“Steve Jobs – Billion Dollar Hippy” One Hour Video Here (BBC)

by Ahmed Omar on December 18, 2011

BBC documentary “Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy” one hour video has just showed up on YouTube and can be watched directly here. Although the documentary has a dumb name, it is worth to watch.

Steve Jobs – Billion Dollar Hippy

It features classic footage of Steve Jobs and interviews with a variety of Apple execs and industry leaders as Wozniak, John Sculley, Andy Hertzfeld, Tim Berners-Lee, Avie Tevanian, and many more.

The videos may have been posted on YouTube in some illegal way so it might be pulled any time now. In case you had chance watching it, share me what do you think below!

(Hat tip goes to OSXDaily)

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  • DillPickle

    I can’t watch a video on Steve jobs for a hour I didn’t like him only his phone I watched a short clip on news about he didn’t think he needed to shower and people couldn’t stand to be near him

  • Tina

    Yea I seen that lady said he smelled so bad she had felt like she was going to vomit

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id= Johnny Lee Stewart

    Steve we miss you, apple is going to go bankrupt because your not there to help it just like it was before when you were out the game for 11 years :( thats a shame because i love apple product liine so without you im not upgrading my macboook, imac, iphone 4, or my ipod touch 4g because your not here. So much for spending over 5000 dollars old ffreind.

    OSX Lion 10.7.2-is AWESOME

  • Guest

    These comments are making me vomit.