How To Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Using “Corona 5.0.1 Untether” Cydia Tweak (VIDEO)

by Ahmed Omar on December 27, 2011

As reported few minutes ago, the much-waited untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 has been released based on pod2g’s discovered exploit. Since the links for Redsn0w and GreenPois0n jailbreak tools are not ready yet, there’s an alternate method to do the untethered jailbreak. You can currently use a new jailbreak tool available in Cydia named “Corona” to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 untethered. Below we’ll show you how.

How To Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Untethered

P0sixninja, the brain member of the Chronic Dev Team, developed a Cydia tweak called “Corona” and uploaded it Cydia for users who already have a tethered jailbreak on iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1.

You’ll need to do a tethered jailbreak first using previous redsn0w version. You can follow our guide posted here to do a tethered jailbreak on your A4 device running iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5.

How To Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Untethered

STEP 1: Assuming your device is already jailbroken, head to Cydia and leave it till the update is finished.

STEP 2: Once updated, search for “Corona 5.0.1 Untether” under BigBoss repository and you’ll be able to download it for free by hitting the “Install” button on the top right of screen.

Corona 5.0.1 Untether

Once done, you’ll need to reboot your device and get your untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1.

iOS 5.0.1 Untethered With Corona 5.0.1 Untether Video:

Stay tuned for guides for both Redsn0w and GreenPois0n jailbreak tools.

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  • The fack?

    Either my iPhone boots really slow, or this doesn’t fucking work! What the fuck?!

  • Ahmadnasir




  • Greg

    Stuck in reboot loop…

  • booboo

    Beautiful! I was running a jb ios 5.0.1 with semi-tether. Just refresh Cydia, install the Corona 5.0.1 Untether package like mentioned above, remove semi-tether (if you were using it) and that’s it. Test it out by just rebooting your phone. Works like a charm!!!

  • Ahmadnasir

    Ahh i just reebotted my iphone its stuck on the apple logo how long does it take to boot, i know it take quite long but is it normal if its been like 3+ mins?

  • pimp1234

    safari don’t work with corona…. PLEASE fix bugs… TY

  • Yunus_esenkaya

    this didnot worked for me, i jailbreaked it with redsnow
    and installed corona now i tried to reboot but stucks on apple logo

  • Ahmadnasir

    Great it didnt work probably i did something wrong!! trying again just booted up using redsnow “Just boot”

  • awais

    beautifull working 1000000% thanks everyone who supported in this untethered jailbreak, espically pod2g

  • Ali Mirabolfathi

    thanks guys you`ve done a great perfect on my ipod touch

  • guest


  • Z Chumbadze

    Thank you, really great pplz…..

  • Ahmadnasir

    It didnt work not even the second time i tried it!!! :(

  • Retta Workneh

    thanks its great work

  • Taran Boparai

    great job…!!! it worked ….thanks

  • Drnegrito150

    jus try it wit my iphone works perfect make sure u delete semi-tether

  • Thegodfather

    works fine with me. great job!!!!!

  • Pjpcasem

    do i need to update it using a custom ipsw or i can update thru itunes?

  • joe

    is it working wiz ios 5.0?

  • Jasmine Lucini

    thanku it worked beautiful. :-)

  • Rubens

    ipad2 work in??

  • Retta Workneh

    u can update by itunes but if u want unlocking keep your base band by snowbreeze jailbreak with redsnow then apply install corona 5.0.1 from cydia

  • Alammari1292

    Works .!!.!.!.! flawless

  • Z Chumbadze

    What about unlock 04.11.08?

  • Dj12345

    Is this working with Iphone 3gs jailbreaked using snowbreeze?

  • Dj12345

    Is this working with Iphone 3gs jailbreaked using snowbreeze?

  • Mvinicius__

    works for ipad 2?

  • Mvinicius__

    works for ipad 2?

  • zrpov

    Is this working with Iphone 3gs jailbreaked using snowbreeze?
    ==> yes but it need’s minimum 5 minutes to reboot (but it works)

  • Hdjdjs

    Can’t download unless you’re using 5.0.1 firmware

  • Mez

    There’s always one guy shoving his DICK down his own throat

  • Dj12345

    Thanks zrpov!!!

  • Raziln

    omg omg omg this is awsome you guys are awsome well done

  • Z Chumbadze

    Is there some news about unlock 04.11.08? Please let us know….

  • Rilwan

    Worked Perfectly for my Iphone 4 what about unlock for bb 04.11.08

  • Rilwan

    My Iphone 4 booted in less than 2mins

  • Aplle logo

    Can anyone tell me, what is going on!? When I rebooted my device it stuck on apple logo. I’m waiting 15 minutes, but nothing happens!!!!!!!! Please someone help me!!!!

  • Ahmed Hassan

    my iphone rebooted from fully switched off to fully on in exact 45 seconds…..
    this is magic
    best untether..
    i think even better than redsn0w’s new untether

  • Jcaicedc

    Thanks a zillion Pod2g. Rebooted in less than a minute. You rock!

  • Bajanhitman

    I have a problem when i try to install corona 5.0.1 but i get two error messages that read. ” subprocess post-installtion script returned error exit status 1 then sub-proces /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

  • Isi

    Works perfect but my signal seems affected (iphone 3gs)…Anyone else with the same symptom?

  • r323

    can i use this to untether jailbreak my tethered ios 5? i don’t want to update to 5.0.1 since i need it unlock. i don’t wanna go through again with the hell i’ve been through when i updated to ios 5.

  • Wes

    i get the same. any fix for this?

  • Justin Kathavong

    It doesn’t show on my cydia. When I search it up , it has no results of the untether.

  • Kosic

    I’m unsure why everyone is asking does this work for the A5 chips (Iphone 4s and Ipad2). If people took the time to read the guide, it would explain how that you need a JAILBROKEN DEVICE, click here to see how to jailbreak the A4 chip (Iphone 3g, 3gs, 4g, ipod touch, ipad 1).

    Also, if they release th A5 chip jailbreak, (Ipad2, and Iphone 4s), it would be HUGE news, and would be posted on the title.

    So, no, this Cydia tweek will not help with the A5 chip, because there isn’t a tethered jailbreak release for the and iphone 4s yet.

  • iPod touch fan

    Come on some1 answer plz I bought an ipad 2 for xmas, so im running on 5.0 and i cannot downgrade!
    Oh and by the way, is there any jailbreak tool 4 ipad 2 rurring ios 5.0.1 that works on windows.

