Siri Ported Successfully To The iPhone 4 (VIDEO)

by Ahmed Omar on October 15, 2011

Yesterday, we told you some excellent news that Siri feature is not made only for A5 devices. Today, we’ve got more and more good news! Siri has been ported successfully to the iPhone 4. The jailbreak hackers didn’t made the port but someone else..

Steven Troughton-Smithan iOS developer, has been working with 9to5mac to make the port of Siri from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4. He was able to get the beginning steps of a full port rolling after installing the iPhone 4S Siri and Springboard files onto an iPhone 4.

Below is a video showing the iPhone 4 with Siri working good:

Siri on the iPhone 4 can recognize the same commands as the iPhone 4S.  The problem is:

You may notice Siri and the iPhone 4 acting very sluggish in the above video. The issue here is not Siri, but is that a special GPU driver for iPhone 4 is needed; and it is obviously not included in the iPhone 4S binary cache – where the Siri files are located.

However, the developer posted a new video showing Siri improved on the iPhone 4:

Currently, the site is working hard with the developer to get Siri working perfect on the iPhone 4. Also a couple of hackers are still trying to the do port. You may want to stay tuned!

UPDATE: For those (in comments) who’re not believing that the above videos show Siri working on the iPhone 4, we’ve got more photos and a video proofing that Siri is ported on Apple’s iPhone 4.

The video was an early-port of Siri, that’s why it’s slow. You might want to see the second video to check the high performance. (Thanks Matt for sending this in!)

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  • Youngbloodcaleb

    Why was his iPhone 4 so slow?

  • Balida Hamida

    what about 3gs ??????????

  • Rhys Cable


  • Rhys Cable

    The A-4 is like OH SHIT , and siri is like MAN What i be doing here. (explanation)

  • Rhys Cable

    Cas it will basically BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF IT!

  • Test

    I want SIRI for iPad :-)

  • Settlespider

    Stupid fuck YOUR IPHONE 4 Sucks Bloody working so slow

  • Hanif Simpson

    The iPhone 4 is definitely more than capable of running Siri smoothly. Also, even the 3GS might be able to run it smoothly being that the iPhone 4 is clocked approximately 200mhz faster which shouldn’t be that noticeable in speed and intuitiveness.

  • Raimonds

    When Siri final tweeks expected to iPhone 4???

  • Paul

    When can everyone have it in own iphones 4?

  • Apple user

    when will it be available on cydia?

  • Akram Pc3corporate

    i cant wait

  • Jordan

    It amazes me how so many people seem to be too lazy to read the post, let alone watch the second video and then comment about the lag due to GPU drivers. Thats all I wanted to say.

  • Activemind

    Thank you so much for the amazing effort…can’t wait for it to release on the iPhone 4.

  • Aqibi2000

    You constipated, retarded peice of shit; please kindly shut the fuck up and troll else where.
    (Andriod forums maybe?, oh wait you prob can’t even afford one of those either)


  • Hmm

    Why was it T-mobile on the first video and At&T on the seconed one?

  • Observer

    Seriously??? the video is showing a iPhone 4S not a regular iPhone 4!!!! I Hate when someone make this kind of videos full os sh… If you look the upper side of the phone (right above the speaker) you will see another aperture that iPhone 4 does not have… only 4S has it… so please don’t spread the word on silly videos like this

  • Aqibi2000

    NO !! That is iPhone 4! There isn’t an extra antenna marking by the silent switch like there is on all iPhone 4′s!



  • Jlaalja

    Wait a sec… Look above the camera and speaker… That sensor is unique to the 4S isn’t it?

  • Anne O’Nemous

    Actually, I have an iPhone 4, and the aperture you have pointed out is the proximity sensor. It is not able to be seen on a black iPhone, but it is on the white iPhone 4. (I assume you are talking about the aperture above the ear speaker, not at the phone speaker which is along the bottom edge next to the charging port).

  • Nikik_mtl

    and you are like WOMAN I NEED SOME SHIT!

  • LoLWuT

    The Iphone 4 don’t have the thing above the speaker…. fake isn’t it ???

  • Monique

    No, the sensor is not unique to the 4S. But in a black iPhone 4 it doesn´t appears, but you can find it in all white iPhone 4.

  • Ashish

    hey this is iphone 4 and not 4s…the proximity sensor is present both in 4 nd 4s but you will be able to see that clearly only in white models…pls have a good chck over your black iphone 4 and u can find this proximity sensor…. i am cent perc sure its iphone 4 coz see the antenna design luk just above the silent key there is not that black strip as in iphone4s.

  • Kieran Stevens

    it is the iPhone 4 because it had cydia on the device iPhone 4s does’t have cydia duh

  • Raghav Gupta

    i want Siri for mac man.
    it will be like Jarvis altogether..XD

  • DS

    Enough of the photos and videos. Gives it to us already! Where are the untethered iOS5 jb?? and Siri for iPhone 4??? Cmon!

  • Aqibi2000



  • Christian

    your name is ironic cuz apparently you cant observe for shit
    look at the antenna markings..

  • Christian

    fakecarrier app?

  • J Aguirre86

    any timeline on when it will be available to everybody else??

