iOS 5 Semi-Tethered Jailbreak Released, Here’s Your Full Guide!

by Ahmed Omar on October 23, 2011

While both the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team are working on finding an untethered solution for iOS 5 jailbreak, the BigBoss has released an iOS 5 semi-tethered jailbreak. This word might be strange to you, that’s why we’re writing a deep walkthrough below.

iOS 5 Semi Tethered Jailbreak

What’s Semi-Tethered jailbreak

iOS 5 semi-tethered jailbreak is a kind of jailbreak which allows you to reboot your device without needing to a compute for “Just Tethered Boot” option in redsn0w. Yes, it’s similar to an untethered jailbreak but actually 99% of your jailbreak related apps and tweaks won’t work at all. The semi-tethered jailbreak is made as a protection for you if your device reboots while you’re on the road. It allows you to make the most of important functions but you won’t get back to fully functional state until using redsn0w again, when you get home.

For myself, my device sometimes stuck on Apple logo while I’m on the road because of the tethered jailbreak. That will help you a lot in case you’re facing like these problems.

What’s Tethered jailbreak

Tethered jailbreak means you’ll have to plug your iOS device into your compute everytime it’s rebooted and choose the just tethered boot option from redsn0w. In case you don’t have a computer near you (with redsn0w), your device will be stuck on Apple logo.

What’s Untethered jailbreak

That’s the jailbreak where you can reboot your device without having to worry about it not booting up again. Hackers are currently working to get untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.

Supported devices & firmares

You know, they’re still the same. No iPad 2 or iPhone 4S support. It supports iOS 5 on the following devices.

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3GS New Bootrom
  • iPad 1
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPod Touch 3G

What functions can be done and can’t be using Semi-Tethered jailbreak

Well, the BigBoss summed up almost everything important:

1) Can use phone, sms (text messages)
2) Can use every other stock app on iphone.
3) Cannot use mobile safari
4) Can use other appstore web browsers such as atomic web browser
5) Cannot use mail app. You could install a gmail app from appstore or such instead.
6) You cannot use any jailbreak tweak, app, cydia until you boot tethered.
7) While in the semitether booted state, you should not add a jailbreak ios5 notification such as sbsettings to notifications during this state or your device will be stuck in a respring loop until you get home to “boot tethered”.

How to get Semi-Tethered jailbreak

Below is full guide to get it:

STEP 1: You must have iOS 5 installed, and tethered jailbreak (guide posted here).

STEP 2: Once jailbroken, open Cydia then tap on Manage > Sources.

STEP 3: Now tap on Edit from the upper right of the screen then add and write down the following repository:

STEP 4: Search for SemiTether, install it then reboot your device.

STEP 5: Once done, you’ll be able to reboot your device without being stuck on Apple logo.

We’ve tried the semi-tethered jailbreak for iOS 5 on iPhone 4 GSM and it’s working perfect. However, the SemiTether solution is in beta and you may face some problems.

Here’s the video guide:

Let us know any further questions.

UPDATE 1: SemiTether has been updated to fix some issues.

I updated to 0.7.9. This version will take about 90 seconds after it first boots up and then your device will respring again. This timing was the only way to get some of the launch daemons to properly relaunch.

SemiTether 0.7.9 should fix issues for some of you where:

1) Device does not sync with itunes and only errors. Hopefully solved.
2) Device reboots after 2-3 minutes.

UPDATE 2: SemiTether updated again to support Safari working in non-tethered status. More details here.

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  • Eddie

    can this be used on iPad 2???

  • Danny Yi Hwang

    nice!!! Thank u!!

  • Kieran

    Does this work for iPhone 4S and ipad 2

  • Kieran

    Does this work for iPhone 4S and ipad 2

  • Anonymous

    No of course, it’s for the following devices:
    - iPhone 4
    - iPhone 3GS
    - iPhone 3GS New Bootrom
    - iPad 1
    - iPod Touch 4G
    - iPod Touch 3G

  • roger

    what about the ipad 2 and iphone 4s? when they gonna release the jailbreak:(

  • Otoniel_galdamez

    No this does not work on ipad 2 or iphone 4s! Is just for the currently supported devices as iphone 4, ipod touch 4g and Ipad first gen!!!

  • Pro_killah2001

    you ppl are asking the question that is already posted….read and you will see what device is support smh!

  • Lucabrasi85

    I have a 3gs new bootrom and did everything exactly as described in the guide above, and now I’m stuck in a reboot loop!

  • None

    i tried it 3 times , it didn’t work for me

  • miApples interActive Corp

    Why the hell would i want it when the review said you will lose 99% of normal function but at the same time those IDIOT so called tech experts are saying it’s HUGE news & breakthrough! I mean how many peeps iDevices are they going to fuck up just like they did to yours. I going to TRASH these FUCKWITS TOTALLY! Look out twitter sphere & G+. GRRRRR

  • none

    i tired does not work on 4g ios5 jailbroken device

  • Mokhles Hussien

    Thanks but without this program the iphone can reboot normal
    it`s came with iOS5 beta1 jailbreak
    that is normal without it

  • Jsalaz01

    I have iphone 4 w/ ios5 using modem firmware 04.11.08. Will it work with it?

  • AhmedAtef

    Working perfect !! THANKS DUDE!! You’re the one!

  • Gbertsch01

    My ip4 been rebooting for a good 5 mins now.. I did the initial reboot from RS and a second reboot and it’s seems hung up.. how long should it take?

  • Chrisuk09

    Exact Same problem…..
    ( Expand My ip4 been rebooting for a good 5 mins now.. I did the initial reboot from RS and a second reboot and it’s seems hung up.. how long should it take? )

  • TrekMan

    iPhone 3GS stuck in apple logo, doesn’t boot with redsnow.

  • Lamar

    Will see…

  • Sion Lloyd-Davies

    will everyone pls stop asking about ipad2 and 4S, I have both and they will be cracked eventually…….
    and when they are Twiter will be talking about nothing else!!!!!

  • Sion Lloyd-Davies

    this has not worked on my ipad 1 which is no great shakes cos its mainly for my little girl who is 3

  • Anonymous

    iphone 4 is now stuck on apple logo and when trying to boot using redsn0w i cant get into DFU mode… so cant boot my phone at ALL… i DON’t reccommend this at all!!!