  • Thundersky740

    thanx so much

  • Akramsarmad

    Finally!!!!!!!!!! =)

  • j

    When I search “Corona” in cydia, the untethered package doesnt show up.
    Is there a source that I need to add?

  • donny

    this is not working for iphone 4 GSM ios 5.0.1 jailbreaked with redsnow0.9.9 installed corona
    but when i try to reboot it stucks by apple logo

  • Yunus_esenkaya

    anyone? who can help me out

  • Hard Metal 02

    I can’t find coronaaa ….plss HELP !!!!

  • Ahmed Hassan

    i think if im not wrong….
    this untether even made my iphone 4 battery on ios 5.0.1 to improve
    Pod2g new corona jailbreak even can help ur battery life

  • Ahmed Hassan

    its not possible
    either u are lying
    or ur previous jailbreak was corrupt

  • Imran

    ahmed i am on 1os 4.0 1.59.00 baseband how do i unthethered jailbreak on ios 5.1

  • HRAJA14

    ‘subprocess post instillation script returned error exit status 1′ comes up when i load corona, HELP!!!

  • Usman Shahid

    works perfectly! my iphone 3GS takes less than 2 minutes to reboot untethered…
    As always thanx a lot Dev team !!

  • Harryng

    Try adding bigboss repo the source is in the internet

  • Donny

    sorry? why should i lie about this, i am trying to get that untethered jailbreak working but everytime i reboot after installation corona it stucks on starting up then i have to start it again with redsnow

  • Kilooh

    I WORkss GREAT !!!!

  • Corona fail

    Can anyone tell me, why corona fails to install on my device?

  • Kilooh

    You must first upgrade with itunes to 5.0.1 than jailbreak with redsn0w_win_0.9.9b7 ipsw –>iPhone3,1_5.0_9A334_Restore en than you can download in cydia Corona

  • Ali Mirabolfathi

    guys its working on my device ipod touch but Ibook crashing and wont work could you please fix the bugs.i need i book plzzzzzzz.

  • Bajanhitman

    Well i went and did the redsnow update jailbreak and it worked. So Mine is working fine now.

  • schmed

    hi guys,
    here’s the resolution: double click your home button and close out cydia. re-open and let in finish updating. should pop up next time you search.

  • schmed

    upgrade to 5.0.1

  • schmed

    45 seconds on the dot. feels like a lifetime the first time you try it tho! haha

  • Donny

    could it be the reason that i have iphone 4 GSM and not a CDMA?

  • Private0ne

    I am running custom 5.0.1 on iPhone 4, GSM network, jailbroken with redsn0w. I was able to successfully install the “Corona 5.0.1 untether”, however, upon attempting to reboot device…still stuck at the apple logo. I uninstalled and reinstalled, no change…still have to use Redsn0w to reboot…any ideas?

  • Dbaraka90

    My device is ios 2.0 tethered. Can i use this tweak? Or do i have to jailbreak and restore my device to update it? Becuase i tried to download corona and they told me “it does not comply”

  • Dbaraka90

    Sorry ios 5.0*

  • Jojo_

    So i have iPhone 4 LOCKED , im using 5.0.1 custom firmware . So in order to save my baseband i just need to install the package from Cydia right ? There is no harm on the baseband or ?? Please answer .

  • Eeg

    Dude, this new jailbreak does not support ipad2
    , only for
    - iPhone4
    – iPhone4-CDMA
    – iPhone3GS
    – iPad1
    – iPod touch 3G
    – iPod touch 4G

  • kaizer

    i loved it..thanku…

  • odi3

    I am having same post-installation script returned error msg. What is the “redsnow update jailbreak? I am currently using redsnow 0.9.10b1

  • Tyr

    I have an iPhone 4 and it’s still stuck on the Apple boot logo, I have been JB’n for years. Ahmed can suck a fat pig’s dick. I think Corona conflicts with some package(s) that some of us who are stuck must all have in common..

  • Delightfor4

    could someone please provide the “exact” url for the bigboss repo?. thanks,

  • Jordanodie23

    Soo the package didn’t show up in Cydia… wtf?!

  • Delightfor4

    NVM, following Schmed’s instructions worked. Thanks!

  • Don Yogesh

    ibooks not working

  • Asdds

    I was stuck at the apple logo too. Then i tethered boot back in and reinstall corona and this time it worked

  • Nirakar

    thnxx a lot….worked for me…iPod touch 4g with iOS 5.0.1………….Thnxx @pod2g……….

  • Pod2g ROCKZZz

    @Pod2g really rocks………he’s the best!!

  • Kittyinfite210

    I have a problem when I try to install corona 5.0.1 but I get two error messages that read. ” subprocess post-installtion script returned error exit status 1 then sub-proces /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)


  • blah

    can someone help me please my phone is now stuck at the apple logo Ive got a iphone 4 16 gig and i installed the corona hack then i rebooted my phone but it wont go any further. So i tried to do a just boot option but it wont allow me to put the phone in DFU mode. When i got it into recovery I tried to hold down the power button to get the power off option but it just powers off. I know how to get my phone into DFU but after i installled the coroana untethered it just stuck at apple logo please someone help me resolve this. thanks in advance

  • Jack

    can’t download it and iv refreshed 3 times. Can i just run the new redsn0w over my tethered redsn0w without restoring?

  • Jack

    Try using a tool to get you out of recovery mode mabye like tiny umbrella, if that dosent work you will have to restore and jailbreak untethered with the new redsn0w

  • blah

    can someone help me here please ive removed the semi tether then reinstalled corona hack but still stuck at apple boot logo someone help please any idea why it’s not allowing it too update3 to a untethered state please

  • Anonymous

    My i4 ios 5.0.1 is WORKED!!!!! BUT is not stabil!!!!! I can reboot it without a redsn0w but my i4 got INVALID SIM….!! Why????? Anyone can fix it??
    Help me LOL

  • Ozzy

    Can someone please provide the steps on how to jailbreak untethered with a custom IPSW from snowbreeze? also how do i hactivate the phone after jailbreaking?

  • war10ck

    hi.. but i can’t find Corona in Cydia with my iPod touch tether :S

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  • stwidd

    Reboots fine, but no downloaded apps work. Safari, camera, email, etc. is all good. Any tips? Tried rebooting multiple times.

  • Pablo

    worked a treat ,nice one guys thanks !

  • AdvancedBlah

    Nice! I really enjoyed reading this. Needed a good laugh this morning.

    Maybe you should try hacking the phone yourself and coming up with your own jailbreak method, or possibly go to school and educate yourself a little more because it’s obvious your lacking in that department.

