iOS 5 Download Firmware For iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 2, 1, And iPod touch (DIRECT LINKS)

by Ahmed Omar on October 12, 2011

Download iOS 5 now, it’s here. Apple has released iOS 5 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad 1, iPod touch 4G, and iPod touch 3G. Of course iPhone 4S comes already with iOS 5.

Download iOS 5
iOS 5 comes with tons of new features for all iOS users. Starting from iMessages, better notifications center and Newsstand to Twitter integration and more. Check our iOS 5 walkthrough here.

For jailbreakers and unlockers, we recommend you stay away from that update until we update our post with useful guides of jailbreak tools. It’s most probably going to be tethered iOS 5 jailbreak then will be followed by untethered jailbreak soon. Hold on!

Links for iOS 5 (Official from Apple)

Download iTunes 10.5 for Windows and Mac

UPDATE: You can use the guide posted here to jailbreak iOS 5 tethered only using existing Redsn0w.

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  • Mazen Almonderi

    Links for iOS 4.3.5 (Official from Apple) ???

    we’re talking about IOS 5 probably!!

  • Sheeko

    I think you meant the links for IOS 5.0 not 4.3.5 in the original post :)

  • Dan Kuhlmann

    And this is now the final version?

  • Adam

    I think you meant iOS 5, not iOS 4.3.5

  • Ryan Waskewich


  • Vincent Saunders


  • Mbda In

    so nice…..TQ

  • Vasco

    Gevey works?

  • Lopez29

    Is it possible to jailbreak iOS 5.0?

  • Guest

    Hi, if I update my iPhone 4 GSM 4.3.3 to iOS 5.0 will I be able to jailbreak it once the proper tools come out?

  • Rafael

    when i get 64% of the ios 5 file download the speed drops down, there is a problem with the server ? I had stopped the download and start it again, same thing happend ….

  • Dosdy

    is this the same update using direct links and using itunes update? after i downloaded ios5 from the direct link, do i need my ipod touch into dfu mode then shift+click of restore button in itunes?

  • Mimshactee

    Downloading it already but is it true gestures are not in the iPad 1? About to find out but that will be horrible!!!…anyway, a jailbreak will fix that

  • Harrypotterlikesiphone

    Any indirect links?!

  • Guest

    Downloaded on Windows. How do I install ?

  • Dosdy

    im not sure but this is what i found instructions in some site. first you turn your device into dfu mode. 2nd shift+click the restore button in your itunes. locate where you downloaded the update in your computer then click ok. make sure you back up your device before you restore it.

  • Postmaster

    I need moon on stick now, please provide asap !

  • Nthings4u

    I downloaded the iOS5.howto update it in to the iPhone

  • Anonymous


  • sammy

    I have a ipad 2 wifi+3g. Which ios should i download? wifi or gsm? Any help would be appreciated. Thnx

  • Miladchalipa2002

    is this the final release of ios5 ?
    help plz !!

  • FlyingKanga

    Finally! Is there a difference between the developer’s goldmaster release and this release? I installed the dev’s GM a few days ago.

  • Redman44

    Ive downloaded the file but it hasnt come down as a ipsw file what do i do

  • Kai

    I read on another article somewhere that you need 7zip to turn the files into an ipsw

  • Joncody1

    hi is this ios 5 the real one not the GM one and do you know when the untethered software will be made?

  • Voon

    iphone 4 GSM it means iphone 4s?

  • Anubhav Khandelwal

    It is giving Error 3002

  • Joncody1

    will it still give error if you download ios 5 then install it though itunes use the the hold down shift way?

  • jc

    how to upgrade using this update file? I have no idea..

  • Yusufsulaiman007

    It is giving Error 3002

  • 344kellogg

    I’ve got a problem. My phone was jailbroken. But I wanted to upgrade to iOS 5 because of the new features (I can live without it being jailbroken for a while). After I downloaded the new firmware it started updating the phone. I can see the apple icon and the progress bar. It gets about 3/4 of the way through the load and then it freezes. I’ve tried going into DFU mode, doing rebooting iTunes, my computer, etc. Nothing seems to be working. It always stops in the same place. No idea what I’m supposed to do.

  • Miladchalipa2002

    i tried restore bottom combination with shift key and … it works… great

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • X_moony_x

    what is the diffrent between (GSM) $ (VERZion)?

  • Quangtrungrmit

    depends on which your ipad is GSM or CDMA then download GSM or CDMA not wifi

  • rehsjh

    Do yourselves a favor and make sure to download your shsh blobs so that you can later downgrade to another version when you get tired of the the new crap and can jailbreak again. If you don’t you will not be able to downgrade and you will be stuck.

  • rehsjh

    And besided the new ios 5 is nothing compared to what you can do with your jailbroken phone.

  • rehsjh

    There is a tethered only jailbreak for ios 5 out but I would wait to upgrade to ios 5. 4.3.3 is easy to jailbreak and it gives you much more flexibility. But you need to save your shsh blobs using ifaith first if you decide to upgrade. That way you can downgrade if you don’t like ios 5.

  • rehsjh

    Everyone please remember to save and download your shsh blobs using ifaith or other program before you upgrade. If you don’t you will probably regret it. Just a thought.

  • rehsjh

    There is a tethered only jailbreak for ios 5 out but I would wait to upgrade to ios 5. 4.3.3 is easy to jailbreak and it gives you much more flexibility. But you need to save your shsh blobs using ifaith first if you decide to upgrade. That way you can downgrade if you don’t like ios 5.

  • k10

    I am really stupid what is teh difference between GSM and CDMA, I don’t even know what that is

  • K-mohammed

    Why does iTunes say my firmware is incompatible help please!!!!!!!

  • jc

    successfully upgraded my iPad 2 4.3.5 to iOS 5 using ipsw files above! Just hold shift+restore button in the summary of your iOS device then a window will pop to locate the ipsw file. Hope that helps, no need to go to DFU or Recovery mode.

  • Manaf

    What do shsh blobs do? and why should i save them??

  • markus95

    ähm sollte diese iOs5 datei nicht wie ein würfel aussehen am Pc bei mir siehts anders aus hilfe bitte! Danke

  • Alex

    If you have an iPad 2 with ATT you are GSM, if is with Verizon you are CDMA

    ipad 2 Wifi is ipad2,1_5.0
    Ipad 2 Wifi 3g (ATT) GSM is iPad 2,2_5.0
    Ipad 2 Wifi 3g(Verizon) CDMA is iPad 2,3_5.0

    Hope this helps

  • Ronald

    You should download the proper firmware  for your device.. 

  • Abigail_winer

    Help! Why does iTunes say my firmware is incompatible help please!!!!!!!

  • Michael_Mcguire

    If my iPad 2 is GSM + WiFi which should I download?

  • Kamaldeeps22

    its stuck at ” We are hanging here” for last 20 min..

  • Shail41

    hello sir, i have iphone 3gs . i have done all the procedure bt now it is not getting signal as m not able to connect to wi-fi status=”no wi-fi” and nor that tab m able to click or do anythng on it . its like freeze on my wifi signal . can u show me d solution for this ? thank you

  • Lovelycuteangel

    Hey, after updating the iOS 5 some of my apps aren’t working properly. I don’t know why is it so, can some one please help me out with this problem. Or if this problem can’t be fixed then can some one please tell me how do I go back to my old version.
    Thank u!

  • Sfgsdhg

    It’s likely the app’s in question are not fully compatible with the new OS update.

  • Utkarsh Chheda

    please dude.. do you have a torrent download… my net is slow and in torrent i can pause download… reply fast

  • Sdfh

    They allow you to revert your device to an earlier firmware version.  However if you haven’t backed them up prior to the iOS5 release… you can’t.  So, moot point

  • Imsebbe

    Will a shift+restore delete texts etc?

