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by Ahmed Omar on October 4, 2011

IMPORTANT: This is 2011 event, you can watch 2012 event on our new site here.

So we’re almost here! Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone event is just few hours from now and everyone is very excited. Although Apple is not live streaming the iPhone 5 event online, many blogs will be covering the event on their live blogs and there’s already a live streaming.. but not from Apple.

iPhone 4S

Here’s the deal now: Apple today may launch both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is for AT&T and Verizon while the iPhone 5 will be launched exclusively on Sprint, as reported yesterday.

Apple will of course launch the iOS 5 and iCloud service for the public. iOS 5 GM will be seeded first to developers then it will be out for public usually after a week.

In case you don’t know your timezone yet for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S event, here’s the most important timezones:

  • 07:00AM – Hawaii
  • 10:00AM – Pacific
  • 11:00AM – Mountain
  • 12:00PM – Central
  • 01:00PM – Eastern
  • 06:00PM – London
  • 07:00PM – Paris
  • 09:00PM – Moscow
  • 02:00AM – Tokyo (October 5th)

Timezones of all countries and cities can be found here.

Below is the list of blogs where you can watch Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone event live:

You can also watch the event live directly from UStream live below:

Don’t forget to take a look on our post where there is everything expected from Apple to announce tonight. Stay tuned during the event as we’ll be covering everything on CydiaHelp.

UPDATE: The iPhone 4S announced.

UPDATE: Everything you need to know about the iPhone 4S can be found here.

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  • E Johanes

    Apple said there will be no live stream…

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    will ios 5 release after the event?

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    thot we are having a live stream of the apple event instead of 3 guys’ live talk show?

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    come on dudes!, i want to see the event …

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    are you telling us what is happening at the launch……………please answer

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    according to swedish newspaper (my country), apple will not allow any livestreams

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    so is iphone 5 going straight to sprint??

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    Is anybody seeing anything ??????

  • Cheznol

    If you got the the purchased area at the iTunes store, select any song you have purchased and you can download it to all of your devices with just one click.

  • Sreenathrns

    ios5 on oct 12

  • Cheznol

    “Now when you create a new document in pages on your iPad, it will automatically get backed up to the iCloud. Then you can access it from your iphone whenever you want.”

  • Cheznol

    iCloud will be available on October 12th.

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  • Dkvidbv

    give us the video again! please!!!! i love you

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    Seems like they have fixed the antenna problem, notice the line around the phone, it has more breaks along it then the old one

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    so no iphone5?

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    you have don a good job lads from Chris Liverpool. @saphier247

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