • Mrt049

    Be patient. They’ll all be available soon.

  • Mrt049

    Just use Gridlock.

  • Peace2usa

    iRealSMS, can’t send MMS. :(

  • Anonymous

    How about Parallax?

  • zoopmitty

    if your device is showing the safe mode you can hit the word safe mode to respring your device. but the problem you are having is one that i had. after installing winter board my device keeps respringing into safe mode. so i had to go back into cydia and delete winter board and that fixed the problem.

  • zoopmitty

    you would get that message if you are on IOS 5 since it is supported on 4.3.5 and below. like the notes above say some have it working and others don’t. i say just wait until all report O.K.

  • zoopmitty

    i like to use them both. i like the way gridlock lets you arrange icons in any spot but i like the way custom grid lets you configure you springboard page anyway from 1 row X 1 colums (1×1 to 12 x 12) setup. so these two tweaks lets me set my page in very unique way

  • ton

    my killbackground STILL does not show up.
    apps do not get hidden when i set them i SBSettings, and the newsstand app doesn’t even appear. it can’t be placed in any folders as well

  • Tangz-ice


    Can you check if that works for iOS 5? Also, if Winterboard will be available at Cydia? I don’t want to SSH the .deb file, it does not work properly, especially when I opened the app, it closes and goes back to the Springboard

  • Rajal Talapian

    SleepFX is not working. All options are disabled.

  • C64545b

    Exchange Unlock ?

  • Huzy85

    Iconrenamer works fine on iOS5

  • Bluex3

    lockdock should get updated

  • Rachel0179

    yes working fine now.

  • Rachel0179

    my killbackground works great.

  • Swirved

    Ifile works now lets see safari download manager and safari download plugin usable!


    Asktocall is working on ios5


    Its working for me

  • Adriand83

    Is folder lock working for anyone? it won’t let me download it…

  • Freshair

    Very informative, thank you very much.

  • BK

    so dreamboard is working for me… but where can i find more dreamboard themes? or themes that will work with dreamboard?

  • BK

    never mind. found it. im extremely new to jailbreaking. first time was today

  • Krzylegz

    Where do I get the winterboard fix from? Searching Cydia doesn’t bring it up…

  • iphone_ic

    hi,when weefacebook 2.0 has been installed you need to log-in to b able to see facebook (obviously) BUT, when you touch on the parts to enter your details the keyboard does NOT pop up!! any other way to link to facebook account or a fix for this would be great!! running iphone 4 16gb ios5 public release jailbroke with sn0wbreeze 2.8b8 as redsn0w didnt seem to work well with my device on this ocassion!!

  • Ryanisadore

    I just want Vibrifications to work again..

  • Tangz-ice

    Guys it works when it comes to installing it, but not when it comes to working. I cannot change the name of the icpns, when I double tap the icOns, nothing happens.

  • Huzy85

    when you log into ur facebook account, on Safari, it will automaticlly log you in on weefacebook, in notification center. the same thing for weetwitter

  • Uyua69

    A great thing you did here. saves lots of people lots of hardship and time. will recommend to others. thanks man…

  • Matt Quick

    Any word on QuickReply yet? I get super annoyed that I have to unlock my device every time I get a text…

  • Jujuice

    installed winterboard and got stuck on safe mode too, better not to put winterboard for now, not yet tried the winterboard 5.0 fix, if you guys tried post it here thanks

  • Anonymous

    PdaNet 5.0.2 goes into Safe Mode loop.

  • Dimitris Zaharakis

    guys thanks for the list,but is so annoying scrolling always right-left etc to read all options…change it please to be more readable ;)

  • Sim0101on

    KillBackground crash the SB too! Just like RemoveBackground.

  • Sim0101on

    …Via activator.

    QuickLock2 works fine:)

  • td1439

    Worked fine for me, the only icon I couldn’t rename was the new Newsstand, which seems to be different anyhow, given that you can’t put it in a folder.

  • Robert Grattan

    PDAnet does not work, still says turn wifi on when it is already on

  • BK

    where can i find ‘winterboard fix ios5′?

  • Sharonmmm1702

    Can it be that the built it appstore isn’t working? Each time I press update my iphone goes into safemode

  • daechoe

    we need winterboard to work. and the like to the file thats posted under the “notes” for the current chart, the file had been deleted.

  • Cbr

    PDAnet no longer works with iOS5. It errors with “Please turn on WiFi first from phone settings.” however WiFi is enabled.

  • iphone_ic

    use beta version of biteSMS its clean and safe with no probs!!

  • richardskyes

    what about MyOS?

  • Tangz-ice

    It did work actually lol. I didn’t tap the icons properly in order to change the name of them, after I installed the tweak the second time…

  • Alexander Wagenius

    what the… winterboard removed all my labels on homescreen lol

  • Mtchflknr

    bitesms is still only v-5.5 in cydia any help?

  • Mtchflknr

    nvm found it

  • Eightdown

    someone please get opennotifier, notifier+ or some sort of statusbar notifier working!!!!

  • Adonisallan

    Killbackground doesn’t crash for me. It’s fine.

  • Dreaminfinity007

    dream-board still crashed my iphone 4. it has the ios 5 on it.
    Are you sure it works?

  • iphone_ic

    this does work as i have it myself!!!

  • Anonymous

    I can confirm that Move2Unlock still works on iOs 5. It also doesn’t remove the lockscreen camera feature (which is the case with AndroidLock), so that’s very nice.
    Only Cydia doesn’t let you install it on the official repo.
    So you have to get it via another repo.

  • SauRon

    plz plz plz update Infniboard

  • SauRon

    another thing
    plz plz plz update the Androidlock so it won’t remove the lockscreen camera

  • Sambs

    WeatherIcon well perfectly thou in my iPhone 3gs IOS 5

  • Sambs

    WeatherIcon work perfectly in my 3GS IOS 5.

  • Camelakios

    what settings you have because for me doesnt work

  • Anonymous

    iFile works but if you try to disable multitasking thru the N88AP.plist file through the Property List Viewer..once you reboot the dock icons are ghosted with no way to use them.

  • Anonymous

    I also installed WeatherIcon on my 3GS (new bootrom) and it half works…the temperature shows up correctly on the status bar but NOT on the Weather icon on the springboard. NoSpot works fine..WOOT…only a few more that need to be updated and I’ll be happy. I don’t like how iProtect now has a separate popup window for the password you entered…it looked so much nicer integrated above the keypad :(

  • NekroidPrime

    Just tested Home Page In Safari on iPhone 4 iOS 5.0 and can confirm it chucked me right into the google homepage I had from iOS 4.2.1 before updating to 5.0

    I cannot remember if I had an input field before somewhere though to set the homepage, and cannot find the option now, so it might have just saved the info somehow from a pre-update backup (as it did with my custom carrier through SBSettings, which was a nice surprise)

  • NekroidPrime

    Found the option to set it again.

    visit desired home page, bottom middle ‘arrow out of a box’ the tap set as home

  • Sim0101on

    Once is ok, but another time not. I do not know the reason.

  • pstal

    Two things on this list:
    glovepod still experiencing crash on 3GS when starting/stopping track using power button
    scrobbl installs and works fine on 3GS

  • Crackedout

    download from beta source, works great!

  • Wanderingfool

    113, Five icon dock, causes my springboard to crash. I have a 3gs, ios5. Freshly jailbroken, Cydia is the only jailbreak app installed. Through Cydia I installe Five Icon Dock. Restart and phone now stuck in safe mode.

  • Sambs

    My 3GS is oldbootrom and I dont have any problem at all with the WeatherIcon version I toggles the icon to show up badges..etc

  • Jaujac

    Whate about RemoveBG..?

  • Are Fiq

    hello can u help me how to make a theme HD? im already have cydia and winterboard. i already to select the theme respring but not change what can i do? can somebuddy help me?

  • Alfroggy

    So happy Winterboard works great again after this fw update !
    I missed those custom labels, and the simplicity to theme as compared to tweaking system files !
    Thank you very much Saurik.

    And thanks Cydiahelp for the list. Doing a workaround now that Beautyifolders’ broken for the new OS…

  • Alfroggy

    Hi. Describe your problem please. Did you download a theme (a HD one then) from Cydia before chosing it (check it) in the new version of Winterboard, dragging the selected theme ot the top of the list there and resprung ?