  • TrekMan

    so much hard to install iOS 5 on my 3GS 6.15.00. and now restore it again.

  • Asdf

    I have the same issue.

  • Lucky

    iPhone 4 – also stuck at the Apple logo. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Anonymous

    same here w iphone 4… cant get redsn0w to recognize DFU

  • fahiz

    i am on jailbreak unlocked my iphone 4. will it possible to unlock using ultrasn0w, if i semi tethered jailbreak??

  • Christopher Flores

    I’m having the same issue. The phone boots and just stays on the Apple Logo. I’ve tried to reboot multiple times. Now I have to restore and start from scratch. >:o

  • Shifted


  • Sion Lloyd-Davies

    you dont need to restore from scratch

  • Sion Lloyd-Davies

    are you managing to put your phone back into DFU?

  • fahiz

    i am on jailbreak unlocked my iphone 4. will it possible to unlock using ultrasn0w, if i semi tethered jailbreak??
    Plz help me

  • Anonymous

    can anyone else get into DFU mode? i can no longer…

  • Lucky

    What do you suggest?

  • Sion Lloyd-Davies

    have you tried forcing a shut down pressing home and power…. then as soon as apple logo goes press buttons in normal sequence to get DFU….. this defo works because I have had same problem this morning

  • guest

    My phone boots and works for a minute or two then just reboots…. I see a red flash when this happens. Weird… hopefully I can boot long enough to remove it.

  • Anonymous

    yeah i have had no problems in the past getting into DFU… but can no longer after installing this.. so now im screwed, cant boot tethered or “semi-tethered”

  • Sion Lloyd-Davies

    Ive removed from ipad 1 but had not had any problems so far on my iphone 4

  • Sion Lloyd-Davies

    strange one……… on iPad 1 it went into recovery a cpl on times but after a few times finally got it into DFU and uninstalled straight away

  • Sion Lloyd-Davies

    have you tried forcing a shut down pressing home and power…. then as soon as apple logo goes press buttons in normal sequence to get DFU….. this defo works because I have had same problem this morning

  • DbossD

    i have an iPhone 4 and after i installed and rebooted iTunes would recognize my phone and couldnt sync! had to remove it :/

  • DbossD


  • Anonymous

    itunes is not even recognizing my phone.. can someone please assist????

  • TrekMan


  • Lucky

    Yes. I go through the whole “just boot” sequence via redsno0w; it successfully completes; then when it goes to the apple logo again.

  • Wayne

    stop trying it.. its not working… it will make ur phone unable to get recognize by RedSnow and stuck in reboot loop… You need to restore and start over.

  • Wayne

    Restore with Recovery Mode, iPhone 3Gs 06.15.00 and iPhone 4 unlocked set.

  • Sateayam

    Are you stupid or…? Cant you read it first from the top? You can get the answer there…

  • Ben

    iPhone 4 GSM. After install it hung on the apple logo, wouldn’t boot… Had to kick it into DFU mode run redsnow to jailbreak. Would start to load tethered, then reboot. Stuck at the apple logo! No luck so far, looks like I’ll be doing a restore and re-jail breaking, must have an incompatible app or something that keeps rebooting. Make sure you back up before you install this!!!! if you are good with the way your phone is now, wait it out… It’s not worth the trouble..

  • adit kadakia

    dude u can save this all by just using i-funbox and deleting the tweak from cydia folder and then try it in dfu this should work guys………i did it the same thing man…….:)

  • Chrisnunn

    I never learn.. this site.. constantly posting crap that doesn’t work.. don’t install this.. it’s a mess.. the phone reboots not giving you very much time to jump back into Cydia to remove it! (3GS 6.15 BB)

  • Bryanweiss

    Worked great for me. Thanks. iPhone 4 iOS 5.

  • Hoh Bc

    hi I’m manage to install this new app but when I reboot tenthered, I found all the cydia , mail , or whichever app screen pop up in a very small screen(about quater size only) … anyone face this problem after install this semi-tenthered app?

  • TrekMan

    Hi, the same with mine, I did a restore 3gs, but I had problems trying to restore (error 3194 or 1600) but finally i did it. now Im ok, no more semi-tethered

  • Ben

    Anyone having an issue with the reboot, it has something to do with the cydia apps… I was able to restore, with my settings, but held out on the syncing of apps and music. Installed the semi-tether, was able to boot up and down like you would expect. Booted tethered, than installed some of my Cydia tweaks, stuck at boot loop. If you’re on a fresh install this will work great, it’s when you get to installing stuff from Cydia you’ll be playing the game of roulette….

  • Olyptorius


    After my iphone got stuck on respring loop, i put my phone into DFU mode and boot tethered using redsn0w. i then uninstalled semi-tether along with the source. Everything worked fine until my phone started to freeze when i opened my messages or went into spotlight search. I thought maybe i needed to reboot my phone again so i did using redsn0w, but it got stuck attempting to exploit limera1n and then would go into apple bootlogo loop. I then once again tried to boot tethered and still stuck on limera1n. BUT while it was stuck on limera1n i put my phone back into DFU again while it was plugged in and everything and the boot tethered continued, then gave me a “failed” on redsn0w. So for the last time, i tossed it into DFU one last time, and tried boot tethered and it worked without getting stuck on the exploiting limera1n!

    Hope that helps some people if they’re having this issue.

  • Swapnil Dinkar

    Does not work on iPod tch 4g !!!

  • guest

    This semi tethered did not work for me, the phone still kept getting stuck at the apple boot logo just like before installing the software, so i have uninstalled every thing.

  • Thom van Dorst

    I installed semithether, but it didin’t work. Then I got a update in Cydia. When I try this I get an error
    “conflicting packages – not installed semitether
    Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) ”

    Also when I tried to remove it I got the same message.
    Anyone ?

  • Guest

    I’m having the exact same problem. Anyone know how to resolve?

