Three Different Untethered Jailbreak Exploits Available For iOS 5.1 And iPad 3

by Ahmed Omar on March 17, 2012

Believe it or not, there are currently three different untethered jailbreak exploits available for the newly released iPad 3 running iOS 5.1. As most of you know, MuscleNerd showed screenshots of Cydia running on iOS 5.1 on iPad 3 only 12 hours after it was on sale. Few hours later, i0n1c demonstrated his untethered jailbreak in a video. However, it has been recently confirmed that there are three, not two, methods can jailbreak 5.1 untethered on the iPad 3, or what the fruit company calls the new iPad.

We’ve got our hands on the new iPad yesterday; we showed off in depth unboxing and specs video along with a camera quality test video here. The new iPad comes with Retina display, iSight camera, A5X dual core processor and 4G LTE chip.

We were very surprised to see three different untethered jailbreak exploits for iOS 5.1 running on iPad 3 surfaced on launch date.

The first methods was showed by MuscleNerd, the second one by the German iPhone hacker i0n1c and now the third jailbreak comes from Grant Paul and Paul Griffin who were able to find the in 3 – 4 hours after shipment.

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team noted that his jailbreak is in early stage and it needs a lot of time to be ready for a public released. However, i0n1c and chpwn/phoenixdev didn’t mention anything about the release date of their jailbreaks.

Now it looks like that the iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S won’t be in jail for too long on iOS 5.1. Also A4 devices’ owners won’t stay on tethered jailbreak for too long.

In meantime, in case you’re an A4 device owner (iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1 and iPod touch), you can follow our step by step guide posted here to jailbreak iOS 5.1 (tethered) using redsn0w jailbreak tool from the iPhone Dev Team. iPhone 4S and iPad 2 owners can’t get jailbreak on iOS 5.1 but you can use our guide posted here to untethered jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 using greenpois0n absinthe jailbreak tool. Those users who have upgrade to iOS 5.1 and want to downgrade back to older firmware, we’ve a full step by step guide here.

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  • Gashsmasher1

    any release dates?

  • Fapuccino

    So u r still able to jb 5.0.1 on A5 device? I thought there is no way to do it since 5.1 hv released. Plz correct me if I am wrong. I hv an iPad 2 that is running on 5.0.1 that needs to restore due to some software conflict. Plz if anyone know the answer asi am hesitate to restore it as I am afraid of loosing my jb ability.

  • Anonymous

    i0n1c tweeted that his untether JB would be out in 1 week.

  • Adaminsull1997


  • Abu SaDeEm


  • gojipoj

    When will the release JB on the IPad 3 and the IPhone 4S be released, please. Or if they are already release which web site can I find them in, thanks.

  • BrandonAbolila1

    Do not restore or you’ll have to update to 5.1 and theres no Jailbreak for A5 devices on 5.1

  • Efs

    Put it in DFU mode and restore it to 5.0.1.

  • jjman

    Apple stopped signing 5.0.1. Unless you have saved your SHSH blobs, you can not restore to 5.0.1. You have to upgrade to 5.1

  • good samaritan

    It took me a few hours to figure out how to restore Fapucccino. First, disable any firewall software, and peerblock (if you use it). Then, replace your hosts file with a stock version (if you’ve modified it in any way). Finally restart and hit shift + restore in iTunes to manually select the iOS version you have saved locally to get back to 5.0.1 without updating to 5.1 If you have any trouble text me at 84866768OO and I’ll give you my email. (Only reason I’m being helpful here is because it took me so long to figure it out in the first place).

  • Lovestospooch

    That’s cool is it gonna be official?
    Can any body tell more about whited00r

  • Carl

    Werkt perfect Reuze bedankt!!

  • Ahmed Saied

    so far i only see JB of ipad3 why no screenshots of iphone 4s or any video :(

  • gojipoj

    where can I find out how to JB my ipad 3 or Iphone 4S please, anyone.

  • Hotstar00100

    jailbreak for Iphone 4S please

  • Guest

    4.11.08 ?

  • Avce

    what is the diffrence between tethered and untethered versions?

  • guest123

    tethered – you have to connect to a computer at each boot > apps like redsn0w exploit the loophole everytime you reboot your device.

    untethered – no need for a computer to run the exploit.everything takes place on the device itself.

  • Abc

    all expert , do help to release iphone 4 unlock 04.11.08…..

  • Avce

    thank you! =)

  • Mad Baco

    please man we need iphone 4s ios 5.1 jailbreak when it will finished

  • Stranger

    Does anyone know how long it will take to release the new JB?

  • Paul

    tethered jb works on 5.1 with redsn0w 0.9.10b6bb like a dream and if you need to use love film you can down load xcon which patches the jailbreak detection in apples sneaky software

  • Chosenfact422

    I am thinking like you., i hope soon

  • Ti_jew

    yep i have jailbreaked my i phone 4 5.1 one weak ago with redsn0w 0.9.10b6bb me too

  • Sky

    But it means – we have ZERO method to jailbreak iPad 3 as it is not released.

