Best Jailbreak Tweaks Ever For Your Newly Jailbroken iPhone 4S

by Ahmed Omar on January 20, 2012

The Absinthe jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1 is now officially out. Now you’ve jailbroken your device, you’ll of course need to download some jailbreak tweak from Cydia that are useful for your device. In this post, we’re showing the best and most important jailbreak tweaks you’ll ever need for your new device.


Almost all of you know know this Cydia app! SBSettings is my #1 jailbreak tweak. Once I jailbreak my device, I immediately download and install SBSettings on my new device. It adds options to turn on/off 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi and even more functions. Just open Cydia then download it to see yourself.


That one is very important too. iFile makes the folders on your iPhone visible. It’s like the Founder of your iPhone. You can use it for several functions. You can see all your folders, compressed files, bookmark folders and more.


Since the iPhone and all Apple devices don’t support bluetooth file transfer with other devices, Celeste brings this function to you. For $9.99 from Cydia Store, you’ll be able to transfer files with all other devices than Apple like Nokia, Samsung and even various laptop kinds.

Springtomize 2

This tweak get the most out of iOS 5. If you’re using a new iPhone 4S, you’ll surely need a tweak like this. With Springtomize 2, you can customize almost every aspect of your iOS device. For $2.99 only, Springtomize 2 saves you about $20 on Cydia tweaks that are integrated into it. Hit this post for a video walkthrough.


This tweak makes me want to jailbreak anything in my hand! IntelliScreenX, a tweak developed by IntelliBorn team, is a must have jailbreak tweak which makes iOS 5 notification center in the right way. Available for $9.99, it adds a lot of functions to your notification center. A video walkthrough posted here.


CallBar is a jailbreak tweak developed by the iPhone developer Limneos that allows you to improve the way you receive phone calls. CallBar re-designs the incoming phone and video call interface to allow you to use your device while it’s ringing and during the call. It costs $3.99. More coverage and video posted here.


When you jailbreak your iPhone, Activator comes with it. It allows you to activate anything from any place on your iPhone. It’s a free Cydia tweak and is pre-installed with the jailbreak. SBSettings uses Activator to be activated when swiping the status bar.

WinterBoard and DreamBoard

Those two jailbreak tweaks allows you to theme your iPhone and customize the interface. With Winterboard, you can get a lot of themes that can be found easily on Cydia. DreamBoard contains more stable and amazing themes like OS X Ultimatum and BlackBerry theme. Make sure to get them.

InfiniDock and OverFlow

Once installed both tweaks, I’m sure you’ll have then the best iPhone dock ever. InfiniDocks allows you to add multiple icons to your dock and it lets you scroll through them as you would pages on your springboard. While OverFlow gives your dock an awesome “Cover Flow” style. Check this post for more info about them.

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  • Dasdasdas

    but i cant jailbreak my 4S cuz im an windows user… damn

  • Dissapoint

    too bad i can’t even attempt this shady jailbreak because 1. there is no windows release 2. it would probably screw up my phone before i could even open cydia.

    dream team, sort this stuff out! much love.

  • Nigs

    Hurry up windowssssss

  • Release

    Where do u get roms for iPhone and tethering for iPhone

  • Spoilt Brat


  • SolYip

    Windows windows windows!!!!

  • Enr_g

    WTB Windows download!

  • Troler

    Jail-broken on all Mac products. You want the JB but won’t pay for quality Mac computers? You deserve the wait.

  • mogril

    a mac is a £2000 decoration, nothing “quality” about it, get real.

  • J.Teigland

    Celeste Bluetooth File sharing is NOT iOS5 ready, coacoanutapps are NOT responding to requests from customers (as opposed to serious developers). Celeste is a great tool when it works – unfortunately the developers is not known for their ‘customer care’. A great shame for those of us that shelled out $9.99 :(

  • Tyler Rich

    why dont you guys just use mac osx in a virtual box?? thats what i did and i have windows!

  • John

    I tried that with VMware didnt work. Which version of Mac os??

  • kev

    How to i install “tweaks” with the drillgun?