  • Nikhil

    It worked fo me!!!!! Nice thank u

  • Michael Hanek

    I installed semitether and rebooted my device but it did not work. I then noticed the update in Cydia but decided to come back here and read the comments before going any further (something that should be done before installing anything). After reading the comments I decided it would be better to wait for the bugs to be worked out of semitether than to deal with some of the problems posted. I went back into Cydia and uninstalled semitether and then booted tethered. I was lucky enough to avoid the problems posted, maybe because I uninstalled semitether before trying to update it. Hope this helps.

  • foyz

    the semi-tethered jailbreak 0.7.9 released by bigboss has an error that conflicts with current appsync installed, if you do decide to install and later then remove you may encounter an error with your mobile substrate addons in that case to resolve the problem first go into cydia search ‘mobile substrate’ and reinstall it. make sure you reboot your device.

  • Asas

    Stupid bullshit. Dev team suck

  • Jonejaraunak99

    not working!!

  • Its_ahmad

    there are just too many complications in tethered jb….although im using tethered jb in my ios 5 iphone 4 but i dont wanna make it more complicated…..will try to wait for untethered…..

  • Jacob Hatfield

    Working for me but having trouble with redsn0w boot teathered

  • alex

    worked but uninstalled installous.

  • Foyzur_06

    Locate your ipsw

  • Bruno

    It worked just fine for me.

  • Justin Gooner Fantham

    doesn’t work gets stuck on apple logo

  • Justin Gooner Fantham

    oh wait now its stuck on that spinning circle thing????????

  • leungdarren

    cydia keeps crashing at loading…wassup?

  • Drew Alden

    Same here.

  • Molelinux_02

    xSellize repo works alright with its AppSync iOs 5+

  • MacphistoMr

    semi or no tethered? :)

    1) Can use phone, sms (text messages)
    2) Can use every other stock app on iphone.
    3) Cannot use mobile safari
    4) Can use other appstore web browsers such as atomic web browser
    5) Cannot use mail app. You could install a gmail app from appstore or such instead.
    6) You cannot use any jailbreak tweak, app, cydia until you boot tethered.
    7) While in the semitether booted state, you should not add a jailbreak ios5 notification such as sbsettings to notifications during this state or your device will be stuck in a respring loop until you get home to “boot tethered”.

  • Molelinux_02

    restore fresh then jailbreak fresh it will work,then get appsync by xsellize it will not remove semitethered.

  • Reza Ghavamizadeh

    What about ipad2? Please help us

  • Ultrasn0w

    Worked here thanks !!

  • Sergani

    This is Semi…

    If you’re tethered, you should be able to do everything, but you wouldn’t be able to reboot your iphone when on the road and do anything afterwards :)


  • Wjwickham

    This ‘Semi-Tethered’ state does not allow you to use ANY Cydia/Jailbreak applications/tweaks. You will only be able to use the stock applications (except Safari and Mail)

  • Wjwickham

    Did you install the Semi-Tether from the BigBoss repo, or the ModMyI repo? The ModMyI causes the spinning circle loop.

  • mo3aduk

    Worked great for me….Thanx for all….good job

  • @leitegiovanni

    Can I update to ios 5 jailbreaking with Sn0wbreeze using Windows to preserve my 4.10.1 baseband and them do the semi-tehered jb? Will it be compatible with Gevey unlock? Thanks!

  • Vladpayne

    Yes, I did this with my phone (baseband 4.10.1).
    Works great, the only bug is that YouTube app does not work (who needs this shit, when you can access youtube via Safari) and a few apps on the App Store after a while do not launch (only a few of them, but this is incompatibility with iOS5, not JB (Jail Brake not Justin Bieber, but I guess both applies)

  • Alex Girolamo

    meh. still pointless… i dont even see why tethered jb exists. why do people want that?

  • Vladpayne

    Why not? It’s better to use the phone than not. Without Tethered JB my phone would not be usible at the moment as I cannot activate it without a native SIM.

  • 珺。

    Hi Ahmed,

    After I jailbroke my iPhone 3GS using redsn0w, my Music app was quite buggy. I couldn’t sync music correctly & the artist listings were out of order… is there something I can do to fix it?


  • @leitegiovanni

    Thanks Vladpayne! :) I heard about bugs on imessage and facetime too, using Gevey. People say you can’t activate them. Is it true?

  • Krt7_h2

    it is not true, i have ios 5 working with gevey sim and my facetime and imessage works perfect

  • Ashishani4

    Unlocked iPhone iOS 5, didn’t work few times stuck in apple boot logo. Don’t know what’s wrong :(

  • @leitegiovanni

    Thanks Krt7_h2! What version of Gevey are you using? Did you Jailbreak with Sn0wbreeze or Redsn0w?

  • anurs

    I did it…. but how do I get installous back on? :(

  • Charles Levine

    hello every one is semi tether just for redsnow users beacuase i used snowbreeze to jailbreak and install ios5 and preserve my BB BUT when i install semi tether off the boss repo i restart my iphone and all it does is stay on boot loogo for 1 min then it powers down and powers back up and just keeps doing this tell i use ibooty to tether boot again ??? anybody know why this is happening??? is it because i used snow breeze and not redsnow ???

  • @leitegiovanni

    yes you must reboot tethered with ibooty again Let me know how it goes.

  • Sreejith1234

    hi. after jailbreaking my iphone 4, ibooks is not working…crashes every time i start it….wht can i do????

  • Skells

    install the new appsync from cydia then try installing it again worked for me

  • Sogand Tehrani

    well said.. i do the exact same thing with my 3gs.. lost cause!! i seem to never learn my lesson after already having to get my first 2 3gs’s replaced..

  • Jctwin9

    I think you might be right. I haven’t tested your theory, but I get stuck on the Apple boot logo on my iphone 4 with the semi-tether, but have had no problems using redsn0w to just boot.

  • Nic

    cant jailbreak 3gs on iOS 5?? that phone is like 348723989 years old bruh

  • Rdy

    I could always boot ‘semi-tethered’ even with the beta version I don’t see how this is any different.

  • zacaso

    The point is: Why people should not want that?… I mean, i use tethered JB because I like iOS 5 and I almost never shut down my iPod. It’s no necessary to reboot and shut down your device. When I go low on battery I just plug it to the PC, the car or anything and i’m done.

