Here’s How To Get Winterboard On iOS 5 Right Now

by Ahmed Omar on October 13, 2011

Well, we have just got this in our tips box: There’s an official unreleased version of Winterboard which brings support for iOS 5. This version will be pushed to Cydia in few days (may be hours, who knows!). Here’s how to get Winterboard on iOS 5 right now.

Winterboard On iOS 5

This requires a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5. You can download iOS 5 from here and tethered jailbreak it by following the steps posted here.

You’ll need to SSH so you can transfer the .deb file (download at the bottom) and get Winterboard on your iOS 5. In case you don’t know how to SSH into your iPhone, you can follow this useful guide made by iClarfied.

Download Winterboard for iOS 5 (winterboard_0.9.3900-1_iphoneos-arm.deb)

(Thanks Derek!)

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  • Dark_cloud_30

    i dont understand…where do i put the deb file?

  • Pethesahil

    U have to click on it and run installer. It doesnt matter where u put it if it’s an install. Cause just like a pc game, it will install the files to the specific folder automatically.

  • Pethesahil

    Hey I had one question. When I tethered jailbreak iOS 5, if it’s shuts off, then all the jailbreak stuff will be lost or not? And if I tethered jailbreak then, until I turn it off, it will be jailbroken right?

  • Winterlol

    i tried to install with Ifile but he keeps telling me that “this packages is locked…” So probably this version IS NOT WORKING :/

  • mute

    Abviously this version needs another thing…(it begin with Pin…) to fully install this

  • Sasha Marino

    Use Winterboard from Cydia with iOS 5 Fix 

  • sevnofsevn


  • X

    doesn’t work. installs just fine, however themes still do not work on ios 5.

  • Daxtonbell

    no your jailbreak data will still be on there if you turn your device off, but your device wont turn back on unless you reboot it with your jailbreaking program.

  • Semprix

    I don’t get this, where should I put the Winterboard file?

  • Mrt049

    Drop it into the var/mobile folder and then you have to open up mobile terminal, type in su, press return, type in your password (or alpine if you haven’t set one yet), then type in dpkg -i winterboard_0.9.3900-1_iphoneos-arm.deb and press return.

  • Mrt049

    Drop it into the var/mobile folder and then you have to open up mobile terminal, type in su, press return, type in your password (or alpine if you haven’t set one yet), then type in dpkg -i winterboard_0.9.3900-1_iphoneos-arm.deb and press return.

  • Kokokrunch

    I should never have upgraded to ios 5. has anyone here successfully downgraded to their previous version of ios? and without the shsh blob ? and with a windows platform? on the latest version of itunes (10.5)? please help

  • Deeohz

    can’t you just use iFile and drop it in thru your phone without using open ssh and going on your computer?

  • IPhone4Ftw

    I opened the link on my iPhone 4 with iFile. iFile ran the file with Installer with gave me an error about not having “Pincrush”. I switched to Cydia and installed “Pincrush” and Installer automatically finished the winterboard install. For “Pincrush” to show up in the cydia search you need to set yourself as a developer in the settings at the top of the Manage page…


    mobile terminal doesn’t work

  • Karan Singh Sohi

    install using ifile, then respring your device (no need to restart.. us sbsettings to respring)… winterboard will show up and work with no problems.

  • Lizgoldston

    i tried this, when i type su and then my password it says Sorry. i am typing in the right password cause when i do sudo nano, i get in just fine.. Help please … also when i type dpkg -i winterboard_0.9.3900-1_iphoneos-arm.deb – bad command?

  • Max

    Thanx Man, helped a lot. And works!

  • Simon Rollason

    i have used the fix and i get no text under all my folder so i removed it !! but is there anyway to fix this ???

  • Mrsubliminal63

    Worked like a charm…but I am somehow scared to reboot…

  • Xsellize420

    where do you place this deb file at in ifile or through ssh?

  • Daniel Hipskind

    Lol that’s impossible man…. You have to have the SHSH blob.

  • i_luv_chim

    Where do I drop the deb file?

  • chase blackburn

    thanks! i have been having that problem and couldn’t find pincrusH (:

  • Halo2614

    it dont work

  • Halo2614

    dpkg -i winterboard_0.9.3900-1_iphoneos-arm.deb typed that in and didnt work said file was not found

  • Massofbeats

    It was possible with ios 4.3.5 without using SHSH, haven’t tested on 5 but look up how to edit your hosts file to block communications with apple’s servers…

  • Massofbeats

    Yeah I just did, it’s working. Click on the DEB link above on your device. it will bring you to a link, option will pop up “open in iFile” click that then click installer. Just make sure you have pincrush installed, see above post.

  • Kiara Dejesus

    Worked great!! Thanks!

  • Vijer

    Why do Apple apps and apps like BiteSMS icons render with transparent backgrounds but App Store and Cydia apps render with black backgrounds? Is there a way to make all icons render with transparent backgrounds?

  • Johnson1381

    why after i install it and change theme then it make me dialler pad has problem

  • Charmark

    Thank -you that was really help-full been trying to figure out how to get “pincrush” and “winterboard” to download all night !

  • Zvalincourt

    i have downloaded the file but what do i do after that? how do i get it onto my iphone?