This iPad 2 Display Dock Might Be The One You’re Looking For!

by Ahmed Omar on October 27, 2011

So you go to an Apple store in your area and see the iPad in a great and flexible dock. Today, we’ve a new iPad 2 display dock that is similar to the ones in Apple stores. This iPad 2 display dock is a perfect solution for businesses that use their iPad’s as advertising displays.

The iPad 2 Countertop Display rotates in all directions and allows you to put your iPad 2 either in portrait or in landscape one. The iPad 2 Display Dock will make you the envy off all your friends who bought inferior stands.

Official description:

Turn your iPad 2 into a powerful advertising tool for your business or organization with our new iPad 2 Countertop Display. Our new Countertop Display rotates 360 degrees and can stand in both the portrait or landscape position making it ideal for presentations and advertisements.

The new Countertop Display secures to the surface with tamper-proof screws to prevent removal. The 1″ clear acrylic frame securely holds the iPad 2 and provides slots for the charging cable, earphones and on/off switch. The 3/16″ clear cover holds the iPad 2 within the unit and secures with Torx tamper-proof screws. Depending on your preference, you can flip the outer cover to prevent or allow access access to the home button.

The Countertop Display dock is available for $99.95 but believe me, it’s worth to buy.

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