  • Bruno

    One problem i noticed: When you install installous, this source uninstalls and you have to reinstall it. But when you do reinstall, installous disappears again :/

  • Noel Sarah D

    Ick, I appreciate the work being done here, but I do hope the untethered jailbreak is still coming soon. I’m sticking with my jailbroken iOS 4.3 until we get a real untether.

  • Vjcvjcvjc

    ok i have a prob. jailbroke ios5, added semitether.. but when i wanna reboot with my jailbreak, using redsn0w (just boot), the process on redsn0w says done, but my phone is stuck on the pineapple screen, and doesnt go forward from thr.

  • Thom van Dorst

    Thanx, now it works for me

  • Abdou_oi

    it causes wifi not to work

  • Abdou_oi

    redsn0w or sn0wbreeze ? which one is better?

  • someone who understands

    use appcake~

  • Bayu Adi Samodro

    after installing this, cydia crash, i dont know why!!! please help!!!

  • psusyys

    yu cn u pussy

  • Anonymous

    uninstall it… semi-theather that is

  • Guest

    will this unlock so i can use a tmobile sim?

  • Almacote

    Hi. On your app edit notes from Oct 23, you said the following:

    “3) App sync issue – this is unworkable. Appsync hard patches system files and does not even use mobile substrate. I had to conflict with it. For now, semi0-tether boot is impossible with appsync. You guys need to bug those guys to fix appsync to to use mobile substrate (like everyone else uses.)”

    From what you’re saying, I should delete appsync before downloading semitether. Do we need to need to only respring after appsync removal or is a full boot needed. Thanks for all your work!!!

  • Retrace111

    Installed SEMITETHER but does not work. When I install it, it removes the installous app. After restart the phone is exactly like before. Freezes at the Apple Logo. I tried this 2 times. Same problem.

  • Retrace111

    I used redsn0w and sn0wbreeze to install iOS5. both work the same. with snowbreeze its faster. After iOS5 installation is complete with sn0wbreeze you have CYDIA installled. With redsn0w you need to install CYDIA from redsn0w. With both methods, the SEMITETHER does not work. The phone freezes at the Apple logo. I see in youtube clip that it works but it might be working only on some software/hardware iphone 4 models.

  • Retrace111

    I installed ios 5 tow time: once with redsn0w, and once with sn0wbreeze. After installation of iOS 5 i installed SEMITETHER from cydia but got the same results. Iphone freezes at Apple Logo. So it’s not the JB method. Don’t know what the problem is. Also after uninstallation of SEMITETHER some of cydia programs does not work any more.

  • Kim

    I had the same problem. From what people have told me, ibooks will not work with a tethered jailbreak. I don’t know if it will work with a semi-tethered jailbreak.

  • Anonymous

    i have heard you have to remove installous and appsync.. and it should work, however i have not tested it

  • Abdou_oi

    Thank you for sharing! But I found that the battery behaviour is better with sn0wbreeze than Redsn0w.

  • Garyswfc

    Appsync doesn’t work with semitether, installous disappears as well, to get installous back just re-install Appsync which removes semitether automatically then re-install Installous : )

  • Djjenso0n

    doesn’t seem to work with the verizon iphone
    1. no reboot only respring after the install
    2. reboot hangs as before need to apply redsnow to complete the boot

  • Breaon

    Works just fine on my Verizon iPhone. I had to reinstall it first.

  • Pennis

    works fine..but after i installed semi Tether, cydia removed appsync 5.0+ and installous i decide to uninstall this semi Tether.

  • Katelyn

    how do i uninstal the semi tethered???????

  • Jessica

    ok so i have ios 4.3.5 i did the semi thethered jailbreak
    i didnt like it how doi unistall the semi thethered jailbreak?????????????????

  • Jim

    works but no jb tweaks will work from crash / reboot afterwards and cydia auto uninstalls installous 4 and appsync 5.0+ so i chose to uninstall semitethered as well, my phone doesnt crash if rarely happens so i decide not to install semi tethered till the official untethered jb comes :/ hopefully soon ;-;

  • Gofa

    I can’t connect my iphone 4 to my pc, i won’t find it, after semi-tether. No sound or nothing!
    What to do?

  • Guest

    remove it…

  • Kashif9

    doesnt work on 3GS

  • Miretteenginst

    hii if i switch off my mobile and open it again it will work normally except cydia ?

  • Miretteenginst

    also why there’s conflict between installious and semi theher ?

  • Budgie_157

    If your phone is unlocked, once you turn your phone on and off after installing the semi tether you get “NO SERVICE. You need to boot tethered, click on Cydia and then it reloads and starts searching and you are able to get service. So it appears that the semi-tether will not help anyone who has an unlocked phone?

  • TheGeekCook

    people, it works. If you get stuck booting at Apple logo, it’s because you install Installous/Appsync after you install semitether. It removes it. Same thing the other way around, if you install Semitether after installous/appsync, it removes them. Solution is: install installous/appsync, do whatever you need to do, then install semitether. It will keep whatever you have done with installous and gives you semitether. However, you can use installous again unless you reinstall it, blah blah, then install semitether again.

  • TheGeekCook

    also, if you can’t use mail/safari after, you can always you Opera or other browser that you purchse from Appstore, to check your email on the web or what not.

  • Jacob Kingman

    Thanks for that tip. To clarify, if you’re having trouble booting tethered with redsn0w 0.9.9b7 after installing semi-tethered (ie, redsn0w gets stuck, but iphone boots up anyway in semi-tethered mode), just go into the extras section in redsn0w and Select IPSW. Then start the tether-boot process.
    Also may want to make sure at the last step for entering DFU mode, you continue to hold the home button for the full 15 secs.

  • IDontSupportyourideas

    There’s a reason it removes Install0us and Hackul0us, duh.

    Hackul0us and Install0us are piracy, and we nor the jb team support piracy of appstore apps or any other such, that’s why it’s manually in there to remove any pirated sources or applications, Install0us being one since it supports piracy and purposely stealing App$tore applications and thus will not be tolerated.
    Jailbreaking is about freedom, not getting “free apps” dumbdumbs.

    Go back to school and learn what Unix and the rest are in your IT class before making stupid, and comments on how your illegal software does not work.