  • Alfroggy

    You need Winterboard 0.9.3901 in order to have it working fully on IOS 5, and the theme needs to have been updated with the ~iphone added to the already existing @2x appendage of HD icons and pngs’. Moreover, the theme needs to have modified icon naming for and Do you have any means to check the content of your downloaded theme (iFile on Cydia is great for doing that) ?

  • Iphonefan

    I also sonder if SBSchudele works???

  • Are Fiq

    its not work when i select the theme in winterboard and respring not change to new theme. i dont know about version but my winterboard version 1.0 . mean i need download theme version 1.0 too like that???

  • Are Fiq

    ya my winterboard 0.9.3901 and IOS 5. i download theme version 1.0 same with version winterboard. but when i respring its not work. i dont know about u say how can i check the content of downloaded theme. and i dont know about ifile on cydia can u teach me?

  • Are Fiq

    its not work.

  • Mrt049

    Confirming that Infinidock 1.8.1-1 is working fine. Just installed it and removed scrollingboard.

  • Jeff Miller

    snoozeorstop update needed

  • Jeff Miller

    also curious about status of lockscreen clock hide update? is it being worked on?

  • Mark Stephenson

    Word on the street is 5.1 is just around the corner.

  • Robert Grattan

    PdaNet is updated and working!

  • The_neptun

    Five-Column Springboard is working now? any1 can tell me?

  • GranTrevino

    Easyfindonpage makes Safari crash for me. iPhone 4

  • SauRon

    iphonedelivery crashes on my iphone 4 , it wont let me open the messages ((((
    is there a solution ???
    plz reply

  • SauRon

    i need an app that records incoming and outgoing calls
    is there such app?

  • s-Mak

    anyone know when mewseek is going to be up and running???

  • Robert Grattan

    Infinidock works fine

  • all

    i though ios 5 alreadly have that function .. why we need MYwi5?

  • Sambs

    With Winterboard 0.9.3901, theme is working fine except I cant figure out where to put the LockBackgroung.png inorder to get it working.

    Currently placed it in the root folder of the theme but it’s not working only the Wallpaper.png is working.

  • Deepak Panta

    yup..go for it

  • Dugixy1

    five icone dock work perfect ,same iphone (3gs) and os.
    never crash, i have this tweak 5 days.

  • Dugixy1

    dont work,install normal but when start iphone go in safe mode.

  • Hei Di

    Finally Infinidock ! Thanks!

  • gordon sanders

    wififofum is not working… acts like it cant see the wifi circuit

  • Gashsmasher1

    yeah it is and allso 5 dock :)

  • Tucane

    For you guys who dont like newsstand sitting there looking ugly, go get NoNewsIsGoodNews :)

  • Alfroggy

    Hi. Sorry, didn’t get notified… What is the name of the theme you apply please ?

  • iphone_ic


  • Deedee Elliott

    my springboard keeps crashing on my verizon iphone which has been updated to ios 5. what is going on??

  • Tangz-ice

    I am waiting for Bigify+ to work on iOS 5, since I have so many apps and I prefer to save some spaces for my springboard. Don’t want to have 90 springboard pages to jump through…anyone that can test if Bigify+ works?

  • Tangz-ice

    After installing Winterboard, my icon labels are not clear enough to be observed…anyone how to fix this?

  • Paul Berge

    I’m not sure of the status of Bigify+, but while you are waiting you can use winterboard and a theme with small icons. Matte Nano HD looks perfect with FCSB and works really well on iOS5 after a few minor tweaks.

  • Jpereira32782

    Jailbroke my iphone 4 running os 5 the day the jailbreak was available….after downloading winterboard….it wouldnt work…:then every screen shrunk and went into the top left corner of the screen. I know it was the first day that it was available so still had bugs….but im lil nervous about going thre the process again…..anyone else had these problems and have they been fixed??? I MISS MY CYDIA!!!!!

  • zedd

    if you have sbsettings go into safe mode then restart (respring) back(that should fix the 1/4 screen bug).

    and update your stuff (winterboard, and the newest redsnow 0.9.9b7, cydia.)

  • Jpereira32782

    Thanks ….ill try it tonight!!!

  • Adriand83

    I too had the same problem. However, when I was in safe mode I went into winterboard and turned the summer board switch to off and it fixed the 1/4 screen issue.

  • united

    im waiting for lockdown pro, update pls

  • Ben

    springtomize plz:)

  • zedd

    somethings wrong with the post, the names are different (like it says that iGoTYa is version 1.7.5-1 when that’s infniboard). its like the names got moved down.

  • zedd

    dont worry.
    it stopped, maybe it was something with my browser.

  • Therockie20


  • eMARTY69

    Where can we get Shrink 1.0? The list shows it is compatible with iOS5, but the version in Cydia is 0.9???
    Thanks :)

  • Jpereira32782

    Did the jailbreak with iphone 4 os5 using redsnow o.9.9b7…..jailbreak went fine….downloaded cydia but when i try to download any apps ex: winterboard….sbsettings….or anything else….i click on the app and it goes to the next page where the install button in top right…..but nothing loads on the page….and when i press install it goes to next page for conformation…..but nothing loads up there either….any ideas???

  • Edward

    NVM the list was all screwy on my screen. I guess there is no Shrink 1.0 :(

  • Tucane


    1. Reboot using Redsn0w.

    Is cydia working now?
    If not, step 2.

    2. Restore and Jailbreak again.

  • Tim Russell19

    I jail broke my i phone 4 wit iOs5 (TETHERED) however every time I Download a app from cydia , my phone completely blocks and I have to put my phone in recovery mode and add everything back help please …

  • Kourtney Jones

    i downloaded cydia and then i downloaded the winterboard for themes and when it reboots its does and then it never comes back on.. what does that mean and i keep restoring my device. am i doing something wrong when i download winterboard?

  • Hugo

    any Transmission Remote that works? ibitcontrol dosent works on ios5… and no answer from the dev…

  • Andy

    Hi, Need some quick help guys (probably a noob question lol). I jailbroke OS 5.0 with redsnow (worked fine) i’ve then downloaded a tweak through cydia (which required a reboot) and now ive been stuck on the white apple logo for like 5 mins. How do i get rid of this? and will this happen everytime you use cydia and you have to reboot the device?


  • Jpereira32782

    Quick reply???

  • Andy

    i figured it out lol

  • zoopmitty

    YES that will happen each and every time you have to REBOOT but not RESPRING or every time you use cydia. anytime you install tweaks/app and you have to reboot you have to do it TETHERED like below. thats why most ppl wait for the untethered jailbreak to comes out since you can just choose to reboot.

    run redsnow again and choose to “boot tethered now” option. from the white logo screen put your device in dfu mode (yes you can do it from that screen) while connected to your computer. (hold the sleep button down for about 3 secs, keep holding sleep button plus start holding down the home button and continue for about 10 secs, let go of the sleep button but continue to hold the home button. finally release the home button (i don’t release the button until my screen shows that its “rebooting”. it should work from there.

    if you did that than more likely the tweak you downloaded is NOT compatible at the moment. that is why the list above is pretty helpful. check the list and double check the comments.

  • zoopmitty

    well winterboard needed an iOS fix but now they released one that doesn’t required one. so check and see what version you have and if you have one that is an earlier version than what is mentioned above i say to delete it reboot your device and reinstall the newest version.

  • zoopmitty

    first of all check and double check to see that the app/tweak is supported in the list above. check the comments section of the list… some apps/tweak i found out works for some and doesn’t for others. i’ve had success jail breaking several idevices using the redsnow 0.9.9b4 and i think thats the only version of redsnow that you can jailbreak iOS 5. i maybe wrong on that..

  • amy

    Does Proswitcher works?

  • ohhhgreat


  • Alfroggy

    WOW great ! Thanks.

  • Alfroggy

    Semi tethered from BigBoss or pirate sources doesn’t play well with other tweaks, and reset my notification settings to factory’s.

  • Jpereira32782

    Iphone 4 os5- anyone else haveing issues with messaging apps??? Bite sms or quick reply or sms+…..none of these seem to work

  • Peterek1189

    I have an iPhone 4 through Verizon Jailbroken on ios 5. None of the tweaks that I’ve installed for the notification center are working. Help?

