iOS ’86 Theme Is Finally Available – Download Now

by Rania Abdin on February 24, 2012

Couple of days ago, we knew about a new theme concept taking the look of a 1986 MAC computer by the designer Anton Repponen. Today an author named AR7 created the ’86 theme that will give your new iOS Device the old and classic mac interface. Thanks to jailbreaking, you can do whatever you want [...]


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iOS Replaced By Windows? No! It’s Just A Cool Theme

by Adeel Qayum on November 11, 2011

Now with the latest GUI, Max Nedorezov has released a new Windows theme which can be used to trick your friends. It is a theme that can be customized internally and works very well with DreamBoard. The Russian developer has released two different versions for this theme. For retina displays, Windows Vista HD is used while Windows [...]

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How To Make Your iPhone Look Like Kindle Fire With This Cool Theme (VIDEO)

by Ahmed Omar on November 5, 2011

Previously, we were able to get OS X theme, Blackberry theme and more on our iPhone but we didn’t get a Kindle Fire one. Today, you can truly make your iPhone look like Google’s Kindle Fire. Now available in Cydia, a dreamboard theme brings Kindle Fire for iPhone.


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OS X Lion Ultimatum Theme Brings OS X Lion On iOS (Video Review)

by Ahmed Omar on September 10, 2011

Post image for OS X Lion Ultimatum Theme Brings OS X Lion On iOS (Video Review)

It’s the one that most of you have been waiting for, a mobile version of OS X Lion on iPhone. Coming soon to your iPhone near you, OS X Lion Ultimatum theme. This is quite simply the best theme created for the iPhone. Period! OS X Lion Ultimatum is the most accurate, best looking, and [...]


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