Taiwan asks Apple to blur imagery of early-warning radar facility in Maps app

by nanopitech on October 10, 2012

, a Turkish website just reported last month that the county’s national security was at risk since Apple Maps were showing high resolution images of sensitive locations. A maximum security prison was in clear view and when compared with Google maps it was seen that it was obscured since Google is known to do that upon requests. Other sensitive locations were discovered on Apple maps as well and hence Taiwan has asked Apple to take appropriate steps as Taiwan’s early warning radar station could be seen as well.

“Taiwan is asking Apple Inc. to blur a map image of its new $1.4 billion early warning radar station… The 10-storey high radar installation built with U.S. technology is expected to go online later this year. It’s near the Hsinchu Airbase in northern Taiwan.”

As per the report, Taiwan Defense military spokesperson David Lo said: “Apple should follow its rival Google in using only low-resolution satellite pictures.” The Associated Press said the facility is located near Hsinchu Airbase in northern Taiwan and will be used for monitoring aircrafts, missiles, and determining speed for targets “coming from as far as western China.”

That should have hit Apple like anything, they certainly won’t like being told to follow a rival but in this case. they will have to.

Reports point out that the imagery that is being used for the location was taken a year ago. Images around the Hsinchu Airbase in Apple’s maps app at this moment seems to be obscured. However, it is unknown when Apple did it or where the radar facility is located. When compared with Google maps, the area around the base appears to be clearer.


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