  • Gabe

    did you activate them from the notifications on your settings?

  • Tangz-ice

    Barrel works now for iOS 5. Cydia leta me purchase it, so it works!
    + it has been updated with more effects!

  • Haiderfaizan1989

    can anyone here tell me, from where to get cracked apps of appstore other apptrackr

  • Haiderfaizan1989

    can anyone here tell me, from where to get cracked apps of appstore other than apptrackr

  • Tucane

    Talking about piracy usually is forbidden in forums like these. So i can’t recommend apps like apptrackr or installous.

  • Anon

    It works sort of. The gui accessed by holding the power button is all messed up, but assuming you restore from backup, all the schedules set in ios4 work fine.
    Adding/Editing new schedules work fine
    Selecting a profile from the gui does not seem to work (weird screen layout makes it impossible to do anything but it close/schedule (edit/add) button

  • Robert Grattan

    AppLocker works fine!

  • Bob

    my ipod touch is occupying 1/4th of screen on ALL apps and i can only use what would normaly be in the top left quarter of screen i think it might have to do with inteliscreen or one of the hacks relating to it not sure wich version either it only started screwing up AFTER my ipod died and i had to reboot can anyone try and confirm this dont ask me what the thing i installed over intelliscreen was i cant remember but it was supposed to increase the length of it trial i think

  • Bob

    how to i get into safe mode without sbs settings… aka the old fashioned way when we still had the 2nd gen itouches

  • Fairulazree

    it’s just a bug when you have 1/4th of screen on ALL apps on your iphone…pls do this steps…

    Step 1

    Open SBSettings

    Step 2

    Click on “Power” and select “Safe Mode”

    Step 3

    Once respring into safe mode, click on the status bar when it says “Safe Mode”. This will bring up a prompt; click “Restart” to restart into normal mode

    Step 4

    Launch the offending app and the issue should be resolved

    Unfortunately, there seems to be a slight glitch with the above fix. It is only temporary and you will have to follow the same steps every time you reboot!

  • K2307

    i want intelliscreenX please!!!!!

  • Robert Grattan

    Safari Download Manager not working, Safari crashes

  • Robert Grattan

    Do you have SBSettings or Activator installed? remove and reinstall the latest version of them, should correct the problem

  • Citiesxl

    I love how Fillipo Bigarella says coming soon for springtomize months before it actually comes out. Coming soon means within days buddy.

  • Fabio

    I just did the same stupid thing. I hope there’s a solution for this.

  • Raul Tejeda

    anyone know why haptic pro semi works on ios 5 ? works sometimes other times doesnt

  • Alex

    lockdown pro pls

  • H Dambrosio1

    Can you test flipover?

  • Alfroggy

    Well it does work…

  • Alfroggy

    Beautifolders won’t theme my icons properly on this fw, although it is larked as working… Uninstalled and reinstalled, checked out my theme png’s etc, but to no avail. Had it working fine before. A bit of a shame.

  • Peterek1189

    Wow, thanks. I dont know why that didnt cross my mind to do.

  • K2307

    my ipod touch iOS 5 kept crashing when i open apps after installing SEMI TETHER.

  • zoopmitty

    just rejailbroke my iPhone 4 using redsn0w_mac_0.9.9b4 and so far these are working with no glitch.

    bytafont (still haven’t come across any font that gave me problems)
    dreamboard (some themes don’t work…trial and error)
    htc weather element perpagehtml
    multiIconmover (still can’t move folders)
    sleepFX (sometimes the tweak don’t work after 5 or so sleep/wakes. need to respring)

    not working yet i see
    randomflip (safemode to respring loop)

    will post a new list once i get around to the other tweaks

  • Vforvulgar

    For SleepFX, if you download the .deb file from where ever else on the net, and install it manually using iFile & SSH then you shouldn’t encounter the problem of it not working after a few sleep/wakes.

  • Civicrsx

    lockdown pro and swap camera roll ???? anyone can confirm that these are working i know lockdown is not for sure but cant find swap camera roll ??? thanks in advance

  • Thiago Campanhol

    I have a problem, after respring the keyboard on the homescreen (search from the right swype) appears normally, after enter an app and go back to home, it disappears, don’t show anymorem, i think is a tweak conflict, because in safe mode works normally ;/

  • zoopmitty

    niceeee.. i’ll be checking it out….

    checked it out…and so far i haven’t found 1.2 deb. maybe in few days or so. thanks for the heads up

  • Eyeesham

    Upgraded to official ios5 thru snowbreeze, jb it with redsn0w. Everything was perfect cept i installed Sbsettings and now whenever itry to move an icon it crashes n goes into safe mode. Any help here?

  • Thiago Campanhol

    It can’t be sbsettings because it was updated for iOS 5, here works fine, is something else, another tweak conflict.

  • Eyeesham

    I found the actual problem. Its the custom layouts icreated for iconoclasm -_-. Idk how or why but icant move the icons when ihave my custom layouts selected that icreated with the iconoclasm layout builder.

  • Thiago Campanhol

    Iconoclasm 1.7 Yes (Crashes and resets layout when moving apps into folders using third-party layouts [3GS Old Bootrom])

  • Alfroggy

    Iconoclasm knows this issue of respring when moving icons around on layouts not involving easy grid. They are working on a new version with added tweaks, like setting a different icon layout within folders as opposed to springboard !

  • Alfroggy

    I have this issue too. I use Color Keyboard. Is it your case too ?

  • ErezCo

    My3G makes “App Store” crash :/ , i searched google and saw other people noticed that as well (can’t edit the sheet)

  • mkpn

    I jail broke 4g ios5 with redsnow and safari, cydia, installous, app store, and iTunes crash after about 60 seconds of use. Restarting springboard seams to fix the the problem but after a few hours of use the problem returns. any ideas of what might be causing this or how to fix it?

  • Thiago Campanhol

    I use color keyboard too, but I uninstalled to see if it was the tweak, didn’t worked ;/

  • Austin Nowlin


  • ICouldAppThat

    Uninstall SBsettings and get UIsettings. UIsettings is way better to me anyway, and i haven’t had any of problems with it.

  • Cagze


  • Anonymous

    UISettings occasionally crashes to safemode when opening Notification Center or toggleing something.. So it’s not fully compatible.

  • Anonymous

    And UISettings has the right aligning and cool effects. Very nice design, in contrary to SBSettings. Problem is that UISettings is not very stable.

  • Noel Sarah D

    sms+ isn’t working for me at all. BiteSMS seems ok, but I think there may be an issue with MMS – as in, I don’t think I’m getting them!

  • K2307

    WeeKillBackground DOESN’T WORK! PLEASE FIX.

  • Thevmaxer

    You are a life saver! Until I discovered this lisst, I was stuck in Safe Mode. I removed all items that were marked as not compatible and my iphone 4 is back working in full jailbroken mode on IOS 5.
    Thanks much for this list!

  • Carminevitale

    lock screen clock hide , fix please.

  • Thiago Campanhol

    I have a problem, after respring the keyboard on the homescreen (search from the right swype) appears normally, after enter an app and go back to home, it disappears, don’t show anymorem, i think is a tweak conflict, because in safe mode works normally ;/

  • Mechashinsen

    It’s confirmed (by me) that iRealSMS 3.0 doesn’t allow for sending of MMS.

  • Luqmandope

    how do you fix your iphone if you didnt found out about this list in the first place? my iphone can’t even boot. HELP!

  • nick_jav

    open redsnow –> extras –> just boot

  • Tangz-ice

    Hi guys. I have actually talked to the developer of the Cydia tweak called bigify+ and they said that they are pretty much done with it, so hopefulle they will be releasing it in a next few days. =)

  • Luqmandope

    It’s stuck at the spinning thing and keeps vibrating after the pineapple screen.

  • Asdf

    restore with DFUmode

  • Anonymous

    WifiPort v1.1 is working on iOS 5. Great tweak for those who use often hotspots and do not want wifi to constantly turn off!

  • Vforvulgar

    Turning off caps lock is probably a good start.