    Jailbreaking is legal and fine.
    Software piracy is NOT.

  • Puneet

    I just jailbroke my iphone 3gs (6.15 BB) phone and then unlocked it using Ultrasn0w. Now after rebooting it did detect my sim card, but still no signal. After that I used this semi-tether and did as mentioned about. Even though I am not able to get any service on my phone.

    When i am changing the network selection to manual, I get an error saying unable to load network list. Can you please help me?

  • Budgie_157

    Reboot tethered using Redsnow, then click on Cydia. The semitethered doesn’t seem to work for unlocked phones. I had the same problem of no signal

  • Breeze Breeze

    Don’t use will F@#$ YOUR PHONE UP!!!!!

  • Dwfantasy

    no installous??

  • Budgie_157

    How do i Uninstall it?

  • xfafax

    yeah mine too….fix please!!

  • AppleLover

    If I tried to install and then removed it, but then reinstalled it again, should I install mobile substrate first then reinstall the semi-tether? Or can I just reinstall mobile substrate ontop of the semi-tether that’s already installed

  • eags77

    so why would anyone bother? can someone tell me why if nothing works…..

  • Silberwing

    I’ve installed the semi-tethered jailbreak, but now I can’t use my search screen in my i4. Has anyone had this problem?

  • Khris Allen

    To be completely honor and fair; it’s a great tweak. For a JBer that is constantly testing new tweaks and resprings a lot, this is not for them. (_<) I had no problem respringing after installs from cydia, no problem theming, nothing. When I installed semi-tether, it totally conflicted just about everything that uses Mobile Substrate. Color Keyboard vanishes from time to time; Winterboard just totally breaks (doesn't work until you reboot after 'just boot' -ing, reinstall Mobile Substrate, and 'just boot' again); it totally ruins the ability to respring after maybe 4-5 times during a period where you haven't rebooted. (Things like 'respring' from SBSettings will hang at the color wheel thing, a respring app from springboard will crash, a respring required from Cydia will hang at 'Loading…' with the spinning wheel, the Winterboard respring button will just press and release with no respring at all, etc.) For me to fix this, I usually end up reinstalling the following; Mobile Substrate, pincrush, and Winterboard. (In that exact order, do not create queu if you follow my instructions.)

  • Khris Allen

    In order to completely remove it, (and this applies to anything you want to /completely/ remove or fix) reinstall mobile substrate with a queu that is uninstalling Semi-Tether, then when you’ve done all the ‘just boot’ process, reinstall mobile substrate once more. (For this next step; you’ll need iFile. I don’t condone Stealing, but what needs to be done, will be done.) Now from the very root of iFile, ( ‘/’ ) scroll to the top where the search bar is, and type in ‘semitether’. Wait about 3-5 minutes to be completely sure that every file has loaded, and then delete ever single search result that comes up. Respring (a reboot doesn’t hurt, even if you do need to ‘just boot’) and it should be fine. Everything should be back to normal as if you never installed ‘semi-tether’.

  • Blackheartdown

    Do not do remove files from iFile!!! Totally ruined my iPod! Now I need to restore! Every step worked absolutely fine, and this guy said everything perfectly right, but do not delete files from iFile! I did everything he said and now all my icons are gone, even Stock apps!

  • Anonymous

    in Cydia

  • Puneet

    Thanks Budgie, but I did not understand. Will Re-booting Phone using Redsn0w will solve the issue? What do I do in Cydia now? I have already used the procedure given above once. Thanks again!

  • Puneet

    thanks for the reply. can you please explain what should I do to resolve this issue?

  • iPhoneCroatia

    it won’t boot up for me even after 10-20 mins pls help

  • Hktvb2001

    >i installed it and have no prob at al :)

  • 19850874

    My phone will go through the jailbreak, but when it’s supposed to reboot it doesn’t. It stays stuck on the apple logo. Anybody know how to fix this? ):

  • Nick G

    Just a fail… The only thing it does, it removes AppSync and Installous.

  • Guest

    so boot tethered to get back….
    this is for emergencies when you need to turn your phone off

  • anon

    did you read this article?

  • Budgie_157

    Open Redsnow 09.9b7. Click on Extras, then click on “Just Boot” and follow the instructions (Make sure your phone is turned off and attached to the computer). Once you reboot using Redsnow your phone will power up. Once it powers up and if you still have no signal; click on Cydia. You don’t need to do anything in Cydia. When you click on it, you will see a black screen like your phone is rebooting. It doesn’t actually do a complete reboot; for some reason it kinda reloads the setting in your phone. Once it reloads you signal should reappear. Hope this helps.

  • Hallomonst

    it works very well, the phone reboots and all necessary things work, but Installous and AppSync were removed, so i deinstall it…

  • Akypraios

    Press and hold both power and home till you see iTunes connect ( USB cable ). Now you don’t have to turn off your device to run redsnow. Good luck

  • Pitcenwilber

    you have to boot tether it,it should work after that

  • bHow11

    No problems here with semitether on my 3gs on 5.0. Follow the steps and it will work when jailbroke using redsn0w. If you can’t get it to work then you’re a pirate or you just don’t get it, so don’t bother.

  • Ks


  • Qandil1975

    Nabaz Kurdi

    this is Fantastico , well done

  • JP

    FYI: If you Install it, you can’t instal INSTALLOUS anymore… !!!

  • Guest

    My phone died after many days of running fine. After reboot, I cannot receive text messages from anyone outside my carrier (Verizon). Can anyone help?

  • Guest

    I am running a tethered jailbreak on ios5, using redsn0w

  • jim aero

    great 100 *** :) only safari, mail not work

  • Bhavitpyarra

    hey when i installed semi tethered jailbreak 0.7.9 i rebooted it using boot tethered and then when i tried to see whether this semi tethered jailbreak works i rebooted my device but it just stucks on respring after coming of apple logo …what should i do now >

  • Nathan_coffey

    You can’t use installious from the hackulous source but you can from a different source , there are a couple that host it

  • Nathan_coffey

    Try a different source the hackulous source doesn’t work but many other that offer that do work and those apps work I got them and the semi tethered boot

  • Harneet Singh

    the annoying thing is the cydia tweaks dont work

  • Tuan1163

    will this work with cdma i phone 4 flash to cricket

  • Guest

    **PLZ HELP ME**
    I installed this did everything the vid did…but my bro hit the ipod out of my hand so it shut off my ipod 4g…i try to hook it up and my laptop/itunes doesnt see my ipod…..what should i do plz help

    ill give you cookies (:;)

  • Guest

    it was the 0.7.2 version

  • Guest

    lol ok now its in a never ending loop thingy too …..