  • Srtjsshx

    NO, it mean iPhome AT&T…  not Verizon

    Has nothing to do with the device being an iPhone4 or 4s

  • Duh

    Next Tuesday 4:27PM EST or was it Wednesday????

  • Nabeel Jibran

    ios5 is not detecting my gsm network, but its detecting other networks. My network is working fine on the other fone Any solutions on this?

  • sammy

    shift+restore  not update

  • Daniel F..

    My Iphone 3GS is stucked on the Apple Logo after erasing and i do not know why .. So Please Help Me Friends ..

  • Markv1989

    After I install iOS5 iphone 4 GSM to my computer (which took 2 hours,) how do I update my phone with the new iOS5????

  • Markv1989

    that is what I would like to know!!

  • Bammo44

    They are experiencing server issues with the new iOS 5. Keep trying and it will update.

  • Gaz_dunn

    HELPPP! This is driving me crazy. i have a jailbroken iphone 3gs (old bootrom) still on the 4.0 firmware. When i run Redsn0w to jailbreak to iOS 5 i keep getting this ‘Exploit failed’ error message. Do i need to jailbreak to 4.3.3 first or is this some other issue? Iv only ever done 1 jailbreak before (hence why still on 4.0) so still a noob, Do i need to restore my phone first or can you jailbreak on top of a jailbreak if you get me? 

  • Lrock1977

    I have IOS installed on my iPhone 4 GSM. I have downloaded and pointed redsnOw to the file it’s asking for. When I try and jailbreak it the program asks that I select an IPSW file which I had already done. I’m stuck here at this point. Any thoughts..Please!

  • Abul Hasan

    hi i tried to update ios5 from itunes . but it says an error 3194 … pls help me in this issue

  • Abul Hasan

    i faced this problem when jailbreaking 4.3.5, to solve this I tried to switch off by holding power and hme button entered into the dfu mode… then run redsnow n check tethered jailbreak.. it will work

  • Keiran011

    download ireb4

  • Ristorp

    I have the same problem. Any suggestions? I have also tried to download the ispw and alt+click ‘n restore. No luck. Anyone?

  • Trindertoor

    i tried to update bt it is showing an error 3002… plz help me

  • Jin521rin

    if pc please HOLD SHIFT and restore in iTunes
    if mac please HOLD CONTROL and install in iTunes 

  • Tommyshort

    Worthless. No password to open it.

  • FartyMouthPoopHead

    I can’t update Heeeeeelllppppp meeee and not the other poopy pants

  • DirtyDiaperFace

    I pooped my pants

  • Pete Rose


  • m80

    what to do after downloading?

  • Rondellwilliams

    i installed ios5 on my iphone 4 and i used sn0wbreeze to preserve my bassband and i still cant unlock my phone using gevey ultra

  • Rdtrail

    I have the same problem!! :(

  • Elroytj

    i have iphone 3g is it any way to get the ios 5

  • Roma_vip

    it is a zip file which i downloaded , i dont know how to install!!!!!!!

  • guest

    what do you do after its downloaded?

  • Omar

    same problem dude. i am using gevey turbo sim

  • Engr_butch

    if u are in windows, download = internet download manager
    if in ubuntu , sudo apt-get install multi-get

  • Fuzionxtreme

    download internet download manager (windows only)
    sudo apt-get install mul-get ( ubuntu)

  • butch lupdag

    use iTunes in downloading

  • butch lupdag

    reset network settings

  • butch lupdag


  • Reza.G

    go to your idevice summary page in itunes. then hold your (shift button if in windows or ctrl button if in mac) and then while holding the button,press the Restore button in the summary page. then a page will pop up and you’ll have to locate the downloaded file.

  • Jgabjfhjkas

    fuck not for iphone 3g…. iam gonna cry,,

  • Véñky ĞųpŦă

    i am from india nd i hav a unlocked iphone 4 can i update through dis ispw…??
    wats d difference if i download it from itunes

  • Daniel F..

    I would like to know how i can do this .. Can you give me the procedures please .. And what type of redsnow should i download and also what IOS is okay .. Please Help Me Out

  • Pilotesmalu

    What’s a difference between this ISPW file and update via iTines ?

  • Abul Hasan

    step1- switch of ur iphone and connect to redsnow0.9.9b4(download it from google search)
    step2- run redsnow and click extras..and click pwned dfu and follow the procedure..
    in the DFU mode the iphone/ipad screen will be in black

    Step-3: after entering into DFU mode open itunes ….A message appears ‘the iphone is in recovery mode’ and asks for restore….click restore and update ….it autamatically update ios 5

  • Peterjones72

    What’s the difference between IOS5 and IOS5 Firmware? Are they the same thing? or Do I have to download them separately?

  • Peterjones72

    Also, my phone says it’s running IOS5. iTunes says my phone is running IOS5. Yet I still can’t use many of the functions that IOS5 is supposed to have. What am I doing wrong? Help! This is driving me nuts LOL

  • Octovember

    Every time i try to update it takes me through the process saying i need to back my phone up. So i do that, then after that bar fills and it’s about to begin the restore, it says that my iphone “isn’t eligible for the requested build.” After it says this, i’m back at square one and have to do the whole process again which leads to the same results. How can i get past this so i can put ios5 on it? I’ve tried starting my computer but that didn’t work.

    For reference, i am currently running ios 4.2.10 with a tethered jailbreak. I am also on a mac. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Daniel F..

    I have tried that but it always gives me ERROR 1015 which i do not know .. And if i restore it will my iphone working .. Because i erased it ..

  • Daniel F..

    Can i get ya cell number so that i can call ya nd u can show me how it is done .. Pls

  • Lovelycuteangel

    same wit me, some of the functions aren’t working properly !!!!! need help to fix this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just_cause2011

    it works i just did it on my iphone 3gs

  • Iluvkitties890

    you’re a genius!!

  • Feista01

    iOS5 is iOS5 Firmware without using the word “Firmware”.

  • Feista01

    There isn’t one. This update comes from the same server.

  • Admin

    Hi Octovember,
    i heard you are currently running ios 4.2.10 with a tethered jailbreak; so hold on!

    For jailbreakers and unlockers, we recommend you stay away from that update until we update our post with useful guides of jailbreak tools. It’s most probably going to be tethered iOS 5 jailbreak then will be followed by untethered jailbreak soon. Hold on!

  • Iluvkitties890

    different companies

  • Iluvkitties890

    i went through this also. unfortunately however, you need to restore it. if not contact the founder of this website!

  • Scott

    admin…I have sort of the same problem as octovember but my os is not jailbroken my phone accidentally came unplugged during the first time i tried it, could that have messed it up? if so how can i fix it or what other methods can i use to update to ios5

  • daredevil

    how to activate ? i hv done everything and now its asking me to activate… i hv got gevey sim inside.. so how do i activate with gevey sim?

  • Mohsin Riaz

    download and install tiny umbrella for windows… run it.. go to advanced tab… UNCHECK the dialogue that says “set hosts to cydia on exit”… apply the settings.. restart / reboot your computer and then update from itunes… Inshallah u wont get error 3194 and u’ll be able to update to iOS 5… Hope this helps you…

  • Plambertobg

    Thank You gays it”s working awesome:))) iso5 with gevey sim bb.4.10.01

  • Gdvanriper

    Plz Help… I tried the same procedure but when I clicked shift/Restore the file doesn’t show up. I can see the file in one window but not in the window when I do the shift/restore. Dop I have to unzipp it first, if so how do I do that? I am at my wits end. Thank you!

  • Plambertobg

    Thank You gays it”s working awesome:))) iso5 with gevey sim bb.4.10.01

  • Gdvanriper

    How do I convert to a dfu mode? Ipad 2. Do I convert the file to dfu of the Itunes. I am at my wits end. Plz help, Thanks!