  • Md10h

    I wish you had somewhere to explain what each of them does/is for

  • jon

    quicklock is not working for me even though it said it should work. Upon clicking the app it goes to safe mode. >.>

  • Layklant

    Needs Lockscreen Clock Hide! Thanks!

  • Lohatz

    the theme for iblank works

  • Anonymous

    I’m having problems with the icons for all installed cydia apps they all come out white/blank with just the app name below it but strangely enough the cydia icon is fine anyone help cheers

  • Kev

    go to winterboard settings and select “white icon labels”

  • Najoki

    did you tried a respring? or even an reboot?

  • Najoki

    I’m on 5.0 and jailbroken and I have a problem, after respringing the device the keyboard on the spotlight search appears normally, after enter an app and go back to the spotlight, it disappears, don’t show anymore. In safe mode works fine ;/

  • Tangz-ice

    Bigify+ works now for iOS 5!

  • Roadhardd

    Flipover works with np’s for me.

  • Jaujac556

    Remove BG is now up to date in version 1.0-2 and work perfectly..!

  • Najoki

    User Agent Faker is working fine now

  • Studio80

    Sometimes when closing Multifl0w after the message “No Background Apps”, the screen goes black, and I have to lock and unlock the phone to get the screen back on iOS 5.

  • Studio80

    Does Black Keyboard 1.0.1 also show case?

  • Studio80

    Are u running Remove BG on iOS 5? …or perhaps all of these comments are for iOS 5…

  • Testo

    any updates on Exchange Unlock? I don’t see it on the list , thanks :)

  • Studio80

    About Insomnia, I’m running v4.0.2 on iOS 5, and it’s working just fine.

  • Carlos David Gutierrez

    Is Whatsapp compatible? Cant see it on the list!

  • Studio80

    Whatsapp is working perfectly

  • Studio80

    Yup, just installed it, and it works like Jauja556 said, perfectly.

  • Preciouscargo2

    Download respring. It reloads the icon cache

  • Blessedwluv

    Hi. Any updates on Lockdown Pro? I miss it.

  • Guest-FDU


    Iphonetool is working ( icon is not shown )

  • Babyivy12

    awww lock screen clock hide pls work for ios 5 >.<"

  • Anonymous

    Downloaded respring and all now working fine thanks for your help Preciouscargo2 :)

  • Amrtalhoni

    i cant see the apps in my settings………..what i should to do

  • Studio80

    Would be nice with a column in the list, in what repo the tweek can be found.

  • Anonymous

    Please update this awesome page.

  • Ronm69

    pdanet is still giving the wifi is not on please turn on in phone settings. when I try to reinstall or uninstall then reinstall, I get the error “size mismatch”. still waiting for reply from developer junefabrics.

  • Studio80

    Agree, this has not been updated for a while

  • Ronm69

    it’s working now, you just have to make sure you do not automatically connect to any wifi networks when enabling wifi. hope this helps some, it seems simple enough but i missed it.

  • Studio80

    The Latest version of AnyAttach is 1.0-5, and was released yesterday. Works perfectly on iOS 5.

  • Manfre Rick

    Autocorrection bar works with everything except bitesms quick reply and quick compose


    it does NOT work for me, but i am using LockInfo and that appears to be the incompatibility. personally, LockInfo is more useful to me than Flipover so i’ll have to wait for an update to the Flip

  • How about mefire for IOS 5? Working properly?

  • Whatsuppeople23578

    Can someone tell me if
    Nes adx plus
    Color profiles
    Springblock breaker

    Are compatible
    Landscape lock rotation
    Springblock breaker

  • Whatsuppeople23578

    Can someone tell me if
    Nes adx plus
    Springblock breaker

    Are compatible

  • Studio80

    Is it useful, or does it feel in the way?

  • Dan

    Backforward List for Safari – is it 5.0 compatible????

  • Larz

    If I may help contribute to the spreadsheet, after having upgraded to iOS 5.0 in order to beat the clock before Apple stopped signing it, I discovered two particular Cydia apps cause problems:
    1) Backgrounder – constantly crashes upon boot-up resulting in respring into Safe Mode.
    2) MyProfiles – constantly crashes Mail app.

    Eliminating both of these apps resolved those issues.

  • Studio80

    Seems like the list isn’t updated very often… it’s very inaccurate. And many tweeks that actually work, isn’t even on it.

  • Markell Wilson

    does the theme “std engraved wood” work?

  • Curtis

    PowerPLAY works on both my 3GS and 4 on 5.01

  • Curtis

    qTweeter works great on both my 3GS and 4 on 5.01. Use activator to change from default pull down on status bar so it doesn’t conflict with the notification center (I use swipe right on status bar)

  • Vforvulgar

    You have no need for Synchronicity with iOS 5.

  • Aaron

    Atoresponse -> installs, but nothing happens.

  • Aaron


  • Markell Wilson

    how? i installed qtweeter this morning and my phone has been crashing ever since,

  • Curtis

    I tried iannounce. It installed fine, but when I received a call, it did nothing. Caused no problems that I noticed. I uninstalled it.

  • Curtis

    Dunno man, I’ve had it on there for a few days now and it has been working great.

  • Curtis

    (On iPhone 4 with 5.01

  • Jasmine Lucini

    hi ive got the iso5 on my iphone4 and since i upgrade i cant send a mms to other phones only iphones that have iso5 and it getting really Annoying. i’m in australia and my provider is optus and im unsure what or how can i send a mms to other phones./any ideas what i can do??

  • Vinchento

    Most versions are outdated in the list. I don’t understand why they don’t update it…

  • DM

    Any news or review for the new product – ” GEVE SIM RED PRO ” . does it work with IOS5 BB04.11.08 ?

  • StarbandJordan

    I saw someone ask… Yes the latest copy of Exchange Unlock which is 2.0.1 works on iOS 5.0. I’m using it with a 6-digit passcode, no issues. You can still boot using Semi-Tether obviously the password will always be prompted but it does work.

  • Kool Marwaha20

    I also had the same problem but i worked out on it for three days and found the sol.
    It worked for me and i hope it should work for u as well
    So follow this:
    First insert your sim with the gevey sim
    Then you need yo accept the gevey t&c
    After that u need to go to dial pad and dial 112 when you the see the msg of no service and disconnect the call within 2 sec
    After this you will find your signal but these will be the temporary ones. When you’ll try to call your networks will wave off
    Now what uou need to do after this is take out your sim and insert the empty tray of the sim and turn on and off the airplane mode until you see the msg no sim card installed
    As soon as you see this msg take out your sim try out and insert your sim WITHOUT THE GEVEY SIM IN YOUR PHONE.
    It will work wothout your gevey sim
    Please give me your feedback if it works for you as well. Its working on my phone
    Reply at

  • Slikskills

    YouMail is currently not working for iOS 5….

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I tried that out. Too much information is accessible at my lock screen. Dont like that, Tho i like its integration with NC. But to me, not worth having. Im a private person that is around too may BTW, the new LockInfo is much much better and has a better UI, and generally easier to use. Not that IntelliscreenX is hard to use tho.

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure? Because I tried that out and for a while, and I thought it was working great, thinking: “finally something to hold me over til Lockdown Pro is updated”. But as I found out, no matter what you type in it will allow you to access the app whether the pass code was wrong or not. Also allowed to access the app when I clicked cancel. Test this out. I tired it a few times even after a restore, so it was not just a one time thing. was like that every time I tried to get it to work. The only good it serves as of now is making people think the app is locked when it does not actually block access to the application.

  • Anonymous

    Because these people have lives outside the jailbreak community. Jobs, kids, wives, girlfriends, etc. They gotta have some time to themselves and with loved ones. Just be thankful someone is doing it. This is the most updated site i know (the actual google docs site for this I mean). Ther are a few tweaks that works, but arent marked but then one will get updated and another wont, So I think this guy just needs help. He said to use twitter to let him know what works. I have sent him a few things but have seen no changes about what IO sent him. Noticed changes for other things tho.

  • Vinchento

    You think this guy needs some help…? The whole point of this site “CydiaHelp”, is to offer help, information and updates on which tweek works on iOS 5.
    It would be quite stupid to start a “help” site, expecting the people you aim to help, to provide the necessary data needed for it…

  • DaniJBarragan

    iswipe beta 4 is working on ios 5.0.1

  • Alex_arredondo_sr

    i have an iphone 3gs with ios5.0.1 update and i cant get redsnow to work. it says this version isnt compatible . can anyone help?

