iOS 5 Battery Drain Problem? Here’s Some Tips To Fix This!

by Ahmed Omar on October 16, 2011

Got some battery drain after upgrading to iOS 5? Want some help to improve your battery life on iOS 5? If so, this post will surely help you. We’ve received some tips and tricks to fix any battery drain you’re facing after iOS 5 upgrade.

iOS 5 Battery Drain Problem Fix

iOS 5 Battery Drain Fix

  • Reset Network Settings: Tap on “Settings” > Reset > Reset Network Settings
  • Disable Bluetooth: Settings > General > Bluetooth > “OFF”
  • Disable unwated Notifications & apps: Settings > Notifications > Turn OFF for anything you don’t need
  • Disable Location Service: Settings > Location Services > Disable selectively for services you don’t use
  • Disable Timezone Adjustment: Tap on “Settings” > “Location Services” > ‘System Services’ > Setting Time Zone to OFF
  • Disable Ping: Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > Ping > OFF
  • Disable Diagnostic & Usage Reports: Tap on “Settings” > General > About > Diagnostic & Usage > Don’t Send

One more tip:

Disable Email accounts by heading to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Account Name > Delete Account. Once done, reset network settings (the first tip up there) then reboot your device and re-add your accounts back from Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.

(Via OSXDaily)

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  • Dnstepanov

    These “long battery life” hints looks like “turn iPhone off and it’s battery will work much longer!

  • Gezanguz

    i am pretty sure if you dont bother turning on the iphone the battery will last for days. is there any way to repleace the batttery in iphone 4? i mean to get the iphone 4s battery and put it into iphone 4? that might solve the problem as i was told iphone 4S battery last much more longer.

  • Nicolas


  • Lboylin

    No really a cure for battery drain if yours suffers from it, as you might as well switch the bloody thing off if you hav to try these suggestions!!
    What I did find after upgrading to ios5, removed jailbreak and the difference in battery life is amazing, overnight with jailbreak on ios5, it would drop by almost 12-14%, after removing jailbreak, overnight it dropped by 2-3%! So I think you will find that if you have the jailbreak, then if you wanna improve your battery life, this is probably your best option.

  • User

    Thank you Ahmed! :)

  • Vikram

    I am having same issue with iPhone 4s..

  • Anonymous

    The Connector in the iPhone 4s isn’t the same as the iPhone 4. However I’m sure you could do some DIY work solve the connection issue…

    My iPhone 4 battery has been horrible since I updated to iOS 4.3.3 After which my battery life goes to 0% after 1/2 a day… It’s horrible. I think the battery is toast since I’m iOS 5 now and has the same issue.

  • Mr-Bert

    For some users,(not all!) jailbreaking might be the culprit. If you hacktivated, your device doesn’t have legit push certificates, which causes a battery drainage issue. Can be resolved using SAM from bingner’s repo. Alternatively, you can avoid hacktivation, and activate with a legit SIM card. This may not be the exact problem for all users, but I bet it affects plenty. Good luck to all!

  • JD Mack

    So, basically you disable everything that makes the iPhone useful…great advice.

  • Anonymous

    Some people don’t know what disable selectively means I guess…

  • Anonymous

    The main issue is that the Location Services needle isn’t ON so you do not know when the iPhone is using the GPS. First of all, turn it on:
    Settings > Location Services > System Services > Status Bar Icon
    Now you can tweak other System Services also. I have disabled the following ones:
    - Compass Calibration
    - Diagnostics
    - Location-Based iAds
    - Time Zone

    I also disabled Location Services for the following apps:
    - Reminder
    - Weather

    These 2 tend to enable the GPS all the time, which I figured out once I had the Icon back up.

    My iPhone 4 now has the same battery life as it had before.

  • C.M.

    same connector dude… why would you think it isn’t?

  • J-miil

    Another useful thing to do is to unbackground any unused apps. This is especially true for apps which have push notifications enabled (which is unnecessary with ios 5 notification and alerts). Also, unbackground any unnecessary apps which use location services. Continuous streaming apps (such as Pandora) should also be unbackgrounded. This simple and unobtrusive step should resolve at least part of your drainage issue.

  • realbrush

    For me, the solution was to turn off “Find my iPhone”

  • Robert_Nelson

    Maybe on the outside, but internal connections are probably different. Think inside the box

  • emster

    You mean like Apple?