  • Hellan X

    I can not find the file.. i can see it in my firefox downloads when i click on that, but when i do as u suggested it’s nowhere 2 b seen :-(

  • Jenny_5_c

    hi, I keep being told that my internet has timed out and i cant seem to complete the download, what can i do?

  • Sidakroda2000

    i m not able to find ipsw.

  • husaini

    hi guys, how to upgrade 3gs?

  • ann

    How to solve the problem when i half way download and it pop out error massage.? Please help!!

  • Hellan X

    try downloading ‘download manager’ (just google it) then downloading your update from here through that.. has worked 4 me and i was having lots of problems ;-)

  • bryen

    I was just wondering if anyone knew the answer to this question:
    Do I need to have the ‘official’ version of the apple released iOS 5 (public) before I try to jailbreak it? Or can I jailbreak it from my current OS 4.2.1?

  • Paulawes6

    after downloading the iOs 5 for ipod touch 4G what do i do? because it’s not working after i opened the file. (im using windows)

  • iScott

    When on the device summary page are you holding shift key down when you click update to be able to select your file?

  • Paulawes6

    no i just didn’t have the latest itunes software but thank you anyway!

  • Dat5pntstar5

    I need help.. wen this file is zipped i downloaded redsnow.. but its not finding my ipsw help me plz

  • Samantha

    hi im trying to download ios5 on my ipod and its not leting me find the software :/ help

  • Daniel Leftedfordead Ramirez

    are you using a Mac or Windows?

  • Dat5pntstar5


  • Daniel Leftedfordead Ramirez

    remember to back up all of your files. Now go to your ipod on iTunes and while holding shift click restore. You should have download iOS 5 to either your downloads folder or to the desktop, now click on the .ipsw and the warning label should pop up, click update and wait for the amount of time and after a while you should have iOS 5 to your iDevice.

  • ReEls

    go to folder option in control panel and change and unmark hide file extensions and then replace folder name from zip to ipsw and then try

  • Gautampritam

    Dude restore your phone do not update it

  • Luis

    on one of them it says verizon… what about at&t? is that gsm?

  • ROckyzz

    Go to control panel and click on folder option and change unmark hide folder extensions. Then rename the downloaded file name to ipsw from zip.

  • Jonyr123

    hey, im on windows when i download it and open the zip i cant find the ipsw ? !!! even when i extracted everything ? help please !!

  • Evicted_13

    what if i dont keep my baseband
    will my gevey still work? will i still be able to use tmobile?

  • Mia_samples

    Will ios5 update on an itouch 8g?

  • Pilotesmalu

    Every time i try to update it takes me through the process saying i need to back my phone up. So i do that, then after that bar fills and it’s about to begin the restore, it says that my iphone “isn’t eligible for the requested build.” After it says this, i’m back at square one and have to do the whole process again which leads to the same results. How can i get past this so i can put ios5 on it? I’ve tried starting my computer but that didn’t work.

  • Mchris32

    same here

  • Ms

    hi there, I successfully jailbroken 3gs running ios5, but cannot ‘boot tethered’ – redsnow starts running after dfu, but I keep getting ‘exploit failed’ message… please, any help would be appreciated… thanks a lot!

  • Juniorc650


  • TOON

    I have an iPhone 3GS and just downloaded iOS 5 but now the iPod function isn’t working correctly, either it will skip songs at random or play two then stop playing or just not play at all. Any suggestions?

  • Athletica_guy

    the same thing happens to mine, so what do i do?

  • Razac

    I downloaded IOS 5 for my iPod touch 4.. when i click shift restore and click on the folder, it says it cant update cuz firmware is not compatible! plz help me

  • KC27

    you need to download itunes 10.5 and then click shift restore on 10.5.

  • DesertDawg

    You cannot use IE to download it cuz it convertz it to a zip file, you need to do it with firefox!

  • DesertDawg

    You cannot use IE to download it cuz it convertz it to a zip file, you need to do it with firefox!

  • DesertDawg

    yes! or you can google what network is at&t on

  • Anonymous

    i update my ipad 1 to itunes 10.5 into version 5.0 can i still to jailbreak my ipad..

  • David007

    I just recently bought an iPhone 3GS with iOS5 on it. I had it unlocked for T-Mobile use. Apparantly, there was an issue with the unlocking and I cannot power down the phone because it is tethered? Anyway, the gentlemen told me not to install new updates or it would mean he would have to re-unlock. I am trying to load all my music from iTunes (broken i-Touch is what got me in this predicament). Can I download version 10.5 iTunes without risking a re-unlock on the phone? Any help appreciated.

  • Davidjosephs

    Hey i have just downladed ios 5 and now my apps wont open.. what should i do?

  • Inder81

    i just bought iphone 3gs with iOS 5.0, FW 05.16.05, how can i unlock it and with which baseband???

  • Accramer

    Tried downloading the new IOS 5 to my Apple 3GS. It told me it was done. I unhooked the phone and now the phone is completely locked up. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • meau21

    how to use this? any steps?

  • Meau_21_21

    seems that there is no .ipsw not detecting

  • michael

    what is the different between ios 5 iphone 4 GSM & verizon??

  • Dforsale

    I have an iphone 4, downloaded and installed the new version 5.0 and now cant listen to my music on my phone, Anyone else having the same issues?

  • Dmok

    how do i transfer my contacts and sms from 3gs to iphone 4?

  • AppleGeek

    Back up you’re 3GS and make a new iPhone 4 by restoring/setting up your iPhone from that backup.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you try restoring it?

  • Anonymous

    Verizon works only if carrier is Verizon!

  • El_pelado1974

    i cant open this file whit my windows how can i fix?

  • Anonymous

    Open iTunes, Go to ‘Summary’, click on ‘Update’ while holding Shift button in Windows and Option key in Mac OS X, a screen appears, go to download place and click on it and select ‘Open’ and voila, it’ll start updating!

  • James

    Its supposed to work like this but it dosn’t. The download in the link above does not contain the correct .ipsw file. Anyone know were to get the right one?

  • Meau_21_21

    yeah cant detect the .ipsw

  • Louie Blair

    if my iphone is jailbroken and i upgrade with itunes will it pawn it>??

  • Kyle

    after the ios 5 downloads do i opent he file and will it upgrade my ipod automaticallly?

  • Lilac8888

    I just tried to update my iphone4 and it’s not even jailbreaked. In the middle of the update, it showed some messages like there wasn’t enough space to backup. Now my phone is bricked. It stayed at the screen where it wants you to connect the iphone to itune. But the thing is itune can’t detect it anymore. I tried to connect my other apple device to itune which has not been updated yet. It’s still not detected. I tried reinstall itune, still nothing. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  • GMD

    DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT attempt to update an older version product to iOS5. If you really want iOS5, just purchase a new device. The “update” is not an update. It completely destroys ALL, and I mean ALL of your existing data. I have yet to see a successful backup and restore of the data. Update to iOS5 at your peril. Keep your older operating system and be happy. Don’t do it… don’t do it. You will regret it.

  • Marian Key-Gamble

    I just downloaded the new Itunes 10, a zip 7, and downloaded the IOS 5, how do I get it on my phone, plz help an old nutty woman….lol…..Thx….

  • TOTO3331


  • TOTO331


  • Jordendunlop4

    Hey, I jailbroke my iPod Touch 4G, But then unjailbroke it so I could Download iOS 5, i succesfully unjailbroke it, & iTunes sugeseted I Should update my iPod, so I did, So when i Try find the ipsw on the ipod, nothing will come up, PLEASE HELP.

  • jako

    untethered. do you love it???