  • Lanelevesque

    If anybody wants a siri for their iPod Touch 4 or iPhone 4, Download “Voice actions” from installous for free. Otherwise it’s 5 dollars on the app store. Anyways, it works the exact same as Siri and you can use Actvator to open it by holding the home button, just like Siri. Don’t get version 1.4 because it crashes. Get 1.3, it works perfectly.

    The image for voice actions in installous is a grey microphone with black background.

  • Football Linebacker

    Man, I wish MewSeek would work on iOS 5 :(

  • Websterdoodle

    Yes, but it stops working after 300 questions or commands, then you have to delete it and re-install it.

  • ekeko

    hello, can you test if the next tweaks/apps work?

    BatteryLogger Plus
    Browser Changer SBSettings
    Bug Fix: Duplicate icons
    Bug Fix: Stuck Pages
    CameraLock Plus
    Clean Up Crap (cuc)
    Data Blocker
    Dba-tech Common
    Default HDSBSettings
    iWipe Cache

    thank you very much!

  • Richimal10

    Down load the iOS 5 not 5.0.1 firmware for your iPhone from then on red snow click extras then find the button where u can add your ispw then add that firmware (for windows 7 when it ask you to choose the ispw open up computer then go to your downloads open up the firmware file than copy the URL that’s the letters and stuff at the top like Patrick/downloads/ something like. The. When it ask you to browse for the ispw paste that thing you copied and click back and do as you do to do a jailbreak. That worked for me =]

  • WoRo

    Grouptones 1.0.0-6, SBSchedule 1.2.4a, Ringer/Silent Toggle for SBSettings 0.1 – do not work with ios5.0.0/5.0.1

    AskToCall 1.1 partaily works (sometimes works – sometimes not) with ios5.0.0/5.0.1

  • Tiffany

    Does anyone know how to get Cydia IOS 5?
    I jailbroke mine IOS 5.0.1 3GS but Cydia is stuck in IOS 4.1

  • rusdimal dimal

    hi…i has JB my ipad 1 running ios5, and i have a cydia in my screen but its not working, just blicking….is that broke or else, i has do JB with redsnow for tethered…please what should i do now…

  • Lydia Carper

    Infiniboard is updated to 1.8 and seems to be working on iOS5

  • Luqman Kamis

    Freestore make my iphone stuck at pineapple logo… almost make to restore!!!

  • Luqman Kamis

    really.. does it work with color keyboard? make a weird layout..

  • Dev Uberoi

    Ringtoggle is updated to 1.0.0-8 and it works perfect on ios 5. I use it daily.

  • Ryan

    Please i need help! My ios 5 jailbreak has crashed for some reason. Winterboard themes wont work, when i go into activator i cannot choose the location to activate my tweaks. Speaking of tweaks they wont work either. Installous still works and other apps i downloaded from cydia. I am still able to use cydia and download anything from it. Someone please respond to my plead. Do i need to rejailbreak or what?

  • Fairulazree

    icallannounce already been updated to ver 1.70 and YESSSSS it compatible with IOS 5.0 & 5.0.1 finally…

  • Fairulazree

    sound like you using semi-tethered tweak..try reboot tethered using redsnow…

  • Bibi

    Icon is shown now! ;)

  • Manfre Rick

    Any news on Safari Download Manager for iOS 5?

  • Colin Stodd

    Thank you very much for having this. I’m still learning some of the jailbreaking language, and I was going crazy not being able to figure out what app was keeping my iphone in safe mode, and it was a few of them!!!! thank you very much for creating this site! I’m sane again! BOOKMARKED!!!

  • Colin Stodd

    Also, I’m not sure on how to add/edit the form, or if I am even allowed. but I am still unable to change my fonts with BytaFont, so that should be “Partially” or “NO”. Just an FYI…. However, If I’m doing something wrong or someone has it working, please let me know!

  • mimosa

    any1 can help me fix my lockscreen wallpaper?it is dimmer than it should be, the clock and unlock bar is fine..i don’t have Lockinfo or screendimmer…is ther any other tweaks might cause this issue?

  • Drormaman

    springtomize 2 is out


  • Lydia Carper

    BadgeClear is now version 2.1.1 and works great!

  • Lydia Carper

    iFile is now version 1.6.1-2

  • Lydia Carper

    iPicMyContats is now version 1.9.1

  • Lydia Carper

    BytaFont works great for me without issues, using the pre-installed fonts as well as the a few I have downloaded. After you click the font you want your letting it “proceed” and respiring right?

  • zoopmitty

    anybody have a update on list launcher? it downloads fine and it shows the the letters A – # on the right side of the spotlight screen but the apps don’t show. If anyone got it working on their device let me know. i ran it on both my iPad 1 and iPhone 4 with the same problem.

  • RW

    Mirror Profiles 2.3 – crashes and respring with iOS 5.0.1. So be careful buying it for 5.

  • Larry_3gsUSER

    I have tethered unlocked 3gs on ios 5.0.1. My question is can I install WinterBoard & does it support 5.0.1 and how about themes too.
    Does respring will work or do i need to reboot my devide with iBooty everytime i change a theme using WinterBoard.
    I unlocked 3gs on 5.0.1 by changing file CommCenterClassic.

  • Johnnendrew

    I cannot install Deepend on iOS5
    Pls tell me how to install!

  • Bcrosssb

    I am wondering if the final result of a jailbreak is the same while using different apps. I used ac1dsn0w in my ipad 1, 5.0.1, and want to use semi-tethered redsn0w. will it work?

  • Hallo3super

    just tried it on my iphone 4 version 5.0.1, and it didnt do a thing. so i guess it was updated but there is still a bug that prevents it from working properly…

  • Hallo3super

    nvm had to reboot 3 times for it to work…

  • Jasmine Lucini

    ive got iso5.1 and i cant send mms to any phone except iphone to iphone if they have iso5 and up. how do i fix this??i could when i had 4.35 i could end to anyone but now only to iphone to iphone. and im on optus in australia

  • Bcrossb

    why is all this stuff so out of date???

  • Bcrossb

    A lot has happened since Oct 13. Can we get updated please????

  • Mrmofolicious

    Just finally updated to iOS 5.0.1 and did SemiTethered. Five icon dock will not work for me. BiteSMS will not boot, just immediately crashes when trying to launch. iBlacklist and SBSettings think that the phone is in Safe Mode, and it is not. It’s an iPhone 4. I’m baffled as to why this stuff doesn’t work for me. Any insight?

  • Bcrossb

    Semitethered jailbreak is such a waste of time. When apps stop running, and as with any other computer, a restart is solution. no so when you are semithered and not near your computer. just wait for the full JB.

  • Bcrossb

    Per Apple web site, and also from Apple tech support….In other words, you can not buy an unlocked iphone 4s from Apple store and expect to use it on Sprint, Verizon, or cricket for that matter….If this is not true, prove it!!!!!!!
    “”The unlocked iPhone works only on supported GSM networks, such as AT&T in the U.S. When you travel internationally, you can also use a micro-SIM card from a local GSM carrier. The unlocked iPhone will not work with CDMA carriers such as Verizon Wireless or Sprint.”"

  • .X.

    Yes, it supports winterboard and most themes. Themes with animated wallpaper will put you phone into safemode. Others are just not compatible.

  • Mrmofolicious

    Bcrossb, what are you even talking about?

    Firstly, the point of SemiTethered is to retain some usability and functionality if you should lose power or for any other reason that would cause you to restart. This is the main reason I and many others wouldn’t even consider a tethered jailbreak. I’ve tested it, and it works great. I can use my phone. I have no qualms about waiting to get to my pc to use internet and the email app, or my Cydia apps tat mostly don’t work with 5.0.1 anyway.

    As far as the unlocked phones, I don’t see what’s not to believe. GSM phones are quite simple to switch to a new carrier. CDMA is not, and Apple isn’t offering them.

  • Bcrossb

    Laffs, Mrmofolicous, would seem that the semitethered jb is working out just fine for you….