  • Tuan1163

    my cydia does not work, does anyone a an idea

  • Feldman

    lol figured it out…just hooked up to different computer…. i can give myself cookies now ;D

  • Lilcachua15

    reboot your phone with redsnow fixed it for me

  • M_kusal

    yes work fine


  • Bhavitpyarra

    plsse anyone has an idea..about dis i just get stuck in respring after semi tethered reboot

  • Bhavitpyarra

    dis semi tethered just stucks ….my iphone just stucks on respring loop…

  • Buzzn18

    Yeah mine is stuck on respring loop and will not boot after semi-tethered update.

  • Daniel

    It’s because u have jailbroken apps or tweaks installed =)

  • Salam_daher_2006

    if it works then it would be an untethered boot bro :P wich is not available yet

  • Franky

    Redsnow 09.9b7 wouldn’t boot tethered after installing this. I used Redsnow 09.9b6 and it booted fine… With install0us too.. Yay.. :)

  • anon

    gotta reboot after jailbreak using ibooty

  • Anon

    lame….. works fine

  • Install0usUser

    You probably don’t J-Walk either.

  • guzutite

    i did this and had cydia working and dl the sem i tether. it still did not work when i put my sim in. it recognized the sim card but just says no service???

  • Wendelightful

    hi guys! could i ask a REALLY stupid question? totally understand that jailbroken and unlocked are completely different animals. my question is, if i have semi-tethered jailbroken my iphone 4 on iOS 5, and the cydia app icon shows up on my iphone, does that mean i can then semi-tether unlock my iphone 4? it’s on baseband 4.11.08, which i understand can NOT be unlocked yet? if so, what is the point of restoring my IPSW? and can i restore my firmware to 4.1, which supports baseband 1.59.00, which i understand is the baseband that is unlockable, then update to ios 5 while still preserving my baseband? i know, lots of questions!

  • Roxanne

    Hey guys, I really needs help here. Im stuck on baseband 4.11.08
    Is there someone could help me out of this situation? Please.. I have “NO SERVICE” n its really sucks! I just can use my iPhone as an Ipod

  • Mohamad_im

    thank you that’s very helpful.

  • cohee

    Can we use a hotspot with this semi-jailbreak?

    After reading all of the comments; I think the administrator should suggest that this Jail break is not for the novice – If you are new to jail breaking your apple devices, wait for the developers to come out with the finial version.

    New-bees… Read all the Debug comments before installing this—- FYI – the jailbreak pros have been there and done that too!

  • Lilcachua15

    Semi tether isn’t a hack to enable personal hotspot on your device of that’s what you are asking. But I used tetherMe to enable personal hotspot. And works with no problem

  • Corey McCrea

    I installed semi tether and i shut down my ipod touch running ios 5 and it wont start and i can’t put it in dfu mode what do I do?

  • Notthonlyjustin

    Uhhhhh I just jailbroke my Iphone 4 on ios 5, and was going to semi tether it…… but its starting up fine lol.

  • Bbauer

    fu*king shit semi tether….. i have to restore my phone becouse it can’t open the phone book in semi tether and in normal mode…….

  • Mang Bawi

    i was trying to jailbreak my ios 5(iphone 4 GSM).
    it can not be install Cydia. any help?

    what should i do?

  • ctdetmon

    “For myself, my device sometimes stuck on Apple logo while I’m on the road because of the tethered jailbreak. ”

    Mine also does this — first time it happened I installed Installous from Cydia, reboot device and got stuck on apple logo. How do I fix this?

  • Joshua McClure

    Dude I am njot trying to be rude but that is so wrong. They have been improving how installous works with semitether! Everything yopu said was way off. The only reason SemiTether conflicts with AppSync (not installous BTW) is becuase installous is a “sand box’ application that does not use Mobile substrate. Why this is I have no idea, and there is more to it than that (obviously, something about where appsync and semitether are located in the file system I think)check Sunfuliphone. But it is most certainly not because the DEV’s/Jailbreak community are trying to block cracked apps. Do some research before ya post your opinions about people you dont even know.

  • Joshua McClure

    I am not trying to be rude but there is a much more practical and stable way to make it all work.. The only reason you are having problems is because

    A.) You did not install “Mobile Substrate” first from the SemiTether repo.
    B.) You were careless with what you installed and did not intall all your jailbreak tweaks fresh after restore before syncing absolutely anything to your phone.

    When u are able to first open Cydia, u must install the semitether repo after Cydia loads. Then go to that repo on manage tab and install “Mobile Substrate” and only this, nothing else. It says to restart springboard but don’t do that. Don’t tap anything. Just plug your phone into your computer an power it off. Then of coarse prepare to boot tethered.

    Now open Cydia again, and install the hackulo repo. Then go to the hackulo repo and tap on “AppSync 5.0+”, then tap on “install” but don’t tap confirm. Instead tap “continue queing” Then go back to the repo, find Installous, tap install then tap confirm. Now Installous will work perfectly.

    Why do this? Because when you first install installous cydia for some reson I dont know why Cydia grabs the”AppSync 5.0+” from one of your cracked repos instead of from the hackulo repo. (if you don’t install a cracked repo before the hackulo repo, then you should be fine). As you may or may not know, that the cracked version of appsync, and a lot of things really, dont work properly.

  • Xaziss

    ctdetmon, you should take your device and hold the home button and power button without realesing, the apple logo will dissapear then reappear, but keep holding until it says connect to itunes. Then connect it to itunes and restore. remember, you may have to hold the power and home buttons for over a minute for this to work

  • AdrianP

    hy… just finnished normail jailbreaking and after semi’tethred jailbreaking. i’ve instaled instalous from cydia and the instalous icon and semi’tethred icon are white, and when i enter to download something from instalous… won’t work. any ideas ?

