iOS & Android Beat Sony & Nintendo In Portable Gaming

by Adeel Qayum on November 10, 2011

Mobile analytics firm Flurry reported on Wednesday that trend of portable gaming is shifting from dedicated devices to smartphones and other multipurpose devices. According to results compiled by Flurry from NPD market research, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile OS will take up for almost 58% of portable gaming revenue in the United States for 2011, this is the complete opposite of what was happening in 2010 where Nintendo owned the same percentage of market share.

The data for 2011 is based on estimated of the last two months, however, the increasing growth in gaming on smartphones the actual statistics might remain the same. The ability to download somewhat free games or very cheap games to pass time surely casual gaming trend would have been expected to rise in the smartphones. Furthermore the ability to purchase new titles or read reviews about them from the ease of your hand held device who would want to go out and look for expensive game titles. Don’t forget the huge success of angry birds!

Nintendo’s decision not to make their games available on multiple platform might eventually hurt the company. Sony has already realized the situation and is now working on providing the same aspects of a smartphone to its portable gaming devices. Furthermore the recent Sony Ericsson release of an gaming smartphone named the Xperia Play will also be a good asset towards the smartphone gaming industry.

(Via MacRumors)

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    It depends on your definition of “portable gaming”. And until iPhone has a solid method of receiving and output tactile button clicks, it’ll always just be gyroscopes or slide finger type ‘games’.

  • Tanz58

    The first sentence told me how stupid this article is. Data from 2 months and people are ready to declare iOS and Android winners? Christmas is coming.

  • Tanz58

    First sentence of the second paragraph that is. Hah