  • RP

    Auto Profiles manager 3 and 4 do not work on ios 5.0 and 5.0.1

  • Pedro50301

    what about sleep fx

  • zoopmitty

    works fine for me. i had to install through ifile because it stopped working after about 4 or 5 sleep modes. after i installed the deb file through ifile no more problems

  • PJ

    I was using the tethered hack for 4.3.5 after a mishap from not saving my SSH blobs for 4.3.3..
    But anyways iOS 5 with the semi tethered hack ia pretty damn smooth. the most important apps are updated already BITESMS works even smoother and looks better than it used to. Info idol and infinifolder work great _te only thing that isn’t quite working is LOCKDOWN PRO and for that il be waiting for patiently. I know when people think of tethered / semi tethered hacks they go OMG NO but honestly no one turns off their iPhones lol and when it does turn on again with the semi tether you can call / text / and even now use safari so basically it just goes right back to ‘STOCK’ – I personally enjoy this and really don’t like this phone without my ability to control its functions and keyboard colors / tweaks and etc

    If anyone needs any kind of help with this or has any questions about these functions because they quite don’t understand it then you can email me and il be glad to help out_

  • PJ

    Infinidock *

  • PJ

    Actually just did a little more searching thru the iOS 5 betas and found a alternative for LOCKDOWN PRO and it’s called IPROTECT – I got it from xsellisize you can’t get it from other sources I’m sure _it works great I can confirm an if you need any help as I said drop an email

  • Tightphantom

    when my phone turns on it goes into safe mode.

  • Mrcod360gamer

    Thank you so much, almost deleted half my cydia library before i found this posts. All because of one little Live Clock application!

  • MrCOd360gamer

    try changing the picture to something else then changing it back to the one you want, unless it is part of a theme, then it is probably something the devolper put in there and unless you know what you are doing, you can’t change it.

  • MrCOD360gamer

    re-jailbreak your iphone with the new un-tethered jailbreak

  • J Seldon1

    one of the last things you have added through cydia is not compatible. in safe mode go to cydia and uninstall the last thing you added and it should be ok.

  • Alfroggy

    FolderIcons doesn’t play well with Springtomize2, double-pressing home button crashes to safe mode instead of showing up multitasking switcher.
    Beautifolders deforms folder icons. It sort of stretches them downwards and cuts off their lower angles. Weird it’s not been reported. Does that on tethered IOS 5, semi-tethered IOS 5 and untethered IOS 5.01 jailbreaks.
    Unhappy now my folders can’t be themed individually according to their contents.

  • Keale

    this 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak for my iphone 4 is acting weird on me… i just tried to install the tweak called multifl0w from xsellize and it put me into safe mode, i deleted multifl0w and it’s still keeping me in safe mode… this previously had happened to me yesterday after downloading springtomize2, then i deleted springtomize2 and it still had me in safe mode… i decided to delete all my sources just to see if it would fix the problem and still nothing, no matter what i delete, it still keeps me in safe mode and as soon as i press restart, it only brings me back to safemode, it never leaves the safemode settings period is what i’m saying. Anyone having this issue? help?

  • Keale

    In addition to this post below I just posted… i also made sure to use the new redsn0w_mac0.9.10b2 that came out today that was supposed to fix some of the problems that cydia was having, but still no luck with this safemode problem i’m having.

  • chris

    im having the same problem. after i downloaded ilock and restarted my springboard it sent me to safe mode. thinking a simple crash, but it keeps rebooting in safe mode. so im restoring.

  • george

    yes mine crashed too n is always stuck at recovery mode. Im using redsnow 5.0.1 unthetered jailbreak.

  • Jians

    appslide does work…when donble tap or swift left not work for it~!

  • Ragamuffin

    Any update yet for SwitcherPlus app ?

  • Beee

    Having issues with Barrel and Cleanstatus (Both of these are listed as fully compatible). Barrel continues to crash springboard and requires an uninstall to get back to a stable state. Cleanstatus initially removed the carrier name, and battery icon as directed, but after a respring, carrier name and battery icon have returned and will not disappear, regardless of if they are toggled on/off. I’m on a Iphone4 with 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak. Any suggestions or updates are appreciated.

  • Braydenflack

    I have recently jailbroken my ipod touch 4th generation on ios 5. For some reason I can still not download Winterboard. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Jessvilla

    how do i change the color of my SMS bubbles. i have an iphone 4. 5.0

  • Jesus359

    I have an iPod touch 4G with 5.0.1, jailbroke it and installed Cydia. There arent many packages available like WinterBoard or the SB Notifications. Is it still too new for those packages to work?


    i never understand why everyone is so pumped for ios5 and updating to rejailbreak… ios4 has everything ios5 has plus i hate the new apple notifications and stuff. my lockinfo is 100 times better and all my apps work like mewseek and all other tweaks work flawless. can someone give me insite on why i would want to move to ios5? the only reason i can come up with is to get the new Sirious app on cydia but i wouldn’t even use it. Thanks

  • Aaron

    Snappy does NOT work; Crashes the springboard every time. You would have to reassign its Activator action if you were using “status bar swipe down” since NC uses that by system default.

  • Joncody1

    hi when will vWallpaper be ready for ios 5?
    thanks ”

  • Joncody1

    hi when will vWallpaper be ready for ios 5?
    thanks ”

  • Kevin B Mcguire

    When will graviboard be ready for ios 5

  • Gary

    5 row = ((((

  • Jjs85


  • Lynzi185

    FakeCarrier doesn’t work for me :( It only shows up while I’m in Cydia, shows nothing outside of it.

  • EJ

    WiFi Analyzer 2.30.1 installs and works fine.

  • Misahnov

    There is an app called SmartScreen but it doesn’t work on IOS 5, does anyone know of a good lock screen app?

  • SupaHangOn

    Activator 1.5.8 kills the up-volume camera button on the lockscreen. If you install the newest SBSettings it will install Activator 1.5.8 automatically.

  • Anonymous

    Might want to mark the Singal app as partially, as it doesn’t seem to work with Verizon. Don’t know about Sprint. Also TV Tube was updated, and works now.

  • Steve

    applocker doesn’t work with ios 5
    it boot up but i locked a few apps and it did nothing apps open fine so doesn’t even work

  • TrickyD

    Is anybody having problems using multitasking on their iPhone 4. Everytime i double click to use it, it sends my phone into safe mode.

  • TrickyD

    I found it. It was gridlock making my phone go into safe mode whenever i try to use multitasking. Is anyone else having this problem.

  • Cheewarat Wiwatsirikoon

    Mine crashed and need to restore. That’s why I ended up with 5.0. – -”

  • asdesign

    iProtect 2.7 blocks the research spotlight. iphone 4 ios 5.0.1

  • Andin Hoti


  • Marty Adams

    all ready done. vwallpaper 2!

  • Noob

    How do I make Activator work for iPod 4?

  • Peter Griffin

    Fake Location does not work with iOS 5.

  • Marios_arv

    does chronus backup work on ios 5.0.1.???

  • tobi

    Try sms black or neon sms theme. Maybe you will love your sms after installing it. Hope that helps.

  • tobi

    Try to rurn on the folderenhancer fix found on the settings of barrel. Im not sure but it might help

  • tobi

    Yes but it would make typing a bit delayed. I uninstalled it. Not worth the issue i experience with it. And sodo ikeywi. They both have the aame effect on my idevice runnin ios 5.0.1

  • Ajhgj

    Playawake doesn’t work for iOS 5+. I would really like to have an alarm that will actually play regardless of whether I remembered to open up the alarm app before going to bed. Android can do this easily.

  • Fdsa

    Does anyone knows how to make graviboard work?

  • Add2win

    Beware Copic causes sygic mobile maps to hang crash

  • Sahilbatra

    any body any nice app to download songs from YOUTUBE and play them as playlist …

  • Adam Ros19

    GPower Pro any one get it to work?

  • Jtleonardo

    If I restore my iPhone 3GS from being jailbroken with iOS 4.3,3 using the iTunes upgrade to iOS 5.1, will my iPhone be unlocked. Do I need to jailbreak to use this phone with all gsm networks?

  • Manoj

    Yes It will be.. but you might have to reflash the baseband!! Try redsnow 0.9.10b3, the best part is it is unthetered jailbreak…

  • Steve

    who is the author of this thread i posted 5 days agao app lock does not work with ios5 and u still have it highlighted green saying working

    it does nto work it doesnt lock out apps

    what is the point of this post and comments if you dont even read and update ???