  • Carterja

    you just named off $40+ worth of apps. maybe mention more free useful tweaks…

  • Noone Important

    get over yourself, some people actually use it for something productive and it’s of BETTER use to them than a Windows. If some idiots bought it for it to be a $2000 decoration, than it’s their fault, people do worst things. so stop posting stupid shit like this on a page showing jailbreak TWEAKS!-.-

  • Malott72

    That’s why there are additional sources like Hackstor, Xsellize, and iphonerepo.. they hack the hackers so to speak..

  • Leigh Kennedy

    Hmm… Let me see…
    When I was a PC, I had issues with Windows itself giving unprovoked errors and not to mention ALWAYS having problems.

    I switched to being a Mac and I’ve had hardly any problems whatsoever and I hardly use Windows anymore. Any problems I do get are covered by Apple for free anyway.

    I remember Microsoft telling that they’ll charge me $300.00 for “Level 3 Tech Support” and I only wanted to know why Outlook 2011 crashed at startup on a freshly installed Windows 7

  • Leigh Kennedy

    Go figure. I have iOS 5.1 beta 3 and now I must wait even longer for them to figure out a working Jailbreak for my iPhone 4S. Which is most likely way after the release of iOS 5.1 GM.

    So suck it up PC because I have to wait longer…

  • Samy2212

    can umlock i phone4 ios5 4.11.8 hlep me pls

  • Melissahogan

    I jail broke my iPad 2 with jalbreakme when it came out before iOS 5. How do I save all my Cydia tweaks, apps, and settings to upgrade to iOS 5 then re-jailbreak it? Or is there something I’ve missed?

  • youngwayneondemhoes

    Jailbreak release for iPhone 4s released yet?

  • Joao Lopes

    I think there should be a list specifically made for the ipad2, this callbar tweak for example just can’t work on it. And it’s not the first post that shows this fault. Just a tip, in case you want to get cydiahelp followers that own an ipad more satisfied.

  • Timothy Griskus

    Did you bother to read that they specifically said NOT to upgrade to 5.1 if you planned on jail breaking? If you bothered to pay attention instead of grabbing the beta of 5.1 you could probably be jailbroken now.

  • Daboiskittz17


  • I dont have a legal name

    But it did say ‘For your newly jailbroken iphone 4s’ not ‘for your newly jailbroken ipad 2 and iphone 4s’
    Be patient he might do a post specifically on ipad 2 jailbreak :) have a nice day

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  • Corey Shaver sucks dick.

    everyone on this site needs to see the “Two Girls, One Cup” video, RIGHT NOW. It’s FUCKIN’ funny and gross at the same time. LOL.

  • A1984

    Hahahahahahaha you cracked me UP!! Thank you! and p.s. you’re absolutely right!! I used windows/pc for more than 15y and since 3 months i have a macbook, but still i don’t understand why the FUCK people get all hyped up over the PC/MAC debate… GET A LIFE and use whatever the FUCK you want and go take it on the streets!! I DONT CARE WHAT YOU PREFER!

  • sc3n3l0v3r

    Dear friend,

    No unlock is available for your baseband….

  • Ckool17

    So I jailbroke my 4s and then tried to play music and nothing would play or it would play the wrong song, but still show the data for the right song…removed Cydia and now restoring…hope you get this message and look into it. I use the iTunes Match Cloud Service if that helps.

    BTW the Hands free Siri tweak was AWESOME and I want it back, anxiously waiting on a fix!

  • Hhong92

    Does Celeste really work?

  • Drgillgrissom

    no dude. you suck dick.

  • Lastdon2716

    What about the Ipad 2 3G? Can i jailbreak also?? Anyone wanna help me out?

  • Christian

    pkgbackup in cydia

  • Asker

    Celeste is not compatible with iOS 5. >.<

  • Guest

    Yes you can jailbreak both

  • gg

    when is the jailbreak for 4s for windows available

  • Jaykumar097

    Good on ya buddy

  • Abokalad20

    Can I open the iPhone 4 is locked to the carrier AT & t
    5.0.1 issue
    Of the estimated amount of open device has a very distinctive

  • Jaykumar097

    No shit dumbass

  • Fabian Gnielinski

    Sbsettings is rubbish. OmniStat pwns. its much better cause u use notification center to activate it and the functions are also better ;)

  • Guest

    does untethered work on ios 5.0.1

  • Bobok

    WidgetTask – best way to multitask with Notification Centre.
    This app and IntelliscreenX are absolutly MUST HAVE!