    Also, try practicing patience next time, the exterminators will come soon enough.

  • AdvnacedBlah

    Did you try backing up / restoring / and then jailbreaking with the Redsn0w 0.9.10b1 from scratch? Give that a shot biaaatch and then report back!

  • Fpc830

    you must update cydia first then restart cydia and all should be well

  • Pordy Diaz

    jeez man, now u got yourself a more expensive ipod. You should have made a custom IPSW before updating it. You can’t downgrade it anymore. Just hope for the new baseband unlocks to come sooner.

  • Antoniorodrigueez

    this was really easy….I dont see why people are complaining and use the latest version of redsn0w to tether jailbreak your apple product

  • Hey

    Big boss repo, just a heads up cydia has some updates and I didn’t do them first and ended up having to reboot just tethered so consider doing those updates before installing corona if you cant find corona try exiting cydia a few times it’s there it didn’t show for me at first either hope this helps

  • Tural Ceferov

    This method doesn’t work in IOS 5.0. Please help me. What I have to do?

  • BadComment

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  • Martinnr

    Installed corona, reboot it and everyhting looks fine until I run up any app, full screen of the app appears then it shrinks and only shows in quarter of the screen, and I cant even place a call, any ideas??

  • Vincent L Wooldrik

    It worked for me (iPhone 4 GSM). Thanks!!

  • Mindyofnbznass

    You can try uninstalling corona and then remove the semi-tether if you have that installed, then reinstall corona.

    Which IBSM did you use for the tethered jailbreak? If you used the 5.0, instead of the 5.0.1 then I would go through itunes, backup, restore, and then use the new Redsn0w 0.9.10b1 and the 5.0.1 IBSW they tell you to use.

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    now don’t try sucking the screen you sand nigger bitch

  • David Dryman

    No, this only works on 5.0.1
    I have a similar question though. I am on tethered iOS 5 and would like to know the process for upgrading to 5.0.1 so I can install this untethered fix. Do I just upgrade to 5.0.1 in itunes and then run the jailbreak again? will I be able to keep my currently installed cydia apps/tweaks?

  • Milan

    On my iPod 3G 32GB (MC008LL) iOS 5.0.1 (9A404) the Corona failed to install:
    Sorry, your device/iOS version is not supported.
    Followed by two error messages (1).

    Do I really have to upgeade to 9A405?

  • Martinnr

    THks for the answer.
    I did run into safe mode and unsitall semi-tethered, then reinstall Corona and boot up, same old shit.
    I jailbreak tethered with redsn0w 0.9.9b9d and iPhone3,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore

  • Fr0st

    Ok this is weird, tested on 2 different iPhone 4.

    This is what i did:

    1) Upgraded to 5.0.1 with custom IPSW made with snowbreeze (Phone should be thetered jailbroken)
    2) Star Cydia, let it update then close Cydia.
    3) Star Cydia again, let it update, install Corona.
    4) Reboot

    and heres the problem: Some times they just reboot normally (as it should on an unthetered device) but some times they get stuck at the apple logo and i have to reset (sleep+power) & reboot again.

    Some times im lucky and it just reboots normally, sometimes i have to reset again… im totally lost.

  • Dbaraka90


  • Kkaycee

    it works… but ibooks crashing. Also SBSettings not showing up in the notifications center.

    To provide some background info:
    I was on semi-tethered 5.0.1 —-> upgraded cydia to latest mobile substrate etc —-> removed semi-tetherer –> installed corona untetherer.

    All is perfect except for ibooks and sbsettings issue. Dev team – please resolve.

    you guys rock !!

  • Martinnr

    Do an upgrade to iOS 5.0.1 first

  • Fr0st

    hmm there seems to be 3 new updates to Cydia, will try updating.

  • Martinnr

    Only with 5.0.1

  • Martinnr

    BTW when I runn in safe mode (Using SBSeting) everything seems to work perfect, both cracked and iStore apps. Any clue?

  • Safayett

    cause u must have something installed before which is interfairing with each other

  • Samfischer9

    Anyone facing issues with their iBooks crashing?? Get an error that says “There is an issue with the configuration of your iphone” and than iBooks crashes.

  • Safayett

    So here is my Story.. was in Teathered jailbreak for couple of months.. and tried installing Corona but no luck was stuck on apple logo.. :(

    here is what I did..

    Re did the Teathered jailbreak with process while preserving baseband 01.59.00 ( for ultrasn0w unlock)
    and installed Corona again no luck.. so read couple of comments that after couple of reboot it should work and guess what thats what happened its working now :D

    Thanks to Chronic dev team and pod2g :D


    Worked flawlessly for me.

  • Fr0st

    I somehow managed to solve it by deactivating the sincronization options for iBooks and/or the ibook options on icloud.

    Works for me rigth now.

  • Fr0st

    Forgot to tell you to unistall it first, reinstall it then go first to the options to deactivate that.

  • Fr0st

    Seems ok now.

  • Javaaid

    after installing its going to safe mode :(
    trying again and again same problem :(

  • Green Leo89

    I am getting an Error during the Corona Installation. can anyone assist?

  • Sulaman Qadiri

    wat is SBSettings?

  • Ben

    Just jailbreaked my iphone 4 and can’t add bigbss sources so I can’t get sbsettings.. anyone has the same problem ?

  • Martinnr

    Being in safe mode unistall any resent cydia app, it worked for me before.

  • Martinnr

    Last minute update:

    Being in safe mode I uninstall some Cydia shit like “Respring” (i used to solve temporally the withe Cydia apps icon issue), FakeCarrier, Browser Changer, AptBackup.

    I rebooted some times to test it all…. so far its working like a charm!

  • Prateek Suri


  • Temoforever


  • Temoforever

    great its working fine

  • Mindyofnbznass

    Ok. Try to get back to the state before you started this morning. Uninstall corona and leave your semi-tethered uninstalled as well.

    Now, download the new redsn0w 0.9.10b1 and connect your phone to pc/mac. Make sure to shut the phone down after connecting. Launch redsn0w 0.9.10b1, click Jailbreak, and then UNCHECK Install Cydia. Click Next and then enter DFU mode. It should install the patch. Now reboot a couple times and check your apps again.

    Also, many people have been reporting problems with this and SBSettings. Bugs that may need fixin. I have never used it, can you try disabling it to see if it may be causing the issues.

