Siri Is About To Get a New Boss Called William Stasior

by nanopitech on October 18, 2012

AllThingsD has reported that Apple wants William Stasior to handle Siri. William Stasior is an Executive
at Amazon, and read on to understand why in the world they need him to start working with Siri.

The report from AllThingsD says that Stasior is taking control of Siri at a very important time. Siri was
taken over by Apple in 2010 and it lost both its Co-Founders in the previous year. The product has been
under much criticism as it has had problems with being accurate. Apple’s competitors have started
coming up with their own voice operated assistants.

This new recruitment from Apple may have what it takes to make Siri a lot better and keep it ahead of
the competition. Stasior has focused his career by working on new search technologies, and this will
help him in helping Apple to make Siri into a proper assistant that gives relevant results.

If all works out well, Stasior could take Apple to new levels if they turn siri into a full mobile search
engine. They have what it takes to give some real competition to Google.

Going forward, Stasior could also be instrumental if Apple chooses to turn Siri into a full-fledged mobile
search product that customers use instead of Google.

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