  • Ann0yed

    All great if you a frickin APPLE MAC …

  • Gr8teful:)

    Are you volunteering to put endless hours into creating the Jailbreak? Appreciate what these guys do, and when you do get the JB, at least donate to keep up the good work…. We’re ALL guilty at times, so let’s ALL remember that a small donation from ALL of us helps and encourages these eager beavers to keep at it.

    Ata boy

  • Mp

    I’m done jail breaking my Ipad2 and when I go on cydia to try to install any application it tells me that I cannot locate package. What should I do? Help please.

  • Sale Aleksandar

    I have jailbroken 4s , cydia works, everything works, but when restart springboard after some app instal. it longs too much. actually I have to make hard restart (power + home button )
    Can anybody tell me what is the joke ? :)

  • Sale Aleksandar

    I do it with windows cli

  • Vba Com

    You can use springtomize 2 to add the overflow effect and infinitdock effect.

  • Sally_manor

    springtomize’s dock does not scroll.

  • zanettieess.

    anyone on IPHONE 4S jailbroken having trouble SSHing??? HELP!!! every time it says “connection failed”

  • Babaji

    is there a way to unlock carriers with the new absinthe jailbreak for iphone 4s ios 5.0.1? Any source or application in cydia yet?

  • iphone4sguy

    anyone know the repo to add to get ifile for free?

  • Nano Hearted

    no unlock yet.

  • CoheeBc

    I noticed that if there is a problem with network/iphone communication some applications
    don’t install properly. I have learned that if you retry the download then it takes me to the safe mode…. There has been two times where I had to restore my IOS.

    I would have to say that as a previous android user; the Cydia apps give me more flexibility, thus I will not go back.

  • Calderonbri

    I have had the same problem. Maybe you should make a list and report it to this site and the developers. I will do the same if other users would find it helpful?

  • Tanf91

    I have the same problem, any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  • masterblaster

    dear Ahmed … is this an article or a commercial?
    please keep the sommercials within banners to the right and not the text itself. no way i’m spending 30$ to make my phone look better.

  • Macbeme1950

    …. great way to download a virus that will allow a bad guy control!

    be leary of some hacks!

  • Doshu

    Hacker = For the people last I checked, meaning free. For example Jailbreak.

    Next person that sells an app for 9.99 just to make your phone look pretty should get his “hacker” status showed up in his..

    Benjamin Franklin invented crap load of stuff, and gave it all away for free, thats the mentality. Way to take something like Cydia and Jailbreak, and turn it into a apple like capitalistic money maker. What a shame.

    I rather donate to those that give their apps for free.

    My two cents, whoever hates this should go read few things about being a hacker. And five bucks says, someone will reply with a comment calling me names. They should go blindly pay for apps, and continue kissing the asses of self acclaimed hackers. They are good at that.

  • Doshu

    Its more than likely because the servers are overloaded with people mass jailbreaking, keep following the guides and trying. It took me two tries.

  • William

    u need to add sources .. googles
    cydia sources ….

  • SdiUrti

    Install OpenSSH from Cydia.

  • Vernaldi Metayer

    Winterboard seems to make my 4s crash and not boot up, any idea why?

  • Christopher Vassallo

    its been available… google greenp0ison

  • Christopher Vassallo

    I am having the same issue… just noticed it. Any fix for this?

  • CreamofSumYoungGuy

    your kidding me right?!

  • Pabs247

    You have to understand that because the jailbreak just came out, there area literally millions of users attempting to tweak and customize at the same time. too long….is really about 40 seconds…wich is really not that long considering the amount of people..downloading…my 4s actually seems to take a little longer upon start up but im happy with my tweaks…try to keep your tweaks to a minimum..for instance springtomize 2 allows for tons of tweaks but its just one app…as supposed to downloading 4 separate tweaks….good luck….