  • Javaaid

    did the same and rebooted so many times but still the same :(

  • Jimloplus

    I had the same issue but after the latest cydia 1.1.3 update it seems everything works ok, thanks for the info

  • SuckME69

    No Idiot

  • Jameskyleno

    im getting the same thing 2 error messages

  • Javaaid

    uninstalled the corona and jailbreak the iphone using latest redsnow

    it works :) :)

  • Breeze000000000

    If u dont know sbsettings then dont jailbreak u idiot

  • Jameskyleno

    keep getting 2 error messages on corona ??? can any 1 help im using a 3gs

  • Jimloplus

    I have an Iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 bb 01.14.00 unlocked with Ultrasn0w and now completely jailbreak untethered, i´m so happy, these are one of my best christmas gifts, thank you so much pod2g and all dev teams, God bless you

  • Greg

    I’m getting a message that says, “Cannot Comply” when I try to download apps on Cydia. I’m not quite sure what I need to do to resolve the issue so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jimloplus

    just to mention bb is 01.59.00

  • Tmp2

    i got the same problem! anyone can help us?

  • Ferniza

    Works great!! Thank you guys for your effort!! Will donate! Oh yeah!!

  • didad

    Why activator and sbsettings aren’t working :( ?

  • didad

    Why activator and sbsettings aren’t working :( ?

  • Mas_egy2006

    what about the semi-tether tweak, should i remove it before installing corona or what??

  • Mark

    I have an odd issue.

    When my 3Gs has ran totally out of battery (to the point that you see the red battery image), it refuses to boot the first time and sits at the apple logo. After a restart, it does boot but it takes an absolute age, 3-5 minutes!

    It’s quicker to use iBooty in the case which sort of defeats the point of an untethered option. Having said that, it does seem to boot in about 60 seconds if the device was manually restarted.

  • Saif_on360

    how do u update cydia?

  • Michael

    Jailbreak went smooth on my iPad 1 except…..that I no longer have multitouch gestures? I did not see an option to enable the gestures like with the tethered jailbreak. Did I miss this or was it left out?

  • Anonymous

    Wow thanks for sharing this with us! ~ wejailbreak[.]net/

  • Martinnr

    Will be better if you ged rid of it before inslalling Corona, I´ve seen a bunch of issues that my be related to that fix.

  • Martinnr

    Try updating them, I update them a couple of days and after installing Corona they both work quite fine.

  • Martinnr

    Good thing is that there was that option letf as a Plan B :)

  • didad

    Well i have search them in the search bar but nothing showed up, maybe my bigboss source isn’t working :(

  • Martinnr

    Thks again, look at my “Last minute update:” notice. SBSttings were not causing the issue, actually it helps me to solve it (I use it to get into safe mode)

  • Mas_egy2006

    cydia won’t update the database
    is there something wrong with the servers?

    Keep saying: Error POSIX
    and cache failure
    anyone having this issue??!!!

  • Mas_egy2006

    just open it up and it should update its database automatically
    or simply open up sources and click refresh at the top of your screen :)

  • chris

    mine isn’t either

  • Cascadianwarrior

    I have the same thing going on trying up install Corona on my iPad. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Branson1995

    i can’t install corona untethered jailbreak 5.0.1 on cydia
    i cant install anything

  • The Force

    i did everything but corona keeps getting =- subprocess post-installation script error

  • Kenvangrinsven982

    when i try to install corona on my iphone 4 (5.0.1) cydia says : “subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1″ and also : “Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)” Pleasee help me! :(

  • Branson1995

    i have tried to install winter board.. i got it to download one time but it didnt work like on my other ipod.

  • Branson1995

    and now it says cannot comply

  • Doubthou

    Big Boss tweeted servers are overloaded.
    Of you fail with your Jailbreak try later.

  • Kenvangrinsven982

    fail servers ^^

  • Ricky Lam

    Same problem here

  • ScrewZoo

    I got the same since earlier afternoon

  • Wellwellwell

    I was semi-tethered using redsn0w 0.9.9b8 and the 5.0 ibsw and was successful with my Untethered jb.

    I downloaded the redsn0w 0.9.10b1
    loaded the 5.0.1 ipsw
    ran jailbreak (UNCHECK INSTALL CYDIA)
    went into DFU mode

    Started Cydia
    While updating it did report some cached errors and some unavailable content and stuff, but all my apps and stuff work great. Dont have SMSetting installed yet, so can’t confirm that.
    Uninstalled my Semi-Tethered
    Perfect Untethered 5.0.1 on Ipod 4G

  • qwerty

    I get that to. I succesfully got corona. And then wanted to download a tweak and when I did that it took so long. Then got that error. What’s going on?

  • Cascadianwarrior

    When trying to install Corona on my iPad 1 running iOS 5.0.1 I keep getting two error messages:

    Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
    subprocess post-installtion script returned error exit status 1

    This was a clean install using redsn0W 0.9.10b1. Anyone else having the same issue or have a solution?

  • Moto

    i have the same error. any solution?

  • Wellwellwell

    Confirming that SBSettings are working good. Using Dropdown toggles / Battery percent, a couple activation methods and they all are working good.

  • Moto

    is it necessary to install “corona” if the jailbreak was done with redsnow 0.9.10b1?

  • Bob Romero

    I got the same error too is there a way to fix this? or am i never gonna be able to untether my phone?
    Jailbroken using redsn0W 0.9.10b1

    Please Help

  • alaa

    me too the same problem

  • Zcetnies3

    Having the same problem. Don’t know. Actually right now I get a cannot locate package on most of the ones i click on cydia. Can’t install winterboard right now either.

  • Zcetnies3

    It’s probably gonna take a lil bit for the servers to calm down. I’m pretty sure they are overloaded right now.

  • fahad

    my version is 5.0 so this untethered version would work for me too?

  • Shottadru

    Is anyone having an issue where cydia will not open after you install corona??

  • Bardhyl N. Salihu

    I get this thing as well on many sources!!

  • Moto

    YES!!!! Igot it.
    I confirm that you don’t need to install “CORONA” if you have jailbreak with the latest version of Redsnow 0.9.10b1.

    for devices that had already tethered jailbreak will need “Corona” for the Untethered.

  • Fr0st

    Forget what i said, crashes again.

    Would like to know if it happens when using redsn0w too or its just corona related.

  • Wagnerfsj

    I JUST dont find Corona in Cydia?
    Which source is it?

  • help.. :(

    I accidentally had Install cydia checked anyway to undo that?

  • Tony

    after i installed corona and resprung , i opened cydia again and it said corona had an update. after the update my phone is stuck at the apple logo. :( any ideas?

