You Can Enable Multitasking Gestures & Display Mirroring On iPad 1 (No Jailbreak)

by Ahmed Omar on October 22, 2011

With the release of iOS 5, Apple has disabled multitasking gestures from the original iPad giving no reason. In case you’re an iPad 1 user and have gotten used to the Multi-touch gestures, you’ll surely need to enable them on iOS 5. Jailbreak tweaks actually do that but what if you don’t want to be stuck on tethered jailbreak? If so, we have a solution for you.

Multitasking Gestures iPad 1 iOS 5

A ModMyi user decided to modify the redsn0w ramdisk, replacing the jailbreak executable with a small program the purpose of which is to enable gestures on iPad 1. The modified version also allows you to enable display mirroring on the original iPad.

Below is a full guide to enable multitasking gestures on iPad 1 running iOS 5 without needing to jailbreak the device.

STEP 1: Download iOS 5 for iPad 1 from here and then download the modified redsn0w version:

STEP 2: Open redsn0w and select Jailbreak then put your iPad in DFU mode.

STEP 3: Uncheck Install Cydia to prevent jailbreaking and check on Enable multitask gestures.

You’ll be able now to enable multitasking gestures and display mirroring from the

(Thanks Derek for sending this in)

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  • Cvega48

    Does this work for iPhone 4 running iOS5?

  • Guest

    Mirroring doesn’t work but able to get multi gestures

  • Kuku

    cause error in my ipad1 ¨Notworking apple firmware¨ in the black screen :/

  • Geowfire77

    This didn’t work for me. Would sit there forever. It said something about a build and it was identifying.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • MultiTasker

    Thank you so so so much, worked like a charm after a bit of fiddling around, I;ve been looking to do this without jailbreaking the device for a while.

  • Velocus

    Works fine. But the mirroring can’t be found. Where did they hide it?

  • Ni

    Does anybody know if I will be able to update via OTA after using this? Thanks

  • Premamaya

    mirror is not working !!!! bur multi gestures …

  • Ed

    This is still jailbreaking though, you are using redsn0w to hack into the iPad using the limera1n exploit allowing it to run things it shouldn’t that is the definition of a jailbreak. Installing cydia is your own choice anyways it does not define whether or not a jailbreak has been utilized.

  • Devian

    Thanks for the post! But I’d rather keep it legal, I don’t wanna brick another iPad again :/

  • Cas

    Awesome! Works great for me ;)


    This is still JB without Cydia, Right?

  • Huy Ngan70

    thanks you very much!

  • NDDM

    thank you, however, I tried to do the mirroring thing but no luck. tried it with apple TV 2G latest version. can you please clarify if the mirroring will be wireless or we need to use a cable ?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, since it doesn’t jailbreak your device.

  • Anonymous

    But you’re not checking on Install Cydia so that’s not jailbreak. Indeed!

  • Anonymous

    Jailbreak means Cydia and without Cydia there won’t be jailbreak. Don’t worry no problems as tethered boot and etc.

  • Ivialc

    Thank you very much. Working for me


    That’s reassuring… Installing it now… Thanks…

  • Armand

    Thank you so much. It works. I really get used to the multi gestures on magic trackpad, now i got some on iPad too.
    BTW i am angry with Apple not allowing m.gestures on iPad1 with iOS 5. They think i should buy iPad 2 to use this feature, but why i have to get rid off of my perfectly working ipad1? In my opinion, the first gen looks better than the 2nd.

  • Japao

    gestures and mirror working this is great work, please modify for iphone 4 also

  • Tom

    Works perfectly fine for me! Thanks a lot!

  • Kevinhow101

    Same here, can someone please explain how to work the mirroring. Thanks!

  • Kevinhowe101

    Did you get mirroring work? If so, how?

  • Jrklingleriphone

    Same here. Plz help!

  • Jorge

    Gesturing works flawlessly. However, I can’t find the airplay icon anywhere.
    Is mirroring possible via tethering only?
    Please keep us posted if and when airplay becomes available.
    Thanks for all the great work! Keep it up!

  • kyle

    my guess is this is wired mirroring… not wireless…

  • Alex Aquino

    Multi gestures and mirroring works just fine. After the procedure your IPad will be normaly activate for mirroring (it does not appear an option in settings to turn it on/off).

