iPhone 4S VS iPhone 4 In A Speed Test (VIDEO)

by Ahmed Omar on October 14, 2011

YouTube user Eurosausage posted a new video comparing the new and powerful iPhone 4S to the 2010 iPhone 4. The video shows how much is the iPhone 4S faster in opening apps and other things.

Apps launching task is not the only way to show how much is the dual-core & powerful A5 processor faster but at least some users are getting the iPhone 4S to “open apps faster”.

The iPhone 4S is available today in 7 countries across all Apple stores. The iPhone 4S was announced over a week ago at Apple’s Lets Talk iPhone event at Apple Town Hall in Cupertino, California.

We’ve already showed you that the iPhone 4S fixes the death grip problem. Also showed today, an iPhone 4S unboxing video which is your guide to unbox your iPhone correctly.

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  • V8v-web

    woww , but there is no a big different between 4 and 4s .

  • Betatester030

    2-4 sec faster apps and -8h battery..GZ!! NOT!

  • Cumanzor

    no offense, but the speed difference is not a plus, I will stay with my Iphone 4 for a few years.

    Who needs that extra speed? I have a portable web server with php on my phone and i can still do a lot of things.

  • Parasxos

    Not only there is no mention-able to the user difference… iPhone4 has also worst WiFi signal (2/3). Instead iPhone 4S has full WiFi signal at the test. Moreover, iPhone 4 battery last longer than iPhone 4S.. check Tech Specs in Apple site!!

  • Hecomez

    I compare my 3GS IOS5 jailbreak and unlock with the video, 1 to 2 seconds vs Iphone 4. It really feel fast. At least fast enough to me…

  • http://twitter.com/klokandrey Andrey Kloka

    Yeah i agree with Cumanzor, its looks like its only up to one second faster, my life will not change with this increased speed