  • Suresh Y R

    I need a help were I have upgarded to IOS 5 in my IPHONE 3gs model, now I am stuck with apple logo in iphone screen, the spple dosent disapper, but from the itune i could see my iphone connected. aney help to resolve apple logo issue would be very helpful for me.

    Thanks in advance

  • Cassio

    I have the iphone 4 ios 5 from Verizon, I still did not even try to jailbreak it. I read and read the comments and it seems there is always a problem with the iphone from Verizon. Does any one have this phone could tell me if it will work and if there is is any info I should know… like the back up from Itunes will restore my phone to the same as was before, sms, emails everything was in my phone will be there after I restore it?

  • Hyper_X

    my iphone was jailbroken using redsnow 9.9b7 and when i install the semi-tetherd
    redsnow become unable to boot it tetherd anymore (no identifying data fetched)
    so im now stuck on semi- tetherd and can oly use it as a phone ….
    need help

  • Mitchell Beames

    That Is Probably Just The Version Of Redsn0w You Are Using Try A Newer Version Of Redsn0w And If That Don’t Work Use iBooty

  • Keriinks

    jailbreak and this semi is not working at alll///// I need help PLZ

  • Mich

    I jailbroke my iphone 4 and everything works great except my music. The app pops up and my playlists, but when I press play there is no sound. I tried “just boot” and that didn’t help. Does anyone know how to fix this or what the problem is?

  • cj

    my semi tether doesnt have a signal once its turned back on ?? what should i do?

  • Orpheus Constandinou

    Thanks a lot. That video helped me so much!

  • Vivekgarg79

    How to remove jail break. I have jailbreak iPhone 4 with iOS5. I want to remove jailbreak and restore to original setting.

  • Jashwua

    plug it in to itunes and hit the restore button it should update it to the most current ios version. Today is nov 14 so it will update you to ios 5.0.1

  • Ufo Minister

    Start all over again, open Itunes and DFU mode and restore your phone

  • Ufo Minister

    Reboot with redsnow, in menu extra

  • cc

    When i down load sei-tether its an all white box whats wrong? is there a fix to this??

  • Mai

    My iPhone 4 hasn’t been charging since I installed Installous for ios 5!

  • Cpaulino1012

    help, stuck on respiring swirly logo won’t reboot after respringing :(

  • kickiphone

    Just press home button and sleep for 10s and power it on again

  • Cpaulino1012

    its tethered. don’t think that will work.

  • Cpaulino1012

    and i try to reboot it using redsn0w to boot it tethered.

  • Cpaulino1012

    and it boots up then spins once and freezes.

  • Joehall_98

    resping and the icon should show up !!

  • Rhdepenbrock

    Thank you very much!
    It works!
    My safari don´t crash.
    Good work!

  • Www H

    does anyone know when the untethered jailbreak will come for ios 5 ?

  • Sky

    Nobody nooooows xD

  • eric

    after installing semitether 0.9.1 i still get the apple screen when re-booting!

  • Sureshvs Chithra Kochu580

    thanks for this good video help

  • Juma666


  • Sheriff Hashem

    so is this the only solution? each time you reboot the phone and it locks up you have to reboot through redsnow?!

  • Onet_SSS

    I had recently upgraded iPhone wid BB 06.15 to iOS 5 and i degraded it back again without saving SHSH boobs. Now is it possible for me to Upgrade my iPhone back to iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1, ty, plz help as soon as possible.

  • That one

    Help, stuck in a semitethered loop.
    Whenever i boot tethered (redsnow) ios5 ipod touch 4g, it enters semi tether again. cant turn it off or start tethered. any advice?

  • That one

    to clarify that is’ i cant turn semitethered off, as somehow, that is one of the applications that doesnt run in semitethered state. ‘ i dont want to restore to ios 5.0.1, and theyve stopped signing ios5.

  • Sanjeev Kumar

    Everything is ok for me…. but i dont know much function what to do with Jailbroke iphone4 :-P

  • Haydenlink225

    if i jailbreak with the semi tethered and then unlock it will i still be able to use different cairrer after an untethered reboot?

  • Bob

    reapply the ispw before rebooting worked for me

  • Curtis

    I am in the same boat. I am wondering if it is because of a certain tweak/app from Cydia. I have the newest version of redsn0w and I have used iBooty. Neither works.

  • Curtis

    I am in the same boat on both my 3gs and iPhone 4. I have tried jailbreaking with redsn0w and ultrasn0w. I wonder if it is because of a certain tweak/app from Cydia. I haven’t restarted my 4 in almost a week in fear of not being able to get it out of a semitethered state. I am on ios 5.1 on both devices because I have had to restore and rejailbreak so many times. If you find anything out, let me know, cause I can’t find anything out anywhere!

  • Lowe493

    Have u tried using tiny umbrella you can use it to get iTunes to start restore process i think

  • Vova4o

    Hey i do have a problem. I’m trying to install iOS 5 on my phone 3GS new bottom, but iTunes saying to me that this iPhone can have this update.

  • Q4ll3

    or you can just use iBooty ios 5 ;)
    if it drops dead

  • MacphistoMR

    Not run in ios 5.0.1? loop circle after appple logo.

  • Vtechhonda

    hi dear idid what u said to semi thether on ios5 band jailbroken bu my cydia have a white sreen

  • Vtechhonda

    Help, stuck in a semitethered loop.
    Whenever i boot tethered (redsnow) ios5 ipod touch 4g, and jailbreak
    cydia appear white on my scrren cant install cydia
    to semi thether

  • Sajan118118

    LOL It’s SHSH Blobs

  • Expedition12

    same here, 2days now trying to get my “timing” right”
    wont go past apple logo

  • Kinan

    It doesn’t work with semi-tethered jailbreak till now.
    Using the redsn0w 9.9.b8 on iPAD1 IOS 5.0.1

  • Mutts Nutts

    if your cydia is white and just don’t load close redsnow go to extras select ipsw version again then go back and select just boot and follow instructions then it will work !

  • Mutts Nutts

    oh sorry forgot to add after you’ve closed it open it again sorry !

  • Sam

    My mobile substrate keeps crashing anyone know what the problem is?