  • Andycap

    I guess technically, you are using the limera1n exploit to get at an otherwise hidden system file (/System/Library/CoreServices/ specifically) and adding the two lines needed to enable the already dormant function that Apple decided not to give us 1st gen users in the iPad settings. On iOS 4.3.2, we had to make the file change through the backup/restore function on windows PC’s but Apple hid it much deeper this time so this exploit is the only option. This shouldn’t leave any lasting effects that jailbreaking does that allow cydia and other jailbreak software work.

    Hopefully this also means that incremental updates won’t break the multi-touch gestures unless apple specifically updates the file changed by this mod.

  • Jrwaite

    Can someone confirm if this mirroring feature is only wired or can be used wirelessly
    Would love to be able to run this on the ATV2.

  • Acruz214

    It’s now downloading for me.

  • Megan Bran

    Multitasking is working great but no wireless mirroring. I update my ATV2 to ios4.4 but no luck

  • Megan

    I tried it but I am just getting the multi gestures but no mirroring. I even updated my ATV2

  • Megan

    ru able to do mirroring wirelessly to ATV2?

  • Ankur

    I cannot do mirroring but multi gestures working fine

  • Sanjeev

    how much time it will take?

  • sanjeev chahar

    how much time will it take?
    my ipad is sticked on “preparing jailbreak data” from last 20 minutes and still no progress appear…progress bar is empty.
    help me in this..i am new to this jailbreak thing.

  • Theo Heselmans

    Same here :-(

  • T4om

    ….so just because I’m paranoid about making a brick out of this thing…I can reboot this thing after having enabled gestures (which is awesome! thank you!) with out connected to my trusty imac?

  • Gues

    Fuck ! My iPad is bricked!

  • Gadi124

    if you can’t find the mirror icon make sure your apple tv 2nd generation is updated to ios5

  • Drew Gilliam

    Gestures working, mirroring sound working, but no screenshare/video :(

  • Cincinnati Dan

    Same here. gesturing is working (thank you very much) but mirroring the display is not. iPad is updated to 5.0(9A334) and ATV2 is at version 4.4.2(3160). When I try to “update software” on ATV2 it tells me it is up to date… (no option for apple tv to update to 5.0)

  • Anonymous

    Uh, guys… this is jailbreaking. Just because you don’t have Cydia it doesn’t mean that the locks on the device haven’t been broken. Apple wouldn’t condone this, and it would probably show up in any checks that they put in place for jailbroken devices. If that kind of thing makes you nervous, don’t do this.

  • Cblackwell

    Each time it tries to identify my device, it just turns off. I can’t get past the identification screen. What’s up?

  • Nysssalicious

    multitasking gesture is only for ipad

  • Nysssalicious

    it works! thnk u!

  • Lmbragg

    Brilliant, gestures working perfectly. No problem following the steps.

  • Davey_mct

    And here… Gesturing is fine – but no option for mirroring. Both devices updated to most current software. As I understand it you can turn mirroring on by double clicking the home button to bring up the multitasking bar, then swipe to the left to get the player controls. Under airplay there should be an option for mirroring – but it isn’t there…..

    Does anyone who has managed to get this to work have any ideas?

  • JL

    It’s jailbreaking enough that Safari and Mail brick afterward

  • Peter

    Ran red snow and everything clicked from dfu. I still can’t mirror on anything except YouTube through AirPlay? Is this normal. All my updatedvfunctionalitybis there except the mirroring. I enabled through settings and still no mirroring on net flicks or home page? Mirroring is untethered right? Am I missing something here?

  • Khushant jolly

    hey ahmed omar,u can also get (tethered jailbreak+multitasking gestures on ipad ios 5),you first have to jailbreak your ipad using latest redsnow,after downloading latest redsnow go to extras nad then select IPSW,after that go back and select jailbreak.after jailbreaking your ipad first you will need ifile,download it from cydia,then open ifile go to system/library/CoreServices? then swipe down and find (K48AP.plist) open it with text viewer and find multitasking-gestures</key
    just change false to true and save u need to respring so for doing that install sbsettings from cydia and after installing that respring your ipad after that you will get multitasking gestures in settings along with tethered jailbreak

  • Just a friendly guy

    The mirroring only works WIRED, not wireless. I can confirm that I successfully ued the ipad interface – VGA and ipad interface – HDMI connectors from Apple that video mirroring is AUTOMATICALLY enabled (no software swtich).

