Security Flaw In iPad 2 iOS 5 Bypasses LockScreen Password Using Smart Cover

by Ahmed Omar on October 21, 2011

The genius Mark Gurman of 9to5mac has found a new security flaw in iPad 2 running iOS 5 which allows you to bypass the lockscreen password so that anyone can use your iPad 2. The new iOS security flaw allows anyone with a Smart Cover to break into your “password-protected” iPad 2.

Security Flaw In iPad 2
The video below shows this security flaw in action. Anyone can bypass the password protected iPad using a Smart Cover, but they won’t get a complete access to your iPad. In other words, the person gets full access on whatever you locked your iPad 2 on. For example, if you locked your screen on the mail app, the person will get full access on this app only. On home screen, the person will be able to see all your installed apps but won’t be able to get access on the apps themselves.

Gurman posted intructions to make it work:

1) Lock a password protected iPad 2
2) Hold down power button until iPad 2 reaches turn off slider
3) Close Smart Cover
4) Open Smart Cover
5) Click cancel on the bottom of the screen

Few days ago, there was something similar to this flaw in the new iPhone 4S. It wasn’t actually a real flaw; Siri on iPhone 4S enables anyone to make calls directly from lockscreen even if it’s password protected. At least you can fix this one.

Hope Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 to fix this flaw.

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  • Skiddolo

    ahahah but u can’t do anything after that…genius XDDD

  • Jasper Fang

    So, there our iOS 5.0.1 :) Next week i guess?

  • Gulliver09

    For Christ sake – grow up! Pick on the color of the black on the screen surround instead…
    This newsletter is getting so much less about news and so much about anal retentive losers venting on the feeblest aspects of any technology as though it’s the end of he world – guys move out of moms garage…

    Posted from an incredibly insecure iPad…

  • Cougarsrock13

    on ios 5 on the iphone on the lockscreen double tap the home click the camera and press the home button and u just bypassed the passcode and u can use all the apps make calls and txt they need to fix this