  • Sainath1026

    i have updated iphone4 of AT&T with ios 5 and I was using geevy sim card . How to restore/ unlock the same

  • erwinboy10

    @jordendunlop4 i have the same problem, so you`re not the only one who`s stuck with this but if someone has fixed this problem please tell me i have an ipod touch 3G

  • Johnpoll007

    must update’s awsome with new i cloud,wifi sync

  • StillAPCGuy

    Update both iPhone4 and orig iPad to iOS 5 WITHOUT any problems–AT ALL

  • Chaitanya Agarwal

    how to use .ipa file??

  • Chaitanya Agarwal

    how to update??

  • Yvonne70

    can you not update itunes version ios 5 for a 3gs? it wont let me download always comes up the same timed out? tell me why or am i doing something wrong

  • Hugo Cruz

    my ipod touch 4g screen turned white during uploading the first stage every time i tried to jailbreak it on with the firmware ios 5 and i need to know how to jailbreak it without any problems including the white screen problem please help me

  • steph

    I have a Tmobile jail broken iphone 4 running on base 4.01.10.. I want to update it to ios 5. Is that possible to do without it being any conflict ?

  • misho

    i do it but the white icon not changed to cydia logo and i made the just reboot but there’s an erorr no idn. in redsn0w plz any ideas…..!!

  • Meau_21_21

    help how can it detect the .ipsw…mine cant detect it

  • Mike

    Is there a problem with ios5 updating on iphone4? Mine suggest the download and update will take at least 2 hours! Is this right?

  • HR

    I bought an iPhone 4 32GB, unfortunately when i turn it on, it’s blanking and turn off, i charged this completely but still not working. please help me on this.

  • Rev Mikey13

    I can’t get my iPod touch 3gs to update I have downloaded the update but it doesn’t show up at all. How can I get it to update?

  • Goodandtired

    when I downloaded the new ios 5.0 on my iphone it won’t let me add any new contacts…what’s the fix for this?????

  • Xnrgy

    Yes u can….. just click SAVE AS and add “.IPSW” after the word RESTORE

  • nrgy

    move the file to the desktop or wherever you can have access to it, then load up itunes and press SHIFT + RESTORE then navigate to where you placed the IOS file and click it.

  • Xnrgy

    must be a lot of people donwloading or the server itself, it usually takes about 10-15 minutes to download the IOS, sometimes even faster. But 2 hours is way to long. I suggest chack different sites for downloading the firmware.

  • Xnrgy

    go to the folder where u downloaded it after pressing SHIFT+RESTORE on itunes

  • Xnrgy

    go get sn0wbreeze for jailbreaking if you dont want to update the baseband….dont update without doing sn0wbreeze first.

  • Xnrgy

    yes you can. maybe servers are down or a lot of traffic, try getting the iTunes update from somewhere else besides iTunes itself…..

  • Xnrgy

    double click on it, iTunes will load up then sync iDevice

  • Xnrgy

    Click “check for update” on iTunes, then it will download any new softwares for you automatically

  • Xnrgy

    did you use explorer to download the update? if yes, you should add “.ipsw” after the word RESTORE on the file you downloaded, explorer saves it as a ZIP file.
    Try redoing it and save it on the desktop for easy access when you do the restore+shift update from itunes…

  • Xnrgy

    If you didi it on iTunes, you dont have to do anything, if manual downlaod, you have to press SHIFT+RESTORE on itunes and go to where you DLed the file….

  • Xnrgy

    No it wont, it will remove the jailbreak and your phone will be like new. However, it will ask you if you want to restore from backup or restore as new….

  • Xnrgy

    Verizon is CDMA, no SIM cards

  • Xnrgy

    Have you tried returning it or having it replaced?

  • systembob

    i just purchased the iphone 4 for sprint that already has 5.0 on it do i still need to dowload another one to my computer to jailbreak it? if so would i choose the version for verision since its cdma? thanks

  • Skipmarler

    I used the sn0wbreeze jailbreak and seemed to work fine but Cydia will not open. Any ideas?

  • H

    I tried to reset it and then charged it completely, it’s seems working probably.

  • H

    I download the iOS 5 file for iPhone 3GS in my Mac, i can’t update my iPhone. how can i update with this file.

  • adsf

    I think you need to use iboost that sn0wbreeze provided, and reboot in DFU mode.
    I used sn0breeze and Cydia work fine.

  • asdf

    If you want to preserved your baseband for unlock your phone later you need to modify the file first by using either sn0wbreeze or redsn0w and then you can restored it in DFU mode in iTunes.

  • Meau_21_21

    already done that…the things that i do was download the file then after i downloaded the file i put the file on my desktop so i can see it easy now when i connect on itunes then presseds shift+restore it wont detect the come?

  • Husseins07

    Hi , I have a week trying to down load iso 5 only computer but it down loads almost half way and a message appears that an error has accrued with my net which is not true and it will take 34 hours to finish which it doesn’t even do please help

  • Naveenagrawal78


    I have downloaded ios5 for my ipad2 using the link above. Now how to update my ipad2. BY Shift+restore or shift+update?

  • Xnrgy

    iTunes also updated? it should be 10.5 version if you are updating to iOS5.

  • AmoonMah

    Heyy ,, i just downloaded ios5 for me iPod 3G ,, Can you please tell me how to update it without deleting anything on my iPod?? especially the notes..

  • Xnrgy

    back up to Itunes, then after updating select “RESTORE FROM BACKUP” instead of AS NEW….

  • Xnrgy

    SHIFT+RESTORE if manual download and you saved it somewhere in your computer. UPDATE option is when you are letting iTunes update it for you automatically

  • Xnrgy

    try downloading it from a different site.

  • Xnrgy

    Nice…enjoy it!

  • Kongkz

    hey i’ve downloaded the firmware for my iphone4. do i have to restore before updating if i’ve jailbroken my iphone?

  • AmoonMah

    how can i do that?? , restore from backup??

  • ShadowKnight332

    Hold Shift or Ctrl (I cant remember which one it is nut the other one does nothing) while clicking on the Restore Button

  • Aawd

    oh wait it was shift

  • Ketanictproxy06

    hi my iphone4 who can Jailbreak ??
    version : 4.3.5(8l1)

  • AmoonMah

    Yeah, and then what i should select??

  • Makenai_san

    lol.. tricky.. downloaded the link for ipad1, came out as zip.. simply rename the .zip to .ipsw and it is working hahahaa!!! In the middle of jailbreaking and was very happy to see the split keyboard :)

  • emman

    i used to unlock my iphone 4 (4.1.2) (BB 2.10.04) using a gevey i restored my iphone using snowbreeze but it got stuck when it asked me to use a valid sim or original sim to activate the phone. my phone was locked at Vodafone UK and now im here in philippines using our network here. i dont have the original vodafone uk sim here, what can i do? pls help. tnx

  • amylie

    Hi! I would like to thank you for posting this. I downloaded the ios 5 twice (from here and another site) cause i couldn’t get itunes to update my itouch, i tried everything (restart pc, disable antivirus, download from other site, etc) i was so getting frustrated!! luckily, i read the comments here and remembered that i’m suppose to click RESTORE instead of UPDATE. lol now my itouch is finally updated. Thanks very much! :)

  • Nicole

    i have a iphone 3gs and i cant get it to download the ios5! everytime i try it says my network connection was reset or something then i try again and it does it yet again. im running off of safari and i need help and getting extremely fusterated!

  • frank

    I downloaded IOS5 and started the upgrade manually. Half way during the upgrade the process stops, the iphone indicator stops too, what can I do

  • Xnrgy

    Shift+restore only if you downloaded it manualy, if u want itunes to do the update for you, just click UPDATE and once its done doing the update, it will ask you if you want to restore it as NEW or from your back up, you just click which one you want and yoour good….. make sure you back up (SYNC to iTunes) before you update.

