iPad 3 Parts Leaked Suggesting New Redesign

by Ibadullah Khan on December 16, 2011

It was only day before yesterday when we have reported that iPad 3 is apparently releasing in three to four months. But a new website named TVC-Mail has appeared with some leaked iPad 3 part. The leaked part seems to be a replacement for the microphones on the iPad 3, the image of the microphone (which you can see below) is a major overhaul on the iPad 3 as compared to the current iPad 2.

iPad 3 leak parts

We may not necessarily a major change in the internal parts of iPad 3, but definitely there will be faster CPU which is dubbed as A6-chip, dual-mode wireless chip for both CDMA and GSM along with much more higher RAM. iPad 3 is more rumoured to get external overhaul which means a completely redesigned look.

At this point, it’s difficult to tell you guys any appropriate date for the iPad 3 release but some reports are claiming that iPad 3 is about to launch in February, other report says that mid-summer will be the exact date for the launch. Nevertheless, whenever the next-generation iPad or iPad 3 is releasing it will be rumoured to be much thicker which higher resolution and graphics.

Please note that the leaked part of this iPad 3 can’t guarantee a release date neither they are claimed to be real, but it looks like the next iPad 3 is going to be similar. Just take this leak part as a mock-up and don’t expect too much as Apple always comes up with a surprise. If you would like to know more about this leaked microphone then head over to the provided link above.

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  • Msaint

    Much thicker? I doubt it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rahul.nishu Rahul Chawla

    bulshit , same rumours came for iphone 5 , no one seen it , anyway this photo is crap doesn’t prove anything …

  • Bhonsidi Ke

    teri maa ki choot