iPhone 4 Siri Port Now Legally Possible Thanks To The New iOS 5.0.1 Release

by Ahmed Omar on December 15, 2011

The upcoming few days will be full of good news in the jailbreak community, starting from pod2g’s jailbreak news which we brought today and yesterday. The well-known iPhone hacker pod2g could test the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak on all A4 devices and it will be released in few days. However, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreaks are not yet tested.

More news comes today; Apple couple of hours ago released a new version of iOS 5.0.1 for iPhone 4S build 9A406. This new iOS 5.0.1 build makes a lot of things possible.

Siri Port iPhone 4

According to the iPhone Dev Team’s brain member, MuscleNerd, iOS 5.0.1r2 (build 9A406) features decrypted ramdisks.

What does this mean?

To clarify this, with the new decrypted ramdisks in iOS 5.0.1, it’s now possible to write a simple script to legally extract the needed files from iOS 5.0.1 for Siri port on iPhone 4 and older devices.

The download is now publicly available on Apple’s servers so Siri port on all older devices is totally legal.

We’ve previously told you that Siri could be ported on all devices including the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS but the problem was in connectivity. Starting from now, hackers should just write simple scripts to extracts the necessary files needed for a Siri port.

We’ll surely keep you update but you can, as always, leave your mail here so that we send you the “most” important news about Siri port and iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak.

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    Most likey the 1billionth person to ask,however will this be an option on the unteattherd jb?
    Also what is this crack.. About if you have installed a siri port you have deleted a main file which was needed for the unteatherd to .. Well be unteatherd:L? Any ideas anyone?

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    Completely agree. I think the same thing. Nice to know someone else is making insightful post on this site too. HDTV

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    Prob have to restore to get the file back, unless someOne finds a fix

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    So by this means that if the port is legal
    Siri will be able to connect to apple servers?

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    This was expected from Apple Inc. to leave the non-encrypted ramdisks, so anyone who happens to have iPhone 4, not to feel abandoned by Apple and eventually change their view of how Apple Inc. really look like.Old Capitalistic Trick….(Keep everyone on the ride or loose them all!!!)

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    Ok, now when will someone make the legit port that doesn’t crash the camera and have the correct server settings to get siri to work? Just askin’

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    can siri work on iPhone4 now? via apple’s server

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    Best news ever … , cand hardly wait for a Proper Siri release for my iphone 4 … :D /

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    could siri be ported on ipod 4g?

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    Yes ist can be Ported on iPod 4g

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    The way I read this you will still need a 4s to get the authentication file from and then put that on a 4, right? Would be great for me – I have the 4s and wife has the 4 so this would allow Siri on her JB’en iPhone….

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    i have the 4s…don’t get too excited for Siri, it understands about 10% of what I say. I guess i speak too fast

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    and tomorrow they say it’s illegal like the former port

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    Can’t wait for the iPhone4 “Siri” Port ~

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    I made a package called Sirix by decrypting the iPhone 4S ios 5.1 beta version with ios decryptor, an application for windows. I found a lot of files missing in the Siri Hacks availible on cydia. So I patched all of them together and made a package, Sirix, And it fixes lot of respring, boot, and crash issues. You’l find this hard to believe but I’m only 12 years old. I need help to create a control file and dont know where to upload it. I even have the deb files ready and any problem about iphones, you can ask me. Thank you. iHACKER!

  • Punk_idiot00

    what about SiriRa1n?has someone tried to install it..can wait to have siri on iphone4

  • iHacker

    SiriRa1n is not good I tried it and it spoils your camera, causes respring loops and is not worth it. I have downloaded all these files from the PC opened and analyzed them. They are all the same and very dangerous with A LOT of bugs

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    any guides to run siri on iphone 4 ??

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    Esra is f*&^( and voice actions have ggive’n me the most fun.
    BUT if i can get Siri working, you realy do me a ffavor..
    hope to see a a problemsolving action for this F(*&^% up problem.
    Hope to hear soon

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    Actually quite a few have asked so you can ask them. Jaden Yik loong and others have asked

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    Hey guys this is iHacker. I got some GREAT NEWS. When I decrypted the iOS 5.1 BETA for iPhone 4S, I only made a rough package. Now I’m gonna update it and try get the connectivity! I’m working hard on it so dont expect it soon but it should be out in 5 days or so. Experienced hackers needed to assist! I found a NEW LAUNCH DAEMON (Those who dont know dont even try to help me) called ‘com.apple.assistant_analyzer’ or something and LOTS of .plists in frameworks necessary for SIRI. I’m only twelve so dont blame me if I cant release it soon. But REMEMBER SIRIX is and WILL ALWAYS BE FREE! I just am a kid with big dreams coming true! For all HACKERS HERE, PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP

  • iHacker

    If anyone needs help with decrypting, or wants SIRI WITHOUT JAILBREAK (Yes thats possible by decrypting and changing the software) PLEASE do tell me. I will ALSO BE POSTING A LINK FOR DOWNLOADING THE SPECIAL FIRMWARE. I dont know if its illegal so please correct me if I am WRONG. I need your help to do this. THANX to my father’s friend for helping me with arranging all the bits and pieces (I am referring to about a zillion plists and files) and all my supporters.

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    iHacker I tried ur package, its AMAZING! THANKS A LOT. The voice dictation works great and my camera is fine. I love you!

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    IF I get a 200 likes I will post how to decrypt the iPhone 4S 5.1 BETA* Firmware for windows. Please help me get noticed to encourage my hacking spirit. Remember, I REALLY HAVE DECRYPTED THE FILES if you don’t believe me I can show you a screenshot of it decrypted. It will also help in releasing my package SIRIX in the full version connecting to the servers. I have made a BETA of that but will not release until I get atleast a 200 likes

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    ofcourse but remember only the voice dictation will work fully. all others will work with sounds and i will update to bring connectivity soon. I will send you an email which you have to read carefully. also you must have ios 5

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    all people who want to port siri, you must have ifunbox or know how to shh. you need utorrent because i dont have a hosting site yet. I will send you a link which you will have to add to utorrent and it will download. use ifunbox to paste the file into the cydia autoinstall folder. after 2 REBOOTS you should have siri gui with sounds. If you need any help email me and if all your tweaks are disabled reinstall mobile substrate. Do not unistall as it will lead your device to be restored. if yu want to uninstall i will send a package depending on your idevice that will uninstall siri

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    and siri dictation or even if you want to write anything will only work after you disable siri in the general settings. otherwise your apps will keep crashing when you want to write

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    I sent all of you an email. if you have downloaded all the stuff tell me and i will send you the link. feel free to ask anything

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    Hey iHacker i know you asked for no more emails but i been working hard on this siri port also and i haven’t figured out how to keep the connectivity to the servers it fails sometimes on me is the anyway i can test your out

  • TacpHacker

    Hey iHacker i know you asked for no more emails but i been working hard on this siri port also and i haven’t figured out how to keep the connectivity to the servers it fails sometimes on me is the anyway i can test your out

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