  • Thengwei

    when will it be released?

  • iPhone 4S User

    I hope it will never be available to iPhone 4 users. SCREW YOUS!!! I HAVE iPhone 4S!!!! HAHAHAHA

    Like this post if you hate me ;)

  • M.agwl

    Will it b available only for ios 5 or even for 4.3.5????as i have unlocked my iphone and don’t plan to upgrade as it is GEVEY UNLOCK.

  • Saragani

    Yeah, but as much as I know off, the speech recognition still doesn’t work (I’ve read it on several places). The Siri UI is the only thing that does work (And you can see in the videos that in no place he shows that Siri actually works).

  • Abubakr Raza

    am using Ios 5 on gevey sim.. preserve ur baseband before updating and gevey works :)

  • Mike Lunge

    Some people make me laugh, “give us it now” they are having issues with siri talking to the apple server, would you like for them to “give you it now” without running tests on it only for your UDID to get blocked by apple or worse for you to get sue’d? Good things come to those who wait. U should be thankful that these people are taking the time to even port it for you in the first place! if you can’t wait buy a 4s!

  • Plowdow


  • Youmumma

    Good work so far, but if it’s not fully working ie not talking to apple servers.
    Then it’s not ‘successfully’ ported yet.

  • Jlaalja

    Gotcha! That last vid convinced me! Can’t wait! Thanks!

  • Bansheerider350twin

    it is a iphone 4 there is no dashes above the silent and volume button.
    learn your stuff before you talk

  • sthandi

    how we know that was i phone4 or 4s?

  • Guest

    it has the old antennagate so it is the iphone 4 for gsm. also, the carrier is tmobile and there aren’t any unlocks for the iphone 4s yet

  • Nagyonzene4

    He’s going to be fired for sure…

  • Cody


  • Mix

    iphone 4′s have one black bar on each side, 4S ‘ have two on each side

  • Aqibi2000

    Already said this earlier

  • Ayman Ahmed

    do i have to update my ios to get siri i have iphone 4 on ios 4.1

  • n0sch

    so….why were these all uploaded (or linked) from differnt youtube accounts?

  • hailst0rm

    This isn’t true.. my Verizon iPhone 4 has two black bars.

  • kenneth


  • ash

    i have the iphone 4 and am dieing to get siri

  • Ash

    how can i get siri or when will you guess release the jailbreak for siri

  • Criss

    When can we get Siri for iPhone 4?

  • M.agwl

    what baseband do u have??mine is 04.10.01……n how did u do it?means i wanna know the procedure..

  • Backstabbing_jew

    I actually found his comment to be more constructive than yours. I have more respect for him than you for the un-gentleman-like language.

  • Person wa7ed

    look at the fucking potos

  • Fahd Bin Iqbal

    i am also using iso 5 and before that i use to have iso 4.3.5 with baseband 04.10.01.. i have preserved my baseband using redsnow latest version.. u just need to make custom IPSW datz all and it also help u to preserve ur baseband.. so den juz plug ur iphone to ur computer and “shift” “update”.. den ur iphone ll install iso 5 by preserving ur baseband 04.10.01 :) .. later on u can jailbreak ur device but remember that ll be tethered jailbreak.. and then the gevey works like a charm :) ..

  • Ek

    Hey Guys
    i’ve got an iphone 4 running on ios 4.3.5 (i never upgraded it . it came with 4.3.5) and i want to jailbreak it Unthetered so should i downgrade it if yes then how or hsould i wait for ios 5 or anything else please help ?

  • Bnasty380

    more than likely

  • Yoklan123

    If your iPhone came with 4.3.5 you can’t downgrade it since you probably do not have any SHSH Blobs saved from earlier firmwares. You only hope is to wait for iOS 5 Unthetered jailbreak.

  • Yoklan123

    If your iPhone came with 4.3.5 you can’t downgrade it since you probably do not have any SHSH Blobs saved from earlier firmwares. You only hope is to wait for iOS 5 Unthetered jailbreak.

  • Waqar Mangrio

    plz tell me how can i install siri on my iphone 4…???

  • Andrew Gaston0

    My iPhone 4 has 2 black lines on both sides …

  • Jay Ram

    I want siri in iphone 4 wanna have a good laugh

    like siri where is the g spot? LMAO! check out siricrazy . com

  • Asher Khan

    look guys!! people who cant upgrade save SHSH blobs then downgrade to 4.3.3 then upgrade to IOS 5, it worked for me, and SIRI will be coming this week!! just found Out!!!, AND 3GS USERS DONT WAIT FOR UNTHETERED JAILBREAK!!, IT WILL BE ALL READY UNTHETERED USING “Snowbreeze” not “redsn0w”

  • Ameesh

    i have unlocked my iPhone 4 using gevey sim, currently running on iOS 5 by preserving its baseband using redsnow. So i would like to know if its possible if i can too port siri on my iPhone 4 using the same steps as mentioned for jailbreak iPhone 4 running on iOS 5, is it??

  • Claudio

    I have ported Siri on m ipod touch 4 and it isnt slow at all but Siri dont connect to apple servers

  • Bcbarrs

    redsnow no longer works so can anyone tell me how to jailbreak and install siri