  • Jefft9025

    Apple changed the way to downgrade an iPhone 4s and iPad 2. You can’t do it like you would normally. With iPhone 4 and lower devices. You would use ireb to put it in pwndfu mode then do Shift-restore in iTunes. And select your custom firmware. I just had to do that.

  • Andruss

    google yourself lazy ass

  • Smocky

    That’s me got untethered jailbreak on iPad 2 latest firmware 5.01

  • Smocky

    I mean 5.1

  • Pinoy

    we’re still waiting for A4 ios 5.1 untethered jailbreak…

  • F083

    when it will be released??

  • Nic

    Hi there,

    I have iPad 2 on 5.1 please send me links on how to downgrade to 5.0.1.

  • Arash22

    Fake , Fake , i0n1c ist a Fake, he can nothing

  • Test


  • Cydiahelp sucks

    the giveaways from cydiahelp are completely fake and are just for more popularity

  • WHEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    when is the UNTETHERED jailbreak coming?

  • Rg Hu

    Its actually not on google yet shit for brains, the new iPad jailbreaks have no release date as of yet.

  • Elmar

    who does the untethered jailbreak for ipod touch and the other a4 devices?

  • Jailbreakingfan

    So just to be clear, by “available” this article really means “not available at all yet”…

  • Danielnswz

    Jailbreak for iPhone 4s 5.1 please!!

  • Heartsineurope77

    far too many impatient bastards on here demanding Jailbreaks.. if u dnt want to wait for a JB either A: do it yourself B:dnt update your fkin firmware ya donut are ye all retarded?

  • Joe

    A lot of ppl didn’t update. The new iPad came with 5.1 ios

  • Kev_wells

    i’ve recently got my iphone 4s, it came with 5.0.1, i updated to 5.1 cos of the tweaks and bug fixes it gave, however at the time i wasnt aware that this would stop me being able to jailbreak, i’ve never jailbroke before, its my first iphone, so for your information i am not retarded, but when an ios update says it’s gunna fix battery life and make my camera better, im gunna update!!

  • Footballstar690

    whens the ios 5.1 jailbrake for the iphone 4s come out?

  • Login Finalbrez

    I think a paid one came out 5 hrs ago

  • Cobaltthegreat

    For the time being, 4s owners with battery life issues should try out auto3g. Damn near doubled my battery life. 5.1 should only be better. Thats the only thing that really makes 5.1 worth while anyway.

  • gojipoj

    if you have updated your iphone 4s to the new shitty 5.1, then youre fooked big time . I had to get mine replaced because the 5.1 screwed the ringing volume and it did jack shit to the battery life. I wish the morons that release updated from apple do a research and test before ruining peoples iphones. The volume is only effected by the 4S not the 4. There is a huge blog on unhappy people about this on the apple web site.

  • Milf

    If your on 5.01 untethered why update not worth hassle and you gain nothing but a 4g symbol on 4s even though it already goes 4g iPad 3 owners on other hand need this

  • Ch3yd0n

    Is a Jailbreak (tethered or untethered) out for the iPad2, iOs 5.1?


    hey dummy, what is “gunna”?! Use English words like “going” it makes you sound less like an idiot and maybe someone will take you seriously. And how did the update make the camera better?! Ohhhh!, you mean not needing to double tap the home button to see the camera, super big improvement!(NOT!!!!) I know it’s you first iPhone and all, but DO A LITTLE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU UPDATE ANYTHING, THAT’S WHAT GOOGLE IS FOR.



  • John heinze

    I never jailbreak my IPhone but I always jailbreak my iPad. The only improvement I saw stated for the camera was that it will now pick out multiple faces and focus on them rather then just one. me gonna likey long time


    please put some video……i wanna jailbreak my ipad 2 ios 5.1………please help please…….thank u

  • iphoneate

    ion1c is a bastard troll. he want popularity for sell his stupid book.

  • Bob199

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  • Bob

    yea thats right

  • 7mo0odx3

    when is the new jailbreak is coming

  • Gordon Sims

    Wished they hadn’t started showing videos of jailbreaks and making such a fuss about how quick the ipad 3 had been jailbroken, implying that a public jailbreak for the ipad 3 was around the corner. I went ahead and sold my jailbroken ipad2 and bought an ipad 3 in anticipation of a jailbreak soon. My stupidity for not realizing all 3 of these were done on developer accounts and hence didn’t provide us with any hope of a public jailbreak. I’m grateful for all the excellent work being done out there. Wish they would have made it a little clearer that the jailbreaks meant very little to those of us who don’t have developer accounts. Again, my stupidity for not researching this further.

  • gojipoj

    why is it taking long to have the jailbreak for ipad 3, is it because it’s 5.1 is difficult to break?

  • jailbreak 5.1

    follow all steps

  • André Postigo

    I don’t know what’s going on, from what I’ve heard they already did jailbreak the ios 5.1 but for some reason they are not releasing it to the public yet …….so we just gonna have to wait

  • Bobisgaysice1998

    … love idiots who think profanity substitutes for quality content.

  • Airass23

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