  • Andy

    after i installed corona i reboot my ophone 4 and its stuck in apple logo
    i tired somany times to rebbot by redsnow bt its not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    any solution????????????????????

  • Luisalonso

    To solve not working activator (multitouch gestures, sbsettings etc.) just reinstall mobile substrate in cydia. You are welcome.

  • Luon

    Same here, please anybody can solve this?

  • Xcrewx2001

    mine is jb ios 5,why i cannot install Corona?

  • Xcrewx2001

    do i need to upgrade to 5.0.1 1st?

  • Sp4d3z

    what the sorce for the corona untethered thing i need it asap ??

  • Martinnr

    Yes indeed!

  • test12

    Can you please guide how should I update to 5.0.1, is it through Apple’s Update or some other for tethered jailbreak

  • Cascadianwarrior

    Ok, got it working now (iPad 1 running 5.0.1). Cydia now has Corona 1.0-3 (updated from 1.0-1 and -2) and I had no issues. Plus you can now install it over the top of redsn0w which I think is where I was getting hung up earlier. To find Corona just use the search function in Cydia….

    Thanks to @pog2g and the Chronic Dev Team for this jailbreak!

  • JD India

    Did this on iphone4 5.0.1 tethered jailbreak….
    1. Installed Corona 1.0.3
    2. Rebooted…Found that no applications were working including cydia, safari.
    3. Connected iphone to the computer and ran itunes.
    4. Did a sync
    5. Rebooted…Now everything is working fine. iphone has untethered jailbreak.
    I think the trick is in a second reboot after sync in itunes!!!
    Merry Christmas :-)

  • yamotototot

    i cant friggin find it too!!!

  • red ble

    Worked Flawlessly For Me. Im On An Ipod Touch 4G With Semi Tether. Downloaded Corona From Big Boss And Once It Said “Return To Cydia” Reboot. It Will Take A Litle While Maybe 40 Seconds, It Seems Like It Will Never Boot Up, But It Will :D

  • Saurabh

    HI I am unable to activate the phone using redsnow please advice. I use a gevey sim method but i am stuck at activate screen only

  • Abc

    ibook crash …. there’s some bugs there :(

  • Terrance

    thanks man your video was very short and sweet.

  • Ttrece

    i have been this route all day, my iphone 4 get stuck on the screen that have all of the data”writting” and at the bottom say error…. ” mounting roofs as read-only…
    ERROR! … and i have to dfu and try again … ugh

  • Abc

    i cant find it in cydia
    ive searched and looked manually
    its missing :(

  • Donny

    what u have to do is
    restore your iphone 4 gsm
    dont forget to make a backup
    then jailbreak it with redsnow 0.9.10

  • cool dude

    yep, i get release.gpg a milloin times , then i get HOST unreachable :P OSIX :(

  • David

    help i cant find

  • brad

    I keep trying to refresh cydia on my 5.0.1 iPhone 4, and all I am getting to is “Done: Packages” and then wont go any further. Is this because of the server overload?

  • tony lee

    my 3gs new bootrom was semi tethered jb with redsnown 9.9.8 .
    i uninstall semi.
    install corona 5.0.1 untether.
    reboot my 3gs it is semi tethered not untether on my 3gs.
    i did try reinstall coronain few times and syn with itune few times still same thing happen it boot as semi tethered.
    am i missing something ?.

  • Xpozay

    Thats really a great news i was waiting for it.
    But too much confusing right now.
    I am with iPhone 4
    Ver: 4.2.1 (8C148)
    BB Firmware 04.10.01

    its jailbroken and unlocked and i have cydia and found the corona 5.0.1
    Now should i go ahead and install this corona
    or should i upgrade through itunes to 5.0.1 (if i do that it will def get locked again)
    or should i start with RedsnOw ?

  • Xpozay

    Corona is there you just need to keep reloading the cydia till you dont get Upgrade available on cydia.

  • Xpozay

    forgot to mention its unlocked by geveysim

  • tony lee

    got it
    some how corona package from smolk not work for me
    i uninstall package from smok and reinstall corona package from cydia
    now my 3gs IS untethered jailbreak and unlocked.
    thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL

  • parmenide

    ciao a tutti e buone feste! sono riuscito ad installare cydia sull’iphone (Iphone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1, Cydia 1.1.3), perö ancora non riesco a selezionare il mio operatore … cioeè il telefono appare essere ancora in qualche modo bloccato? avete idea da cosa puö dipendere? grazie a tutti per l’aiuto!

  • andrew

    does this work with ios 5 ? or only 5.0.1 ?

  • Chimera

    If my iphone 4 isn’t jailbroken yet. Do i need corona untether 5.0.1 after i download redsn0w 0.9.10b1 and jailbreak or will it already be untethered ? Please reply as soon as possible.

  • Guest

    Only 5.0.1
    If you are running ios 5.0 you should update.

  • Tml

    No. Untethered is built in in RS 9.10b1 only if you jailbreaked with anprevious version install corona

  • Tml

    I have no app crashes at all nd the booting time is not very long. This was already bedore i synced. Is this normal???

  • Grand8_runescape

    I had the same problem after I rejailbroke my iPhone 4 with redsn0w_win_0.9.10b2 on top of my redsn0w_win_0.9.10b1 jailbreak, I resolved the problem by jailbreaking my iPhone 4 again with redsn0w_win_0.9.10b1

  • Kiprasg

    does it work if i jailbroken my iphone 4 using snowbreeze? or it just work with redsnow?

  • Martinnr

    Just do it through iTunes

  • Chris@Pau

    Same for me.
    I had 5.0.1 tethered with latest Redsnow, ibooks was working fine with this configuration.
    Now I just updated with Corona and then ibooks crashes again.

  • F Monteiro

    I need this answer as well. Tried to use Corona over my 3GS with snowbreeze 2.8b11 but stucks in apple´s logo

  • Riza D Chantengco

    You are a genius!!!

  • T – XuaNn

    I keep trying to refresh cydia on my 5.0.1 iPhone 4, and all I am getting to is “Done: Packages” and then wont go any further.

  • olti

    I think there is something wrong with Cydia on 3gs iphones. I can install any package on my 4g but Cydia not working on 3gs

  • olti

    Cydia not working on 3gs only. Cydia working fine on my 4g. Anyone know how to make cydia loading?

  • Robert Derewecki

    how to activate 3gs after jb with new rs? i have all the time activation screen

  • fryzjer

    I was a bit afraid of updates, but everything went fine. WORKS.