  • Guest

    Does this work with IOS 5.0.1?

  • Hafidsuharyadi

    hey omar, how do I delete this function after running redsnow for enabling my multitask gesture on my ipad 1. I wanna put ipad 1 to its original. Since on ios 5.0.1, apple adds multitasking gestures for ipad 1.

  • Hafidsuharyadi

    I updated to ios 5.0.1 but there is an “error occurred downloading ios 5.0.1″.. do you have a solution Omar?

  • Nocturnal4404

    I pad no longer backs up. I also updated to 5.0.1 (dah). please help

  • Kio

    Work good for multitasking, but not work mirroring with atv2

  • Kac23

    Can anyone help?? I did everything as described and gestures works fine but there is no option for mirroring when i click the air play button. please help

  • Bob


  • Padoo

    Multi gestures and mirroring works just fine. After the procedure your IPad will be normaly activate for mirroring (it does not appear an option in settings to turn it on/off).

  • Franz Funk

    I am getting a message saying that my ‘fingerprint’ can’t be recognized. I just upgrade to ios5. Any ideas?

  • Me

    There’s always one troll !!!

  • Me

    If your iPad is bricked, restore it. That’s what dfu mode is for dumbass

  • Galroot

    Not entirely correct. Multitasking gestures is only for iPad on IOS 5 (as far as I know).
    Multitasking gestures on iPhone running IOS 4.3.3 for example, are working just fine.

  • Cking8

    Can u make 1 for 5.1

  • Tarangalbert

    already jailbroken missed enabling gestures by mistake can anybody plssssss help

  • Asd

    cydia, search for “multitasking gestures” install that, worked for me, and its free. I was an idiot and didn’t check off multitasking gestures when I did redsnow.

  • Ryandean7

    Hi, i have an ipad 1, i have used redsn0w and i have no options of mirroring in my settings. I have the option of Multitasking gestures. I want to mirror onto a projector using the VGA adaptor. Does mirroring exist on my ipad even though its not in the settings or will i have to do something to enable it?

  • Yd

    thanks jolly…your step very easy…me no need connect to redsnow…

  • figjamgle

    no did not work

  • Chamby

    If you have a jailbroken iPad 1. Then go into Cydia download iFile and/or openSSH if you have an ssh client on your computer. Then open iFile and go through the folders in this sequence.
    Go to the following directory in the filesystem: /System/Library/CoreServices/, open the K848AP.plist file from there and add this: multitasking-gestures after you add this string of text to the plist save and restart your iPad. Now you will have gestures enabled.

  • @Chambino

    You have to be on iOS 5.0.1 to mirror an iPad 1. It’s the only firmware that has been successfully mirrored since iOS 5. If you are on iOS 4 still then jailbreak it and download
    the package DisplayOut from Cydia. And configure in the settings app.
    On 5.0.1 download DisplayOut and TV out for iPad 1 (iOS 5.0.1 only) then reboot. You will now be able to use mirroring to an external display via (AVI, VGA, or Composite cables)

  • @Chambino

    That is incorrect only certain applications mirror. It’s not full external mirroring on iPad 1 or iPhone 4. It is only possible on iOS 5.0.1 You must install DisplayOut and tv out for iPad 1 (iOS 5.0.1 only)

  • @Chambino

    If you are still on 5.0.1 then stay there. Email me @ and I can answer any of your questions. 5.0.1 is the best firmware since iOS 5 was released.

  • Chamby

    Actually on 5.0.1 the plist will have This string

    You change the “false” to “true” and that will enable the gestures to be enabled through the settings app. Respring your device after you change the plist.

  • @Chambino

    An iPad 1 will not mirror to an ATV 2. Only iPad 2 and The New iPad.

  • Henryc Project

    Hi there. iOS 5.1.1 has got Multitasking Gesture. How can I just add mirroring? Thanks