  • Xnrgy

    need to reboot using iBooty that came with sn0wbreeze

  • Bidnow

    i downloaded and ran the iso 5 for 3gs and nothing happened. iTunes says 4.2.1 is the most current ISO

  • Rsthapak

    i have iphone 3gs after upgarding it to ios 5 would cydia will install

  • Ziam

    i have a ipad2 3g+wifi. if i want to upgrade to ios5 which of the following i have to download:
    * iOS 5 iPad 2 CDMA
    *iOS 5 iPad 2 GSM

  • Vampirellaone

    Hello, Xnrgy!
    I’ve beeb reading most of the posts on here, and as for my opinion, Which May Not Matter,
    However, ‘It seems Like You know what you’re doing/Talking about’, when it comes to all this tech(e)
    So, I’ve decided, ‘At the risk of sounding ignorant’,
    To Ask You For Your Help/Advice, about All This ‘Confusion’, As Far As Updating From iPhone4 iOS, From AT&T, To the version iphone5 (???)! I don’t know what the iPhone5 is called, as far as iOS, etc! :•/
    I don’t even know what ‘Jailbreaking’ even is?!
    And, ‘I Hate To Seem As Though I Know Nothing!’ Completely, NOT TRUE!’ I’ve been Too Busy Studying/Researching Medical ‘EVERYTHING!’
    So, Would You Mind Helping A Woman Out With This iPhone4, To iPhone5,Please? And, Thank You, In Advance!

  • Vampirellaone

    Oops! I meant to spell ‘been!’ lol!

  • Jonathan Tan

    depends on ur carrier , ie CDMA network or GSM 1800/1900/****

  • qwerty

    if a jailbreak for iPhone 4 goes wrong, what happens and how would you fix it ??

  • Chirantha Wanasinghe


    Can someone please let me know is this thing working??? looking at the comments i get the feeling this is not working at all! My phone is 3GS and baseband 05.13.04. iOS 4.0.

    Please can someone advice me on this? Thanks.


  • Randyh8of8

    You have a iPhone 3g. The last firmware for that phone is 4.2.1

  • Xnrgy

    just restore it in iTunes and it will be like new…..

  • Xnrgy

    No, it will only update iOS5. If you want Cydia to be installed you need to use either sn0wbreeze or Redsn0w.

  • Xnrgy

    Thank you for the sweet comments Vampire, I try to help out as much as I can. But dont sell yourself short, Im sure you know things that I dont know, so in my eyes, we are equal. *wink!

    I’d be happy to help you and no, I do not mind….

    The iphone 4 last version of firmware ( software running it ) is 4.5, and the latest, which is the iPhone 4S is runing with the newest firmware which is the iOS 5. If you want to upgrade to the latest firmware, all you have to do is connect it to your computer and hit UPDATE button in iTUNES. It will download it automatically and update it for you aswell. Once its done doing what its supposed to do, your phone will reboot with the new firmware iOS5. iTunes in turn will ask you if you want to set your phone as NEW or from a BACKUP.

    if NEW, it will be a blank phone. No contacts, no music no videos, etc etc. So I suggest you install it from BACKUP so you can have all your contacts and information back on your phone. THis is ofcourse if you did a back up before upgrading.

    Unfortunately, there is no iPhone5 out yet, speculations were high that it was the next model coming out, but as we all know by now, it was the iPhone4s. Not that I am complaining, but, as an owner of the iP4 I dont see any reason why I should upgrade to the new IP4s, its like and old car body style with a new engine….. you cant really tell the difference unless you are actually holding it.

    Hope this helps you out Vampirellaone, if you have any more question please feel to to ask and I will try my best to answer it. And I am also sure that there are other people in here that would like to help you out.

    Good Day to you……. oh wait, you sleep during the day. LoL!

  • xnrgy

    try to redo it, sometimes the cable connection moves and it disconnects the transfer.

  • Xnrgy

    servers sometimes get bogged down by multiple downloads, try a different site for the download, if you are not using iTunes.

  • Xnrgy

    you would also need to update iTunes to 10.5, this will allow you to update without any issue.

    slight correction:

    I meant to say RESTORE and not update in my 1st post above for the firmware.

  • Xnrgy

    where you able to solve the problem?

  • Mark Faiez

    what should i do after i download the ios 5 software update?

  • Good Rohid Tea Day

    connect ipod/iphone/ipad to PC and then open itunes , press and hold home button + power button until 25 -30 second ,press SHIFT (keyboard) and click RESTORE(itunes) insert the FILE IPSW

  • Abbot Hiker

    I jailbreak my phone success. After that, I installed my3G app. It request to be reboot. After that, the phone cannot boot up any more. Any one knows this issue?
    I have to restore my phone with iTune.

  • Kumair88

    kindly tell me after download this file how to install in iphone4
    and also tell me that which one is compatible fr my mobile ?
    i have iphone 4 32 gb

  • Xnrgy

    For a manual download, if its for ATT you need to get the GSM one, for Verizon its CDMA. You will also need to update your iTunes verion to 10.5. Once you have done the iTunes, its easier if you just hook up your device to iTunes and click restore. It will download it autimatically for you. All you have to to at the end is to choose restore from backup so ypu can have all you info back on the new IOS 5.

  • Xnrgy

    what jailbreaking software did you use? sn0wbreeze or Redsn0w?

  • Xnrgy

    update iTunes aswell to version 10.5. Once done, press SHIFT+RESTORE at the same time, then navigate to the directory where you donwloaded the iOS5, select and press update on itunes. Make sure you backed up your phone 1st.

  • calperin

    I downloaded the IO5 to my IPad1, I’m going through the set up process and it doesn’t allow me to continue after setting up my birthday.

  • Kev

    which file im clicking on it because it does not show any ipsw file..? can some1 tell me exactly how to update? ( i have downloaded the update pack)

  • xnrgy

    if the file you downloaded is showing like this “iPhone3,1_5.0_9A334_Restore.ZIP” you need to rename the ZIP to IPSW. Then do the restore+shift in iTunes. Make sure iTunes is ALSO updated to 10.5 version or it will not work.

  • Abbot Hiker

    I am using Redsn0w

  • Jcruz1406

    how can i get my tmobile sim chip to work on my 3gs with ios 5

  • Sunshine

    I have the iphone 4 and recently upgraded to ios 5. Since then my phone has frozen up 3 times. When people call me I can’t slide the arrow at the bottom to answer the phone and it continues to vibrate after the ringing stops. The only way to unfreeze it is to hold the shut off button and the home button together. Annoying.
    Worse still, this morning my phone was off (I’m sure I still had enough power). I tried the home button, tried to turn it on and finally I hooked it up to charge and still no life. So now I have no phone. I’d like to add that I have not dropped the phone or done anything to it.
    Are there any known issues with the new os5? Anyone knows of a solution?

  • xnrgy

    try hooking it up to redsnow again and choose JUST BOOT TETHERED, and also, was the my3G app compatible with iOS5? I had the mistake of installing an app not checking if it was updated to iOS5 and it caused my phone to be stuck on the boot logo…. removing it fixed it….

  • xnrgy

    1st time I heard about this sort of problem, but it does not mean it does not exist. Only thing I can advise you is to do a fresh restore and see if it happens again.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help…. good luck!

  • Nikki

    You just made my life a WHOLE lot easier!! I’ve been struggling with this stupid update for days now!! Ahhhhh thank you!

  • Swphilly1234

    I jus downloaded the software but nothing changed y??? Wat do I do next…

  • xnrgy

    you are very welcome, enoy your iOS5!

  • xnrgy

    What exaclty do you mean nothing changed? And how did you download it? Manually or via iTunes? And what exaclty did you download?

    I need more info in order so I give you the right instructions.