  • Moogle

    restore your ipod to 5.0.1, then jailbreak, then corona

  • Asdalsamet

    Cant update me ipod 4th gen from 5.0 to 5.0.1!!!! HELP!!!!

  • ggirma79

    Thanks, upgraded and jailbroke my phone last night. Been waiting for the untethered for what seems a lifetime. ;)

  • Carl F Sta

    check your host file (delete all lines with
    in tinyumbrella, uncheck : set hosts to cydia on exit (in the advance tab)

  • iSteve-O

    you need to restore in itunes and preserve your baseband with a custom ipsw (SHIFT+Restore) DON’T USE A STOCK IPSW OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR UNLOCK! You will have to use the redsnow ipsw builder tool to build a baseband preserving ipsw file. if you install this on 4.2.1 it will most likely crash your phone. its not the ipsw file its just a small tweak.

  • HelpMyIphone

    IPhone 4 Jailbreak success… But stuck at apple logo and my iphone have ran out of battery help please

  • HelpMyIphone

    And I cant charge it

  • Kyle9d

    How do I update to iOS5.1 while tethered with iOS5. Plz Respond !

  • Vyt

    I semi-tethered jb my i4 with sn0wbreeze on ios 5.0.1 and I just untethered jb with corona. It works. If your stuck on the apple logo, you should retry the jb again.

    I guess my only question now is do I have to keep the semi-tether package.??..

    Thanks a bunch for all the hard work guys!

  • Suhashv 6

    am not able to download which is mentioned in step 2..its telling safari can’t be installed..
    Am having ios 5.01. and bb 4.11.08

  • alexandref

    Yeahhhh the version 5.0.1-3 of Corona is perfect! Untethered =D

  • P!nk Fan

    When i try to install Sbsettings i get the error, Cannot Comply, The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed.
    What am i doing wrong? pls help

  • Mark Jorritsma

    I had the same problem. Even with the tethered jailbreak.
    My solution was to restore my iPhone 4 and set it up as a new phone. Then I manually restored things like text messages and specific application data. Using OpenSSH, WinSCP and iPhone Backup Extractor

  • tankmurdock

    Everyone is saying the Gevey is not working when you upgrade to 5.01, I suggest not doing it. Almost every post I have seen is failure to activate.

  • Johnny_bravo_ff8

    This Turtor Is the new hope for IPad 2 GSM… ^_^ coz my fr Iphone 4 GSM work smooth reboot. but I still not have gevey sim support baseband 4.11.08… Many thz to pod2g and jailbreaker teams…

  • Bubblebuster

    does anyone know how to get the ibooks working yet

  • Priscilla González

    You should upgrade, but be careful and save your shsh blobs with tiny umbrella… or create a custom ipsw because when you update your baseband will try to update too,and then you wont be able tounlock…. so preserve your baseband whuile updating… then run a tethered jailbreak which they explain here… and after that tethered jb go to cydia and install corona…

  • Arlindopinto

    version 5.0.1-3 of Corona is perfect! Untethered =D

  • Kritikal

    Is it just me or is Twitter in Settings not working? Neither is my app for Echofon or Instagram..

  • Jam_boy23

    a really big thx for all those who worked hard for us!!! you are my heroes!!:) :)
    last version of corona work perfect on iphone4 os 5.0.1 with semi tethered jb

  • Aamir Abro

    Same problem here …

  • Kshitizjain93

    Open Redsn0w, plug in your iPhone.
    Go to Extras>>Tethered Boot
    Follow Instructions

  • Vavik

    it works after 3 times of tethered boot with ibooty ))) and ibooks works too. try do jailbreak with snowbreeze tethered then isnstall corona and do tethered boot 3or 4 times and you will have untethered jail with working ibooks :) and sorry for my english …

  • Michelleymt

    after jailbreak my cydia is 1.1.1? after upgrade to 1.1.3 but cant on cydia? what happen?

  • guest

    will it work on iphone 4s?

  • Thetinywolf

    Corona doesn’t work at all…iphone 3gs, hacktivated with sn0wbreeze… Keep having to reboot while connected..

  • Kdeyoung1

    When i installed corona it did make my phone untethered….. however, whenever i open apps, they shrink into the upper left corner. how can i fix this. i dont have sbsetings installed. is there any other way to get into safe mode so i can uninstall corona.

  • Mattisgay

    Fucking fags

  • Mattisgay

    My name is Matt Butler and I live in oregon. I’m gay.

  • Erickp123

    Like Kdeyoung1 said, all of my programs open up in the top left quarter of the screen. I have an iPod touch 4G with iOS 5.0.1 untethered by RS 0.9.10 B3. In safe mode it works, just not after rebooting, respringing, etc. Help?

  • Confounded

    I’ve got a good one for all you smart kids…

    I have an iPhone 4 previously jailbroken at 4.2.1 and unlocked via Ultrasn0w. I upgraded to 5.0.1 via Sn0wbreeze, preserving my 01.59.00 baseband. I had previously tried on my Mac using Pwnage tool 5.0.1 and Redsn0w 9.10.b3 – both custom firmwares were built with ACTIVATION since I cannot put the original, ATT sim in this phone. After both jailbreak’s the phone was stuck on the “activate” screen and told me of course the SIM was invalid. I then did the jailbreak using Sn0wbreeze 2.8b11, which got me past the activation screen.

    However, the phone is stuck on the iOS 5 setup wizard (configure language, location, WiFi, etc) EVEN THOUGH iTunes detected it and RESTORED it to my previous backup. Now iTunes treats it like normal (synced all my music, etc) BUT THE PHONE ITSELF will not exit the setup wizard…

    I got to Cydia via the crazy “make and emergency call, hold power button, cancel power-down then release power button and end emergency call at the same time, then pray” technique, but this only gives me my homescreen for 30-seconds at a time before going back to the setup wizard page.

    HELP! There is NOTHING on the web or forums for this one that I can find. Don’t tell me to re-jailbreak either… I’ve done this with three different programs on two platforms a number of times. I’m about to downgrade and call it quits…

  • Pont

    Thanks,to the point with no bull.knew it wouldnt be long.I will surley donate

  • shwegold

    I jailbreak my ipod touch 4g ios 5.01 with redsnow 0.9.9 and now untethered with corona untethered and all done. but I can’t install application whenever I installed, the logo appear and till nearly completed loading it said itunes fail to install. What happpen? Please help me

  • Anonymous

    Go into safe mode
    Open any app
    Respring while still in the app

  • Edward Cai

    Yo! I love it! It only took me 3 minutes to boot up my iPhone 4 White, GSM Model, 64 GB.

