This App Displays Weather Conditions On iPhone Lock Screen Without Jailbreak

by Ahmed Omar on December 30, 2011

iOS 5 brought something very amazing, the Notification Center, where you can add as many widgets as you want and customize them in the way you like. For weather fans, you can add weather conditions widgets to your iOS 5 notification center. Unfortunately, the notification center can’t be shown on your lockscreen unless you use IntelliScreenX which requires jailbreak.

So for those who don’t like the jailbreaking – and they’re the majority – you can now add weather conditions widget on your iPhone lockscreen without need to jailbreak your device.

With a new app named “Lock Screen Weather”, you can display weather information on an iPhone’s lock screen without the need to jailbreak anything. The app is available via the iTunes App Store.

The app works with a different way, iDownloadBlog explains:

The app actually works by playing a silent song via the built-in iPod app. The album art is then displayed in the lock screen, which is in turn updated depending on your location. It might sound like a hack – and let’s be fair, it really is – but it gets around Apple’s guidelines and actually seems to work.

You can download the app directly from the iTunes link given below. Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts!

Download Lock Screen Weather (iTunes Link)

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  • Digital

    for those who don’t like the jailbreaking – and they’re the majority?????
    WHAT AGAIN?!? R u sure u were awake when you wrote this?!

  • Mk_salvador

    Jailbreak – somehow means vulnurability to hackers. May be due to that, some of users are majority ;)

  • Mk_salvador

    By the way. This app is buggy, crashing all the time ;(

  • Metalllord

    Starts and crashes in 2secs on my iphone4-ios5 jailbreaked

  • Dontask

    The Comments @ Appstore say: you need to be playin music to use this. Crap in my opinion…

  • Shadow

    Bottom line is, your iPod will be running all the time and drain battery faster than it already is.

  • Digital

    Come on! :) apple itself spying on everyone! Plus it
    has no sense of putting basic phone feature!
    Do I need to jailbreak to have SMS delivery report
    or correct its bull$hit auto-correction when typing?
    Ah jailbreak is sweet and I will throw the phone away
    once it has no jb! I didn’t get the 4s becz that doesn’t
    have jb till now so apple can keep it to itself! ;-)