  • Blue_26_rose

    I updated my I PAD 2 recently to ios 5 but I cant access to our home wifi.. I tried to reset the network , all the settings, reset the router and restore the back up but still it cant scan wireless connection..

  • juvil

    how about for iphone 4 which is from the phillippines? am i going to use the cdma or the gsm?

  • Motocyle

    I have ipad2 wifi 3gs, I download ipad 2 wifi, gsm, cdma but all of them say not comptible with the sistem why ?

    please help..

  • Dinah Xu

    i had the ame proble as “Rev Mikey13 4″ i had did wat you said but it didnt work for my ipod 3, it keep saying the firmware it not compatible, plz help me!

  • xnrgy

    Philippines uses Sim cards aswell…. unless it is tied up to ONE particular carrier. So my answer will be GSM. Bring me back some pastillas in a box wrapped in colorful papers, and also some chicharon bituka…..LoL!

  • xnrgy

    did you update itunes to 10.5?

  • xnrgy

    was iTunes uptaded to version 10.5?

  • Oye O. Oworu

    Hey, were you able to restore this issue? and how? Im experiencing the same.

  • Andy King

    I have spend a heap of my internet downloads downloading the iOS file from above, for my iPad (1) – and I am happy to have. My only questions is, how to I install the iOS on my iPad? (through iTunes?).


  • Alex

    jailbreak ios 5 for ipad 2? working?

  • Rohan

    would the GM work?

  • Torian Washington


  • xnrgy

    YES and NO, latest update is that they have succesfully JB ipad 2 and iP4S, but they need a lot of work before they can release it to the public. No release date as of this moment.

    Still, its something to look forward too for iPAd2 and IP4s owners.

  • xnrgy

    yes it would, no difference between GM and the final release of iOS5.

  • xnrgy

    Yes its through iTunes, but you will need to update itunes to version 10.5 in order for it to work.
    Onced you have done the update, load itunes and press SHIFT+RESTORE and navigate to the folder where you donwloaded the iOS5, select and click update.

  • xnrgy

    You are very welcome torian, hope you have everything sqaured away, enjoy the upgrade!

  • funnyguy

    i dont see whats so great about iOS

  • stavros5921

    is ios 5 good for iphone 3gs or not?

  • Reza Ghavamizadeh

    If you can put a simcard in it you’ll have to download the gsm but if it has a built-in network you’ll need the cdma

  • Anonymous

    I have noticed improved performance and battery life. Very good.

  • Anonymous

    Do you iOS 5 or iOS in general. In general, iOS is very stable and feature rich. iOS 5 is a vast improvement over iOS 4, and iOS 5 does’t have any major problems that iOS 4 had.

  • Anonymous

    iOS 5 works on iPhone 3GS, no matter what baseband (it probably updates it though). Once you update your iTunes to 10.5 it should ask if you want to update your iPhone. Manualy doing like these people, still requires iTunes 10.5 but you need to hold SHIFT-RIGHT click on the ‘Restore’ button in iTunes (then it will ask you to find the ipsw you downloaded.

    If you need a jailbreak to use custom baseband or a un-supported carrier, you should stay away from iOS 5 for now.

  • Donald Cant

    Each time I plug in my IPhone (4) I see a IPhone 5 update, should I do this. I have just bought my IPhone 4. Worried what might happen

  • Mary Jane Morton Dempsey

    I am trying to update to iOS on my iPhone 4 and it keeps saying “timed out”. I have tried this about 15 times. It will update completely, but then says “timed out, please try again later”. SOOO frustrating…please help!

  • has

    Has anyone tried it on ipod touch 4g and has it successfully worked. I really need help

  • xnrgy

    download from a different website….

  • xnrgy

    it works on iPod 4 as well……

  • xnrgy

    that would be up to you, if you want some of the changes that iOS5 offers then go for it and update it. I suggest that you go look into apple’s web site and see for yourself what the new firmware has to offer and decide for yourself.
    I am also an iPhone 4 owner and I updated to the new OS, i have no regrets whats so over.

  • Xxxpurt

    Disable your anti virus for short period until the installation completes, problem will be sorted

  • Jareli1992

    I have tried many times to download the iOS 5 but in the middle of the download it stops and says
    that something is wrong with my network and i have checked and nothing is wrong.

  • Parrothead_iso_margarita

    Hi there!
    I, too, had probs updating/downloading. Some really nice guy on here told me what to do. Make sure your anti-virus is disabled and you should have no more “timing out” issues. Worked like a charm for me-no probs at all!!! (:

  • Karen Long

    So am I outta luck if I want to upgrade my iPhone 3G from iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 5? The swipe app won’t run without iOS 5 now, so guess I have to purchase a new phone. UGH!!!

  • UnluckyGuest91

    Help please! I have an iPod Touch 3g…my iTunes has been updated for weeks…& I’ve saved the file to an accesible location. I have a mac…& it’s STILL not working. It says the firmware isn’t compatible. What do I do?

  • Jason

    I’m having the exact same problem with my 3GS ios 5 update!

  • iMarluxia

    Restore your iPod… Sorry but it works D:

  • wootwoot

    im getting this error any fix for it? your iphone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavaible .try connecting your iphone to itunes to activate it or try again in a couple of minutes.

  • xnrgy

    did you download the right firmware for the iPod? and are you upadating to iOS5? is you iPOD the 3rd generation? anything lower than that is not iOS5 compatible……

  • guest

    can u please tell me, if there is any way i can get ios 5 in iphone 3g

  • Siddh_999

    first of all u have to put iphone in dfu mode have done that

  • Siddh_999

    no need to worry just first download ios 5 then do the updtae

  • Siddh_999

    i think ios 5 for iphone 3gs will it make slow ?

  • Bolloxstabbings

    I’ve downloaded the zip file in the link above but when i extract it and try and select it through redsnow it doesn’t shows as the little ipod cube icon thing? help!

  • Sriram1515

    Hi can anyone pls help me i hav iP4 and it is from UK. i’m in Chennai now will my phone work after updating the ios5 from this website and can the phone be unlocked for using india’ carrier?? pls help me out…

  • AmoonMah

    Yeaaa Mee Too! :/

  • Bkest

    When I upgraded my 3GS to 5.0 I lost all my custom ring tones. I’ve tried reloading them, changing their file type to M4R, they are listed in my I-tunes but won’t sinc w//the phone. Anyone having the same issues what can I do?

  • Roraaa1111

    how does this thing work :( when i cleck Shift+Restore the zipe file doesnt appears! :(
    Plz Help!

  • Sandhiramg

    you should try changing the file name to “ipsw” and the cube should appear

  • Roraaa1111

    sorry but it doesnt appear!

  • Lindsay11201

    I have the same problem i don’t know what to do got any answers?

  • nrgy

    If you downloaded the iOS5 firmware manually and not via iTunes, makes sure that the file name does not have a ZIP extension, if it does, rename the file to ipsw.


    Then go back to iTunes and press SHIFT+RESTORE again and navigate to where you downloaded the newly renamed file.

  • Jawad ul haq

    hey brother my Iphone 3gs 4.2.1 firmware ,ipad baseband 6.15.00 and unlocked with ultrasnow .I m facing Battery Drainage Issues can any 1 help me to get me out of this shit??? ……

  • Amrne01


  • Feistyemmy247

    i upgrade my iphone3gs, and i can’t activate it, nothing is just working on it, it doesn’t even detect my simcard; please what do i do ???

  • Austin Fiona

    I am trying to upgrade my Ipad 2 Wifi to IOS5
    I have downloaded it 5 times and each time it stops just before the total file is downloaded. It gives me an error code -3259
    Pls assist, I am so frustrated.

  • Austin Fiona

    Hi, I have the same problem, but I have Itunes 10.5 and it is telling me the file I have downloaded is not compatible, it does have an ipsw extension.