  • Steve

    who is the author of this thread i posted 5 days ago applocker does not work with ios5 and u still have it highlighted green saying working

    it does not work it doesnt lock out apps

    what is the point of this post and comments if you don’t even read and update ???

  • Matt

    It is working just fine on my phone running 5.0.1. Make sure you have the settings set up correctly.

  • wh1te

    NewContact ?
    iQuickCall ?

  • LGgeek

    Bigify+ 2.3 listed as working , for me it crashes to mobile substrate every time , uninstall of it and problem goes away. are there any know conflicts between this and other tweaks/apps ?

  • Jhae Pfenning

    I’m using FakeCarrier on 5.0.1

  • zoopmitty

    allright ppl… i’ve been messing with some of the tweaks for a while now and these installed on my iPhone 4 and the first iPad works flawlessly…

    activator – to set custom ways to open apps and such
    appinfo – very useful tool to get info on your apps
    appscenter – for notification center (NC) list all or some of apps in notification center (NC)
    blurriedNCbackground – fo NC for setting colors and transparency of NC
    customgrid – for setting up different number of rows and colums of your apps in SB
    favoritecontacts – for NC add your most used contacts to NC
    musicenter – play/show songs from your NC
    scrollingboard – lets you change folder option along with how icons on dock
    sleepFX – custom animation when your device goes to sleep
    sbsetting – for NC
    slidecenter – for NC. allows you to have slideshow of your photo in NC
    vwallpaper2 – animated sb and some cool fx… (u need to try the ripple fx)
    ifile – a must have to get into your idevice file system
    bytafont – to change fonts
    colorkeyboard – just that

    now that the iOS 5 and later been out a while more and more tweaks are playing well with one another…

  • zoopmitty

    couple i forgot to mention…

    ipicmycontact – add photo to your contact and
    gridlock – to set up my icons my way (great with customgrid tweak)
    customcolor – to change colors of fonts for your app title n such
    multiIconmover – to move multi icons at once
    wifisms – to have your phones sms text screen on your outer and send/receive

  • guest

    not yet updated as of yesterday. causes restart in safe mode in my case.

  • Cl122283

    Works just fine for me.

  • Steve

    no it doesnt work i have it enabled and i have locked out many app but nothing actually locks i even says locked when i do app toggle but yet i can still open the app

  • Steve

    applocker does not lock out any apps on ios 5.0.1 the app loads fine but it doesnt actaully lock anything out even when the app is locked

  • Juliette

    I miss locktopus :(

  • Bob Cross

    You might want to consider that most all iPhones purchased via Sprint, Att&t, etc. these days are iPhones 4s, and already on 5, or 5.0.1.. hmmmmm

  • Danashanle

    I call announce and calltell don’t work and said they were compatible with ios 5???

  • jitz

    i got i IPROTECT on my IOS 5 but its not working properly, when i put disable icon moving and disable app deletion on, its still moving them and deleting them grrr can someone please help.

  • Jitz

    i agree mate, its just like iprotect it does the same thing
    can anyone help.

  • Flip

    You must choose where you want the app locked from. Springboard. Multitasking. Ect.

  • guest

    quicklock makes it respring and go into safe mode in 5.0.1

  • Peepo_poh

    hi hackers, is disabe voice control compatible on ios 5.0.1?im using iphone 3GS

  • jp the ihpne guy

    We are all crackers. Hackers are the ones who do the jailbreak and stuff. Changing the code is hacking. Just installing and registering your software’s is cracking.

  • Alex

    Graviboard crashes for me. Anyone got it working?

  • THE BIG 3

    Fake Location does not work

  • THE BIG 3

    On OS 5.0.1

  • Kurt

    Hi, i used to access my flash drive with ifile on my iphone but after i upgraded to ios 5.0.1 , it does not show the mnt drive under var and i dont know now how to access my flash drive with ifile . can somebody help!


  • zoopmitty

    it’s still not compatible with iOS 5 and above

  • zoopmitty

    i thought i just share a little bit i came across by mistake….. if you bring up notification center from any of the app that lets you use landscape mode like the text(sms), safari, or iPod you can have it in landscape too. just swipe down from the top of the screen if you are in landscape mode and not from the side. i don’t know if I’m just late to find this or what but thought i share

  • Donletuan

    what is the best app lock to use as of right now with the os 5.0.1…?

  • Guyvermaxc

    works fine for my 3GS & iphone 4

  • Guyvermaxc

    try MxTube but can’t play them as playlist though…

  • Guyvermaxc

    Try SpoofLocation instead. It works with my 3GS iOS5

  • Huntsman34

    Rotation Inhibitor causes problem where Phone hangs if used to make or receive calls.
    IOS 5.0.1

  • zoopmitty

    few of the new tweaks (new to me because i just found them) that i think you ppl should check out. all work fine on iOS 5.0.1 both on iPhone 4 and first iPad
    zephyr – lets you change between open apps by swiping left or right on your screen
    motion – adds crazy effects to your icons like flip, zoom, rotate, etc… can combine multiple effects
    superswitcher – kinda like list of your top apps with sbsetting in one

  • Muddn1980

    i have a iphone 4 which is jailbroken , i installed winterboard and it gave me the 1/4 screen , i have temporarily fixed it , but everytime i try to install a new app where it has to reboot or if it dies itb will go back to the 1/4 screen , how do i fix that permantly ?

  • Anonymous

    Running Indicator 1.0 runs on iOS 5. ;)

  • Alfroggy

    AppLocker is great for that. Can lock individual folders too. Great tweak. I got the legit version. Cracked one didn’t work for me and the dev deserves it ;)

  • Alfroggy

    Buy the legit version. IT WORKS !

  • Tjustice2011

    help! I installed cydia and then openssh and sbsettings to try to do file transfer and now cydia won’t open and sbsettings and activator won’t either. What do I do? Trying to transfer files from pc to iphone 4 that is jailbroken. Thank

  • Beneman

    For file transfer i use iSpirit.

  • Nothing

    Remove Background keep crushing my springboard. Iphone4 ios 5.1

  • DRaMa

    Glovepod – I can control pausing and starting the song with the sleep/wake button but I can’t go previous or next with the volume controls no matter what settings I use.

  • guest

    I can’t find gravitylockscreen in here is it compatible ?

  • Christian

    MarkThatMessage works fine on 5.0.1

  • Yoyo8821

    I need Transparent clock background to work on 5.0.1

  • PaulC

    I can’t add the repo “Sinful iPhone” – anyone else having the same issue? Also can anyone find uWatch listed and are they able to install?

  • zoopmitty

    one of the easy way to know if the tweak you are looking for is compatible is try and download the tweak from the correct repo and not the hacked from cydia. most often then not it’ll give you a message “UNABLE TO PRUCHASE” message. if thats the case you know its not compatible. i’ve followed this little rule and have not had much problem. its not a fix all but sure saves me ton of headache

  • zoopmitty

    it’s not compatible yet.

  • zoopmitty

    tried it on two iPhone 4 running iso 5.0.1 and an first gen iPad also running on iOS 5.0.1. both phone puts it into respiring loop and it seems to try and run on iPad but still no goooo.

    i guess its a hit or miss since you got it working. for me i’ll wait till the dev says its comp on iOS 5 at this point

  • Parvez

    need help regarding SDM for ios 5.0.1 AND Celeste bluetooth for ios 5.0.1? any idea when we can get the updated version? spent already $15 for both tweaks

  • Joseph Schwartzman

    Yeah, Smsreply and /or bitesms or any messaging variant

  • zoopmitty

    repo installed fine on my iPhone 4 and first gen iPad. as for uWatch its not coming up when i search cydia

  • JJay

    I need help. I’m using Bosspaper on ios 5.0.1 3g and I’m missing my icon texts. I enabled it and it still isn’t showing up. What to do?

  • Anonymous

    as far as SDM, you can use Atomic web browser or idownloader to download files. you can get them in the App store. sorry, i cant help u with Celeste

  • Anonymous

    Have any of you guys tried the Siri0us from the xsellize repo (Siri dictation) on the iPhone 4 5.0.1? It says here that it works fine, but iv’e heard that the phone can start respringing and that you might have to restore it on iTunes.