  • Brandon Hernandez

    that is happening to me too

  • Garfield30

    Do you need to upgrade your device (iphone 4 on 4.3.3. to 5.0.1 first?

  • Aaquijano

    I used Pwnage 5.0.1 to preserve my 01.59.00 baseband on my iPhone 4. Now, Cydia won’t work. It is not turning on. Any suggestions?

  • annon

    Worked like a charm. I was having issues with miwi working just fine but when I went to use the internet, mail, etc on my phone after using this, I had to restart the phone. I downloaded the corona and everything works fine now. Thanks guys!

  • Obliteratethenation

    can’t find corona on my ipodtouch

  • meemai

    in Cydia try going to “changes” tab and hit refresh.

  • Daniel Nieves Visalden

    Instale perfectamente “Corona 5.0.1 Untethered” pero mi telefono Iphone 4, IOS 5 se a quedado completamente sin señal… se queda en ‘No Service” o en “Searching”. que debo hacer al respcto.?

  • Coliecolie07

    i have no idea how to do this or what to download, plz help! i have the iphone4 version 4.2.1 and do not want to upgrade to 5.0.1 yet.

  • Coliecolie07

    how do u get cydia??

  • Classicberlin

    So…I have a 3GS on 5.0.1 and the 06.15.00 baseband, corona does nothing different! It worked on 4.3.3 with ultrasn0w but now nothing! It is the early production model week 37. PLEASE HELP IM GOING MAD!

  • Sparkydude200

    I Have Ios 5.0. If I Update It To 5.0.1 Will It Erase Cydia?

  • Thementalturtle

    what if i bought an payed app on cydia and then i got a new phone could i get it then

  • Peter Kupfer

    I did this and I still don’t see the option. Is there anything else I need to do?

  • Amir

    u can still get ur lisenses from cydia. ar u stupid?

  • Repsur

    Why not? It’s much better anyway, and there’s an untethered jailbreak for it. Your loss.

  • jb

    does corona work for 5.0

  • rida

    and for 4.3.5? would u b kind enough to tell me how can i make backup for my apps which iav downloaded from installous…. answer will be appriciated…

  • Narutokun120

    fir somereason my ipod wont wana ger recounized in DFU mode for some reason can you guys help me?

  • Narutokun120

    sorry bad writting i ment to say for some reason my ipod wont wana get reconized in DFU mode and wont wana get jailbreaked can you guys help me? plz im sorry for the other post bad typing sorry.

  • jessie

    my ipod wont get it how do i do it :0

  • Mrobinsonsr

    I have an ipad 1 and i’m running ver 5.0.1 and I had to use redsnow 0.9.10b3 and it worked great!!

  • Colesackel

    my ipod (touch 4g) is already tethered and jailbroken on ios 5.0.1, and when i search for “corona” in cydia, nothing comes up. do you need a certain source for it? please help.

  • Guest

    I’m getting this too.
    Please help!

  • VanquileX

    Go to the “Changes” tab and hit refresh. Initially had the same problem and it fixed it for me

  • Yaqim95


  • Siddiqui87

    It wont work on my iPhone 3GS 5.0 . Dont wanna update to ios 5.0.1
    Help ..!!!

  • Tjhms05

    Im having the same problem!

  • Vinotinto

    Hello… my iPod 4G is already jailbroken with redsn0w untethered… I want to know if it’s ok to install the new 1.0-4 Corona 5.0.1 Untether version… I want to fix the iBooks issue…


  • 5.7antrax

    my ipod touch 4g 5.0.1 has cydia and the battery percentage but it just wont open cydia, what could i do there?

  • Afshinsomani

    thnk u man ur my heroooooooooooo

  • Hersheyrayrupert

    finally! after 2 days of searching trying,i finally jalbroken my iphone 4 gsm w/ iOS 5.01!!!!! thank u!!!!!!!!!=))))

  • TampuNaba

    Try to reboot again if you are using redsn0w just like when you jailbreak your device by choosing “just boot tethered right now” then open cydia, go to search tab and type “corona” and install it.

  • Mrslldyln

    i jailbroke my iphone4 with iOS 5.0.1 with redsn0w 0.9.10b4 and it worked fine. but when I install boot logos and set the one that i want to see when i turn my phone on its just the apple that comes up when you first get the phone. i installed the corona iOS 5.0.1 unteather and they still dont work if that has anything to do with it. I cant find any boot logos that arent 4.3.2 or 4.2.1 some one please help me…

  • Francisco

    i keep getting subprocess /usr/bin/dpkg error code (1) when im trying to download the tmobile carrier I need help like now

  • Tarek

    i have iphone 3gs, it was 4.1 but i updated it ios 5.0.1 jailbroken and unlocked.
    it was working untethered for 2 days but after that it is no more booting.
    i tried to boot it with redsnow but still stuck on the apple logo.
    Any ideas please!!

  • Azuwan

    jailbreak ipad 2 5.0.1 cannot work 2012

  • Nokiy2k

    My iphone 4 5.0.1 was jailbroken but i cant unlock to used other sim. Pls help me guys….

  • Brandi Iaria

    I am new at jailbreaking and this was a very helpful video!! Thanks much I love my jailbroke phone!!! :)

  • Ganzoltd

    I did jailbreak my 3GS on 5.0.1 bb 6.15.00. It won’t unlock. Each time I download ultrasn0w in Cydia it gets about 3/4 done and then red and yellow error messages pile up and it doesn’t finish.
    Any suggestions??

  • Safayett

    my friend had same problem all I told him was run ibooty to force unteathered and when it came to main screen cydia was able to open without any problem

  • Mayur

    iPhone 3gs boots too slowly !!
    any suggestions??

  • Martin Mauricio

    same here,.. how do i install it ! ? =[

  • Kurtjr92

    I’m running iPhone 4 GSM, iOS 5.0, Cydia 1.1.3

    When I try to install Corona 5.0.1 Untether from Cydia, I get the following error message:
    “The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”

    I have tried rebooting my device multiple times using the “Just boot” option in redsn0w 0.9.10b4

    Has anyone else had this problem, and is there any known solution? Please let me know if you have any information. Would be greatly appreciated.

  • Tboyhack

    I have a iphone 3gs i followed the steps and when i turn off my iphone its like its not jailbroken and i cant go on mail,cydia,or safari ,i turn it off again when i turn it back on its jailbroken but i cant send or get text messages………… can someone tell me whats wrong

  • Ahmed

    what does corona do?