    If I download straight to Itunes, it times out just before the final bit has downloaded, this has happened 5 times.

    Is there anything else I can try??

  • Rsmisialek

    Try disabling your firewall temporarily before you start download. I tried this and it worked for me.

  • Cptrakesh

    HI i have updated the ios 5 but am using the normal gevey sim will i be able to jailbreak ???

  • Roraaa1111

    yeah i’ve done all of this, but when i start to restore it , itunes tells me that the ipod couldnt be restored because the firmware file is not compatible .. what does that means? -.-
    i mean , what it isnot compatible??

  • Roraaa1111

    why it is not compatible**

  • brian

    I downloaded the firmware, but the actual firmware .ipsw is not in it. Where can I get it?

  • Brian

    just changing it to RESTORE.IPSW does nothing to it. When doing the SHIFT+RESTORE it still don’t see the file even tho I changed the extesion. I there a file inside that is the actual firmware I should be renameing to .IPSW?

  • Roraaa1111

    See ,, go to : organize >Folder And Search options > view > remove the Sign from: “Hide Extensions for Unknow file Types”
    then change it ;) )

  • Jude

    From what I read I am a little afraid to put IOS5 in my iphon4. Will I loose messages???? Backup means that I can put them back again or the update will not touch them? Can anyone inform me about this please?

  • takaya

    thank you….

  • Daniel_sutton

    disable all firewalls and anti virus softwares before downloading the update via itunes

  • Edcom

    I am not able to update my iphone 4 (GSM), i dowloaded the ipsw file and did everything its now giving error 3194

  • Shady3002

    i have same problem please help me to

  • yeahboy

    i download a firmware for an ipad 2 wifi only, i forgot that my ipad 2 has 3g too… hahaha!!!

  • gonuts

    try to update your itunes if you have not done that yet

  • Samanthaweaver6

    Can you download ipsw directly to your iPad 2 that’s not jail broken

  • “Raffa”

    Try to run a restore (via iTunes) that should fix the problem.

  • Mohit11

    I have the same problem it says not compatible. How did you fix it?

  • Mohit11

    I downloaded it for Ipod 3G and whenever i try to restore to it, it says firmware not compatible.. what do i do? I have software version 4.2.1 right now

  • Extract00

    what did you do? i have the same prob… can u help me pls… thx much

  • Kietran1985

    just try, If you don’t try how do you know it work or not.

  • Kiettran1985

    try to restore again. It may help

  • anonimous

    Probably he downloaded the right version later

  • Bhupesh145

    i have tried to upgrade oo5 on my ipad thru itune of my laptop, mt pad screen is black with apple sign and neither getting switched off nor able to do any application. kindly help me

  • I’ve just updated my iPhone 3GS to the new software 5.0.1 now my phone keeps switching itself off helppp

  • Efadreguilan

    I have upgraded my iphone 4 to iOS 5 but since then I am experiencing signal problems. Whenever I am in a place with no signal the phone will just be in ‘searching’ mode even after going to places where signal is strong. And the only way I can have the signal back is by turning the phone off and on again. What can I do? Thanks!

  • Sofian

    Manually backup your iphone4 files and apps. Do complete restore with latest ios5 as if you buy new iphone4. Do not restore from any backup file previously created in itunes. Mine is ok after that but setting need to be done back one by one…

  • Kyle Andrew G

    it’s not compatible with the ipod 3g

  • iphone..

    i have a jailbroken iphone 3gs i was wondering if i update it through itunes will it do anything to the phone? i dont want the jailbreak anymore so im not botherd about that, i just wanna no if it will block it etc? thanks :)

  • Skeenah

    i have updated my iphone 3gs to the new ios iphone 3gs but my sim is saying no service what do i do it was working before i updated it

  • Kay Swiss

    after downloading the file for the iOS 5 what then? cause like none of my item is working

  • None

    shift restore and find ur file

  • None

    after u updated it it’s gone…u are automatically off the hook…use gevey sim from appleberry that will help

  • None

    3gs on ios 5 its like playing starcraft 2 on a laptop….

  • None

    switch to airplane mode instead of turning it off

  • None

    redo u did it wrong do as u normal do then after than download makeitrain then it will fix it

  • Ramshah

    i have downloaded ios 5 but not installing on my ipod touch 4th generation

  • Lmbortnick

    How do I go backwards and reinstall IOS5.0 after installing IOS5.1?

  • Thomas11enator

    this is annoyin me i keep getting different errors and it wont let me upgrade from 4.3.5 to 5.0..

  • ian

    me too i cannot get any custom made ringtones to sync, this is really annoying as in my settings it gives me the option to buy more ringtones, which is a rip off and even if i wanted to buy any they dont have the ones i want, another con from apple!!!!!!

  • Elephant15

    I have a problem downloading and updating it to my iPad 2, It kept on saying “Timed-Out Session”, Even after downloading. Any idea how to resolve this ASAP? Please and thank you.

  • Hameed_wali

    Then Prss shift and click update then find ur save ios file

  • Hameed_wali

    could any body tell me that i installed window 7 in backboard in iphone but now its not able to recover in iphone orignal mode please help if any body know that thanks i will check my post again thanks

  • Abdul

    I f you upgrade to ISO5 from laptop, then I would suggest to update using a desktop computer

  • Abdul

    This has happened to me. Try to connect your I pad to a desktop computer having Itune installed, and then follow the instruction for restoring the software.

  • Abdul

    Try to switch to another computer and preferable to a desktop rather than laptop and give it try.

  • Novaa,

    this doesnt help at all!!! D:<

  • vanilla

    i’m having the same issue… wish i could help but glad i’m not the only one

  • Rodriguezduarte

    i wana feeling…

  • Chogyeltashi

    it sucks.. doesnt work… lets all wait for ios 5.0.2..

  • Rich Northrup

    what is this new software upgrade good for? My phone has never gone slower, I have to reinstall every app I have, and half of it is stuff I wouldnt want on the IPhone anyways. I dont want to be able to be tracked by a satellite and that is all this upgrade seems to want to do by having my location sent. Does anybody have any idea why it makes my phone go so slow?

  • cherrios

    Mine upgraded fine for i4 to OS5.

  • Turdist

    This sucks! I got iOS 5 and now my stupid apps won’t open, my angry birds are not angry !

  • Leighsbrown87

    check your firewall is turned off when downloading the update..i spent a whole day on it and that was the problem!

  • Baseball_guy43

    i go to jailbreak on my ipod 4th gen and it stops during uploading first stage and my screen goes black and doesnt respond and when i go to boot thinking that will fix it, it says unexpected error

  • Anonymous

    apple has the most idiotic idea of an upgrade…

  • Gustin81

    This has got to be one of the most frustrating things to do ever!!! I have tried 4 times now to upgrade and it keeps stopping in the middle of the upgrade and doesn’t say anything to me about why or what!!! UGH!!! This is getting beyond ridiculous I tried upgrading a few months ago and had the same BS I’m lost what AM I DOING WRONG?????

  • Liam

    I wouldn’t bother until they bring a untethered jailbreak out, also preserve your baseband if you want to unlock it or just wait for the Dev team to create unlock for the IOS 5 baseband.

  • Thomas Evensson

    I had the same problem. I found out that the custom ringtones’ original files were missing, so I got them from my other computer and put them i iTunes, then it worked.

  • Darran

    hi im running 4.3.5 and BB 04.10.01 using a Gevey Sim card to unlock… have tried using Sn0wbreeze and Redsn0w to upgrade to iso5 and keep my BB of 04.10… but I keep getting error 3194 in itunes.. i already have a tethered jail break on the phone and always reboot using 4.3.4.