  • emster

    For me, the solution was to turn off “my iPhone”

  • Zip

    Why is everyone comfortable diabling apps and features that is standard on the iPhone??!!! I purchased an iphone with all these features and want to use all these features! I cannot stand the fact that I have to disable all my features I paid for in a phone. I want to use my iPhone with ALL features !!! APPLE, FIX THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chiina09

    Completely agree with you! Apple needs to fix this soon! I paid for a full smart phone I expect to be able to use a full smart phone!

  • Jermzzz28

    ROFL. precious iphone users forced to use android battery saving tactics on their phones. Us android users have been doing this for a couple years. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Fast processors and bright screens, and feature-full phones drain battery. Now that iPhone is starting to actually catch up to the demand of what smart phones require to stay on cutting edge, the battery life is finally starting to suffer. It’s quite simple. It amazes me that people think iphones have some magic spell to make them so special.

  • Jermzzz28

    theres no fix for a dual-core 1ghz processor, sorry.

  • Z!G

    You are preaching to the quire my friend. This has been an issue from the very first iPhone. it seems to me that all Apple cares about is blocking jailbreaking and adding 200+ features that 90% percent of people wont even use, especially me, and it very irritating when I think about it. It blows my mind that they add all these stupid features, that are cool features by the way, but nonetheless I would trade in any of them features in a second for better iPhone battery life. If I could would stay on 4.2.1 forever and never update. Attention to anyone that may be reading this that so happens to be on 4.2.1, STAY ON IT. Not one thing in any iOS above 4.2.1 is worth leaving the battery life that 4.2.1 had. Not notification center, not deleting an app while downloading. Absolutely no feature they can add is worth taking up more battery power then the iPhone already sucks up.

  • Z!G

    And your iPhone will never get a dramatic increase. The truly best way to make your iPhone battery last is to try to keep data and wifi off as much as possible. Need to check your email, enable data, check email, close mail app, turn data off, but do that with evrything. That is tyhe only way to save battery life. I seriously think people that say that it improved cause they turned off push, disable all this stuff, but none of it really helps and it is completely in your head if you think closing apps in the multitask switcher saves battery. You know why? Because closing apps in the switcher is completely unnecessary! First of all there are very very little apps that actually run in the bacground, and the ones that do only do it when data is being downloaded. As for the rest you think you need to close out, its not even really running its paused in RAM, which is free’d automatically when the phone needs more RAM. So basically the apps in the background close by themselves any way when your phone needs the RAM. But what else can really help battery life……for real? I know one thing that works well, and that is “disabling multitasking”…………….good luck on fixing your iPhone battery life, It’s gonna be a long journey.

  • sCaRfAcE

    LOL… gud one emster

  • guest

    What a pretentious cunt.

  • Z!G

    That makes no sense. Any iPhone user could say that same thing about android. “Android battery saving techniques”. Seriously? I think what makes more sense is to say “Smart phone battery saving techniques”.
    If Androidhas better battery than iPhone, which most of the research Ive read, they are both pretty much the same, some drain more than others with both phones. I’m an iPhone user but I don’t get the feud between android and iPhone. They only both different from one another, neither one is better than the other. It’s all personal preference. It makes people that bash on an iPhone cuz they own an android and like it, sound biast. And vice versa. Wow people coming. Only difference is the animation, the fact that android market is more open source, which isn’t much of a difference compared to a jailbroken iPhone. And a few hardware things. But they both offer equal functionally in in pretty much every aspect. C’mon people, grow up. Learn the definition of the words “personal preference”.

  • Thenebulousmind

    No android phone has better battery life than the iPhone, Samsungs are the only phone that can surpass iPhone battery life.

  • Guest

    why is android becoming like windows and mac, they are just phones, who the hell cares what you use. by using a android does not make you better or smarter in anyway, shape, or form. i use an i phone but dont go all over the internet say “pssh DROIDS ARE > than IPHONE. maybe they are better, but there are large variety of droid phones compared to one iphone. They also come out alot faster than iphones do because they come from many different companies such as Samsung, Motorola, etc . I like droids and iphones, but all in all they are very much the same thing.

  • Joe St. Martin

    Ahh yes, the old Us vs. Them mentality. You have been fooled by The Man’s tricks my friend. War, classism, smartphone OS fan boys – none can survive without you buying into divisive propaganda, which you obviously have.

  • Ges

    You can still go back to 4.2.1, everything is possible my friend.

  • Junkwar

    I started having issue when I installed a theme from Cydia. For three weeks I couldn’t figure out why all of sudden I am losing 10 to 12% every hour because I added a lot of stuffs around that period. So for those of you are having battery issue and using a customized theme, disable it and see how that work out.