  • Mateo Holguin

    you need to have ios 5.0.1

  • Tarek

    i have iphone 3gs, i used sn0wbreeze tocreate custom ipsw to ios 5, it said it was untethered and it really was for the first day, but later on, it did not boot so i had to use ibooty everytime i want to on it.
    i went to corona and i found that it was already installed, so i reinstalled it again, but still tethered!!
    any ideas??

  • Sam

    Its perfect Ahmad it works i was trying it last few days now I have untethered ailbreak..Thx Sam

  • Deviousdunk

    Iphone goes into safe mode when a text is recieved on device is in use! All since the latest corona update from cydia! Nothing else installed!
    Any help please??

  • wifi

    I have IOS 5.0.1 after Jailbreak, I could see cydia icon is there but not able to locate Corona for finall step… pls help…

  • bobble&squick

    I have a iPad 1 I was wondering can you get cydia on it because I can’t seem to find any software can you help

  • Zeroxdan

    Dude, I downloaded it, I got iPhone 3GS with the iOS 5 thingy, and the thing is, I am using the Redsn0w but simply cant make it work. everytime it boots it stays on the Apple Logo. It stays like 30 mins like that and doesnt do anything else. Why? Is there a way to fix it? Tweet me @zeroxdan or something in case I don´t answer here. Please, I need help. Thanks!

  • Zeroxdan

    Did it work for you? I did the whole thing, and I took like 30 mins and still didnt boot. Did your boot after the Corona thing?

  • Jimandsu

    I have jailbroken Iphone 3gs, installed Cydia, RedSn0w and Corona as requested. When I open my Ipad 2 the wifi connection is visible, but when I start MyWi on my Iphone it only stays on briefly then turns off when I try to use my IPad. The connection fails.

  • miriam james

    hi i want to know i just upgraded my iphone 4 ios4.0.1 to ios 5.0.1 preserving bb 01.59.00 using snowbreeze tethered rebooting my phone using ibooty is not too ok for me can i re jailbreak my phone using redsnow, will it affect my device or how many times can i jailbreak my phone or shd i do the process all over again using redsnow to upgrade and jb tanks

  • Gamer

    I’m having iphone 4s with ios 5.0.1 9a406 built I successfully jailbreak idevice
    but after that i wouldn’t able to install any pirated apps,
    what settings should i follow 2 install pirated apps?

  • Karingulanagaraj

    I am having Iphone 4 bb 4.11.08 and i jailbreaked the Iphone 4s using redsnow but when i use the sim it shows “invalid sim”,”NO SERVICE” etc any suggestions or solutions please help.

  • LukeeyMc

    mines fine but like how do i get a custom bootlogo whilst using corona untether? becoz it just shows the normal apple one -_-

  • Heidi

    I have an iphone 3g , i removed the tweak (safe mode) then my sim stopped working (No Services) and so I install it again but it is still not working.. reboot my phone like 10 times.. nothing happened.. Please help me :( ….

  • Hosmusic

    i’ve iphone 4g 5.1 jilbroaken tethered but when i try to install corona untethered 5.0.1 v 1.0.8. it gives me CANNOT COMPLY. please advice

  • Brin_lee

    Same as Hosmusic….then to make matters worse…it somehow rebooted and now I’m without the use of Cydia and any of the programs I installed…any ideas??

  • Endia

    I have an iPod touch 4g with 5.1 firmware and I just jailbroke my iPod with the newest version of redsn0w tethered, and I’m looking for Corona in Cydia but for whatever reason the results aren’t showing up. Like it can’t find Corona. How do I fix this?

  • Jojesjose


    I have installed the latest version of ios 5.1, jailbreaked using redsnow preserving the modem firmware. I have also added the “semitether” from cydia to get rid of the rebooting issue. Also did the Click on “Just Boot” and then follow the DFU instructions with redsnow. But, still the phone hangs at apple logo during every restart and i am continuing with the “just boot” procedure.

    The phone still hangs at apple logo during every restart !!!!

    Is there any Corona untether for the ios version 5.1 ????

    Could you advice me the proper solution to resolve this issue.



  • fajbhfasjvna

    When i try to install corona untethered 5.0.1. It says CANNOT COMPLY.

  • Forwardboy009

    I’ve iPod touch 4g iOs 5.1 and I tried to jailbreak using redsnow win 0.9.10b6. I followed up the redsnow instruction. I didn’t stuck on apple logo. I passed it. But redsnow is still waiting for reboot. I tried many times. What should I do. Is there any solution?

  • Vintonjohn

    I installed Cydia and Just Boot, but when i restarted my Iphone4 cydia will not open. Im running 5.1 right now, and it looks like Apple got us! Damm, I shouldn’t have updated.

  • Dominguezw14

    Same here

  • Bats4ever

    can i use this on a 3Gs running 4.1 that’s jailbroken? Cheers!

  • curtis2007

    Hi anyone get the problem of “cannot comply” error with corona sorted, i have installed redsnow win 0.9.10b6 and get it when trying to install it, cydia and everthing else running fine but its tethered.

  • Amit Sondhi

    hi there i trying to unlock my i phone 4 5.0.1 baseband 4.11.08. My phone is jail broken i just want to unlock my phone i have tried your above method but its not working. please help me to unlock my phone.

  • Arty Kortoci

    when i try to download corono 5.0.1 it doesnt let me, it “queue’s” the file and will not install. NEED HELP!

  • Mckeowns9

    Ok man… go to the jailbreak application on your computer :) then plug your usb into your iphone, then turn off, then click extras on your JB application, then click boot tethered, then follow steps :) hope this helps :)

  • Mhdfaran

    Hi i like to ask that does corona effects modem firmware ? because i am using 04.10.01 on my iphone 4 (ios 5.0.1) Gevey Sim

  • Barber9022

    When i try to install corona untethered 5.0.1. It says CANNOT COMPLY.
    …the same here…how do we fix

  • Barber9022

    When i try to install corona untethered 5.0.1. It says CANNOT COMPLY… plz

  • Loro121

    Same here i was looking for help

  • Nmagwizi

    You need to downgrade to ios 5.0.1 and then it will work. To see this go to settings general then you will see your ios. Goodluck!

  • Nmagwizi

    You need to downgrade to ios 5.0.1 and then it will work. To see this go to settings general then you will see your ios. Goodluck!

  • Bhem

    It works on iphone 4 ios 6.0.1 tethered jailbreak?