    Any help will be greatly welcome


  • Blake12

    Darran your a faggot whore

  • Darran

    that not very nice thing to say… i was just asking a question

  • Sherrypha

    i use an ipad 2 3g + wifi i downloaded ios5 for wifi but it displays an in compatible error when i try to update it ….. what should i do?

  • Turd

    Thanks. It worked perfect

  • Alanbradley1990

    i am trying to upgrade from 4.3.3 to 5.0 but i keep getting the error 3194 code, ive tried so many different solutions including changing the host file in etc folder and tiny umbrella, im using windows 7, any solutions to my problem? thank you so much

  • Kaldor David

    using iPod touch 3g 8gb and won’t update!! WHY???

  • Leenoven

    Tiny umbrella you must uncheck the cydia thingy to enable full restore:)

  • kolaRa

    PLease how do I upgrate after downloading the ipsw files from your site?… I just need the steps. I’m using an iPad 2

  • Shaihkzahid189

    After updating to ios 5 and i also jailbroken but my ipodtouch 4g still show itune sync failed to install

  • Rygizzt

    how do i update ive downloaded this but dont know how to update onto my i phone 4

  • Manoj Saxena

    Hi I have upgraded my Iphone4 recently bought from Dubai ( An unlocked version), I had a 3G connection from Vodafone whose regular sim I have to cut to size of microsim, everything was fine, I was able to check my mail internet but not able to connect to Itunes/Appstore from my iphone, today after upgrading my phone to version 5.0.1 my internet connection is gone, it says you “you are not subscribed to cellular data service” where as prior to upgrade everything was fine except itune/app store connectivity. Please help me out of this, Can I downgrade my sfotware back to original one that was installed on my iphone4, and how to do it.

  • Knarlykarlie87

    i have the same problem

  • Djmemo

    Gsm is for at&t rite??/

  • Pp


  • Upinderjeets

    Firstly can I start of by saying I am extremely annoyed. Okay so I am having trouble activating my iPhone after the iOS 5 upgrade! (5.0.1)

    Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this, but I couldn’t find an email address for support, and I am really quite fed up with the whole situation!

    I got a pre-owned iPhone 3GS for Christmas from ebay. And as we got home yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade to the new iOS 5 firmware… How wrong I was.

    5 hours its been since I upgraded my iPhone, 5 hours of looking for solutions as to why my iPhone wouldn’t connect to my carrier.

    “Slide to set up”

    “English” Next

    “United Kingdom” Next

    “Enable Location Services” Next

    “Choose a Network…” select my wifi, Next

    “Activating your iPhone”…”It may take up to three minutes to activate your iPhone”

    ….but it do nothing
    plz help….

  • Paul Burrows

    hey I had this EXACT problem… turns out it had a 3g not 3gs. are you sure its not a 3g you have?

    if you’re not sure try downloading the 3g ipsw and jailbreak using this!!!

  • Lucas

    Hey , someone can help me ? i have a Ipod Touch 3g , with the 4.2.1 firmware and jailbreak, i’m trying to restore and update to iOS 5, i’ve downloaded 3 times the iOS from different sites, and when i select the iOS 5 ( with shift + click on restore ) a pop up open saying that the firmware isn’t compatible. what i need to do ? my itunes is the latest one, and i use windows 7 ( i tryed everything, change the usb, turn off the virus protection, open the itunes as admin.. ) HELP PLEASE

  • Tesler230

    try to reboot or restore..

  • Tesler230

    dude go to youtube type : ipad jailbreak 5.0.1/5.0

  • BeastMode

    Hey , someone can help me ? i have a Ipod Touch 3g , with the 4.2.1 firmware and jailbreak, i’m trying to restore and update to iOS 5, i’ve downloaded 3 times the iOS from different sites, and when i select the iOS 5 ( with shift + click on restore ) a pop up open saying that the firmware isn’t compatible. what i need to do ? my itunes is the latest one, and i use windows 7 ( i tryed everything, change the usb, turn off the virus protection, open the itunes as admin.. ) HELP PLEASE

  • Khatrina_kamhil

    hey guys, i just bought an ipod touch 5g do you have any links there where i could download a firmware for that, i cant find any. ls

  • mazemn

    hi, I have iphone 4 with ios 4.3.3 and working gevey sim, recently i updated via itunes ios 5 and lost my unlock what should i do help please? Is there any unlock avialable?

  • Sharon97527

    Grrrrr. i updated my ipad 1 to ios 5 now it wont charge!!!! any suggestions??

  • Hussain

    hi I already solve this problem after one day.
    if u still not find solution just tell me.

  • Tradersam

    renamed .zip to .ipsw, followed steps, got “unrecognised build”. Suggestions?

  • IOS junkie

    3G is not able to take the update. minimum is 3GS. your stuck with the 4.x.x updates.
    if you want IOS5, you will have to spend some $ for a new iphone. (3gs or better)

  • Mgin1760

    I up-dated my I-pad1 to ios5 and all my video files are gone. Help!

  • tman2

    I have an iphone that says it needs a carrier supported sim card. can i get it to work without a sim? is this what jailbreaking a phone is? how do i do it? sorry if i seem slow…

  • Mahesh_patelad

    i had facing same problem ane my i phone 3gs not working after update of ios 5 version and my 3gs start serching network tower and sinsert simcard error too yaar.

  • zizanio

    if i update my ipod touch 4g to ios 5 i would can jailbreak it?pls help thnx

  • Fabiocorts16

    I have the exact same problem as Upinderjeets, the same way he described it it happened to me, how did u get this fixed????? I need help :(

  • Karleynmaddyforeva

    my ipod touch wont open the apps that i got in the itunes store but everything else works. can someone help me?

  • NMAXi

    rename file to .ipsw format

  • Thameem M Ahamed

    brother I am Thameem Plz give me your phone number ….plzz…..

  • Ryaan

    my ipod touch wont open the all apps ?plz help thnx

  • Sami


  • mexzo

    wat r the steps to update my 3gs to ios5 from ios4.1

  • Anonymous

    hi members
    do u know why the itunes v10 stops before ending installation (( saying windows installer error contact ur system admin ) )
    2- after unziping the redsn0w 0.9.10b3 where is the set up file exe to run to install cydia which folder ?
    please reply by email

  • Apocopenguin

    when I download firm where it comes out as a winRAR file, could some HELP ME please!

  • shawn

    i doawnloaded (ios for ipad2 gsm) but itunes cannoot istale it on my ipad?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hamzah

    Tou right click and rename is to a .ipsw instead of .zip

  • Hamzahrmalik

    Open redsn0w then click extras. Click selct ipsw. Then briwse to the ios 5 ipsw file and select it then it will cone up with a message saying sonething about ipsw being used for the session. Click okay. Then go back, click jailbreak and try again

  • Guest

    Update to your recent software:)

  • Nick

    I downloaded iOS 5.0, but when it’s on my PC as .zip, i renamed it to .ipsw and it’s still a zip, and itunes won’t read it, ideas?

  • Luc12311

    change it in propreties

  • Donald Duck

    Your touch 4g ios doesn’t work

  • Gino Araullo

    Next time, Csn you guys PLEASE Sort of compress the file, On my Computer it says 5Hours remaining, can you guys compress it or turn it into another format and tell us how to unformat it or change the file format so we can download at a faster rate

  • murali

    hai i am from india in tamil Nadu .i am useing iphone 4 its is possible to install jailBreak software……….and any problem will come to iphone pls help me

  • mark

    how can i put ios 5 back on my iphone 4

  • Liam

    Faggot it’s still a 4G just because its white doesn’t mean it’s a 5G!

  • Dreds76

    How do you do you download the IOS 5 on the iPad

  • Adk

    thanks for you ‘-’

  • Kathy

    I got the most recent update for my I pad and now I cannot take videos. Help

  • Tiffle Iffle

    my bf just bricked two of my G.D. phones doing this….r they effing ruined?