Recovering Data from a Dead or Erased Harddrive

by nanopitech on October 18, 2012

So you had some data on your hard drive but somehow or the other your hardrives does not work, or has been formatted? No worries, this tutorial will guide you on the ways you can recover your data.

 Note: We cannot guarantee the success of any method, however they have been used and they do work. In some cases all might be lost. (fire damage is a big no at times)

First things First
You will need an external hard drive case; SATA/IDE to USB cable or USB drive enclosure or a dock or anything to connect your harddrive to your computer.
Also make sure there is no physical damage on your Hardrive, damaged pins, dents, or anything like that can prove to make the process much difficult, but let’s get started for now.

Step Number 2
Acquire a good data recovery software such as:

  • Recuva: It’s free, made for windows, and it’s simple and easy. If you only want to browse and restore selected files then this is a great option.
  • FileSalvage: This is for the OS X and costs $80. Its also one of the best softwares for revovery and its ability to recover from damaged drives and corrupt media is exceptional.
  • TestDisk: It’s free and is a multi-platform software which needs to be run through command line. It’s pretty fast but lacks the click and save use of use that is offered by software’s with GUI.
  • Bootable Linux distros for drive recovery: You could try burning a bootable CD or USB key with BackTrack, Bart PE, or SpinRite on it and then use them to boot to a harddrive that is not your primary drive.

The softwares are pretty easy to use except the last two options, and anyone who can follow instructions can use those tools, however if all these fail, please move on to step 3.

Step Number 3
If all else fails then the only option a person with little technological knowledge is left with is to go to an expert and have them open up your harddrive and give you back your precious data. They employ a number of techniques and the thing is they charge a lot and if you think your data is worth all the money you should go for it.

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