  • Ben

    I can’t find for the life of me what I installed that keeps crashing safari. Any ideas? Everything else works, app store, iTunes, etc all work. I can use a different browser, like I’m using Atomic right now. But I’d like safari to work.

  • Anonymous

    Does Caller ID SBSettings Toggle v 0.1 work on iOS 5.0.1 ?

  • zoopmitty

    why not just get dragon go from the app store. i know its a bit different from seri0us but it gets the job done.

    as for your original question… i get the respring loop too. thats how i ended up using dragon go

  • zoopmitty

    couple of tweaks that are now showing compatible in cydia are…..
    gravitylockscreen version 0.0.3 — have bouncing fx to unlock your phone
    chatpic version 2.1 — shows pic of your contacts in sms text

  • Anonymous

    Yea, i know… but with dragon i feel like a respring loop, coz i have to repeat everything all the time, which seriously, is just as seri0us. kind of…

    Well anyhoo, thanks for your answer.

  • Anonymous

    Im on a UT 4, 5.0.1. Sometimes when i open a folder in enhancedfolders, the statusbar disappears and i have to lock and unlock to get it back.

    Also when closing the last “card” in multifl0w, the whole springboard disappears, but not the statusbar, and again i have to lock and unlock to get it back.

    No biggie, but kind of annoying.
    Anyone know the reason/solution for this?

  • Juniior17

    Safari download manager.

  • fgfgfer

    dont get installous 4 it will erase everything on your ipod or iphone if you have ios 5.0.1

  • William Ross

    DeleteMail is not able to be downloaded from Cydia. None of the color Wifi, bars or battery tweaks work on 5.0.1 on a 4S.

  • Anonymous


  • Lockdown pro or originall PLEASE I REALLY NEED IT!

  • Peishan Goh

    works fine here.

  • Peishan Goh

    works on my IPod Touch 4

  • Peishan Goh


  • Mrarroyo Mrarroyo

    I just tried Mewseek on ios5, After I click add to iPod it says added successfully and then freezes. It resprings and it is in my Music. I am just confused on why it resprings because it didn’t do that on ios 4. (please change partial and make it “resprings on add to ipod”)

  • Mrarroyo Mrarroyo

    I just tried Mewseek on ios5, After I click add to iPod it says added successfully and then freezes. It resprings and it is in my Music. I am just confused on why it resprings because it didn’t do that on ios 4. (please change partial and make it “resprings on add to ipod”)

  • Sag Umrigar

    simenager not working on ios5….
    pls update this…:(

  • Luigiyotoko

    Mewseek released a new version.

  • Bokhalifah

    3dboard it is working

  • DaveMustShave

    My3G (I think I got it from Xsellize) was causing Safari to crash. I never actually tried opening it up… tried to, because I was trying to see what was causing the Safari Crashes, and My3G crashed, so figured I’d uninstall it…. now Safari works again.

  • Krazi311

    Does anyone have an app for sending replies to text anywhere. I tried quickreply but it doesn’t seem to work. It did on ios4.

  • Masterdragonwarrior

    is there an ios5 compatible version of graviboard? barrel’s not working on my ios5 ipod.

  • Dhruv Chaudhary

    bite sms……..
    try it

  • Halbee51

    Graviboard is still in the works. Barrel should work it’s ios5 ready. If u have free repos and are using one of them make sure that one matches the paid version. Paid one is always blue font.

  • Halbee51

    SMS+. I like this one too because u can use gestures to start a new text or conversation w/ anyone.

  • Halbee51

    Not ready for ios5. I heard a rumor it might not either but I hope it’s just that. Use 3Gunrestrictor for now. Same difference.

  • Halbee51

    This is not true in anyway shape or form. It’s either another app in Cydia or you didn’t upgrade in Cydia under changes. The most recent upgrade was a pretty important one.

  • Jbelegu

    Can’t you guys fix fake about screen it is not working

  • Zoop Mitty

    barrel works fine on my iPad and iPhone… both on iOS 5.0.1. as for graviboard its still a no go

  • Jhena Reyes

    For some reason Facebook and other apps I have turned on for notification center still don’t show up.i’m using iphone4 ios5

  • Ggcr

    graviboard is there already

  • tksbnk

    GRAVIBOARD is now compatible to iOS5.

  • tksbnk

    yes, bitesms is the best for me.. cool quick reply.. well think..

  • zoopmitty

    yeah its working just fine.

  • OS5.0.1 and JailBread=PAIN

    Yes, I had the same problem. I couldn’t fingure it out so I randomly removed GridLock first in my troubleshooting and so far no problems.

  • Blackbeard1680

    mine too

  • Shotty

    Use AppLocker….works well, does same thing, prolly better!

  • zoopmitty

    vwallpaper 2 with video ringtone is up and running… works flawlessly on my jailbroken iPhone 4. to those interested you have to install the deb file since its not available in cydia yet.

  • Chenoa LaFontaine

    I’m having an issue where winterboard where it auto resprings if I try to use a custom sbsettings theme…is anybody else having this issue?

  • zoopmitty

    for those of you that want tons of media content don’t over look XBMC. i have it installed on my iPad and iPhone 4 (works better on iPad IMHO) with 1channel and icefilms and it rocks.

  • DickinaBox


  • DickinaBox

    your the coolist it works thanks

  • Zack allen

    When I use a SMS theme my bubbles don’t show up just words and you can’t read it, any help?

  • zoopmitty

    one of the coolest multi-tasking tweak i’ve seen in a looong time is out. Its a buck but well worth it IMHO. check it out people. its called Imperium. i wished they update it so that you can change the background color that will make it complete.

  • Aaron Perez

    anybody having a problem with intelliscreenX? my phone was working fine then all of a sudden i open safari and it loads my bookmarks but when i go to type in the search bar safari crashes?

  • Steffix

    what a great work!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ephraimzuker

    thank you so freakin much u dont understand wat i went thru… i mistakenly did something and got stuck on boot in ios5 but i didnt know what the problem was… i restored and had to do everything over again… i was just about done when i got caught in a respring loop… from your page i saw how to get out of it when i saw that foldersinfolders was not compatible with ios 5… thank you thank thank you

  • Studio80

    Does anyone know of an app/tweek that can record in and outgoing calls?

  • Nyshady

    Google voice

  • Nyshady

    I love how the list stops at letter I, what about the rest of the list??

  • Nyshady

    Neverrrmind im new here

  • Jl715

    On iphone 4 running ios 5.1, scrollingboard web browser plugin works flawless, love it one of my favorite addons. Also graviboard works almost flawlessly, volumepaging works only it changes volume and paging together. Iswipe works good in swype typing but makes regular typing difficult if u can type normal with it at all. The only major bugs i have found are with sb rotator 5 installed, in general works great gives u a ipad like springboard, but with barrel or barrel 2 running in landscape view alot of problems occur with paging, icons dissapearing and freezing and many other touchscreen problems. It says on barrel install page NOT FOR IPAD so this must be the reason for bugs. Also graviboard in landscape view will give problems so look out for what icon tweaks u put along with sb rotator 5, great tweak alone but keep in mind to be careful with ipad incompatable tweaks running with it. Or just use a landscape lock to keep it in portrait view before using graviboard, barrel, etc..

  • 王文華

    AttachmentSaver 1.4.0 doesn’t work on iOS 5.1.1

  • Gresh14

    Are you enabling your custome sbsettings in the settings app? You have to go there and choose the sb theme you want

  • Gresh14

    Does the tweak chip work for anyone? Causes safe mode on iPhone 3GS and iPad 2

  • Lucieneli

    The weather tweak on the home screen for the HD engraved wood doest work, any ideas how to fix?

  • Skbtheone

    Safari Download Manager has been updated and word perfectly on iOS 5.1.1

  • duckboy

    my iPad frozen when i was respiring it help me plz

  • Peter Rockas

    When I upgraded to 5.1.1 on iPhone 4 AttachmentSaver 1.4 stopped working. Have emailed author several times but no response. Makes me think AS is not supported or orphaned.

  • Adam Daieh

    Get the top Cydia apps and tweaks source at WWW.JAILBREAKHOME.COM