  • Horka101

    my apps like settings, weather, safari, etc all disappeared an i cant get them back…please help, i have an
    iphone 3gs

  • Danny lopez

    I have a ipod 4G 5.0.1 Will redsn0w semitethered work on it perfectly. Or will it have as many problems as it does on other idevices.

  • Sunnychauhan92

    I am upload ios5.0.1 9a405…;on my ipad2
    But wen I select Ipsw in red snow..0.9.9b8
    Showing error mesage snow is not valid for dis Ipsw….
    Now wat can I do…..

  • Babykid0201

    you must select 5.0 and jailbreak…..
    don’t select file 5.0.1
    try again! good luck

  • Baseball_guy43

    i go to jailbreak on my ipod 4th gen and it stops during uploading first stage and my screen goes black and doesnt respond and when i go to boot thinking that will fix it, it says unexpected error

  • Baseball_guy43

    using the new redsnow i go to jailbreak on my ipod 4th gen and it stops during uploading first stage and my screen goes black and doesnt respond and when i go to boot thinking that will fix it, it says unexpected error

  • Baseball_guy43

    i go to jailbreak on my ipod 4th gen and it stops during uploading first stage and my screen goes black and doesnt respond and when i go to boot thinking that will fix it, it says unexpected error

  • Baseball_guy43

    i go to jailbreak on my ipod 4th gen and it stops during uploading first stage and my screen goes black and doesnt respond and when i go to boot thinking that will fix it, it says unexpected error

  • Baseball_guy43

    i go to jailbreak on my ipod 4th gen and it stops during uploading first stage and my screen goes black and doesnt respond and when i go to boot thinking that will fix it, it says unexpected error using windows xp on guest account

  • venkY

    i didnt read tha SBsetting thiing nd know i am stuck on dat looopp tried doin the tethered Jailbreak bt doesn’t helped wat 2 do…?????? :X :X :X :X :X :X :X

  • Hung Hoang Xuan

    My jailbroken iPhone accidentally could not open cydia and other Installous’s apps and lost all apps that I downloaded from Cydia. Plz help me.

  • Hung Hoang Xuan

    I’ve just boot my iPhone and everything works well now

  • Ahmed Omar

    Try using sn0wbreeze

  • Ailton2k5


  • Alvrtsnchz

    I’m tethered JB, i dont have any problems with rebooting. It’s been 2 weeks since last reboot, i can install almost everything from cydia, restart springboard, respring, go 2 safe mode and back to tether JB all without any problems. I wouldnt try semitether as I can see you guys are having so many issues.

  • venkY

    fixed this issue had to update to 5.0.1 as it didnt let me restore sayin error 3194…! :)

  • Guest

    i jb my iphone 4 fimwire 5.o by redsn0w nd i got whie cydia , nd i use redsn0w to just boot but i still got white cydia .my phone jus got apple logo nd white cydia plz help me

  • Livid-

    I jailbroke my iPhone 4 5.0.1 with redsn0w but when I do the just boot tethered, the pinnaple thing comes up , then the apple logo, then it keeps switching between an apple logo and a loader symbol. Tried restoring and doing the process again. But it doesn’t work. Need help!

  • Franky Tre

    whats the point of jailbreaking if 99%apps dont work

  • Alirezaa366

    you should boot your device with ibooty in sn0wbreeze. you need sn0wbreeze 2.8b11 and ios 5.0.1 for your iphone

  • qwerty

    you can’t jailbreak ios 5.0.1 on ipad 2.

  • qwerty

    ios 5.0? if so, apple is not signing them anymore. you cant upgrade unless you have the shsh blobs saved.

  • Bojan Djordjevic

    Lol, in case your phone auto reboots, you at least have a phone….

  • Ismail

    just click and it will open, make sure you have internet. If not repeat the jailbreak till cydia is working. I have 5.0.1 and its working with redsn0w and 5.0 software

  • Kidan

    what about 5.0.1 for iPhone 4 Iget the Brown Cydia icon but then reboot tethered get pineapple then gear then Apple constant loop. no boot

  • Azzrawr ♕

    hello, i wanna ask, when i’m install the bigboss, there’s an erroe sub-process /bin/bzip2 reurned an error code (2). how to fix that? hope you can help me, thank you :(

  • Faldsjsk

    This this this I’m on a 3gs new bootrom, on iOS 5.0. I had my phone sem-tethered for a while, and it worked fine. Now, without warning, I’m having the same problem this guy has.

    The Pineapple Logo stays for about 20 minutes, after which it reboots back into un-jailbroken-semitethered-mode.

    How do we get this to boot?

  • Faldsjsk


    Okay, I’m on iphone 3gs new bootrom, jailbroken at iOS 5. I’ve applied semitether, and it’s worked just fine up until about a week ago, when I tried to ‘Just Boot’ with Redsnow after the battery died.

    The boot process went fine, and Redsnow said “the Rest of this Process takes place on your device,” but the pineapple logo just sat there for about 20 minutes, after which it rebooted back into unjailbroken semi-tethered mode. Since then, I’ve been unable to to get my phone to boot in jailbroken mode. I’ve tried this with Redsnow 0.9.9b5 and b7.

    How can I get my phone jailbroken again without upgrading to 5.0.1? Does this have something to do with Semitether?

  • Pipelipe

    i have an itouch 4 5.0.1 and when I try to use semitether when it boots up it just stays on the loader circle…..any ideas or suggestions?plz help!

  • Brendanbce09

    I cant put my device into DFU mode ive tried every way please help cuz i cant get everything back unless i get it into DFU mode

  • Abroliss

    Ewrything is working great if follow instructions. Tested few times on IPhone4 GSM. After tethered reboot icon goes white. After boot with redsnow icon still white but is working. Nice!

  • guest

    oh man if we won;t be able to use the apps downloaded from cydia or installous then whats the advantage of doing this

  • Njikhlaq2000

    yeah there is no advantage of this

  • Voldemort Potter

    maybe I must prepare mt fucking iPhone and a hammer if it get stuck :


    Lol you guys don’t get it. All jailbreak tweaks and apps work normally. But IF say your battery dies, and you have a charger but not a computer, at least you can boot your phone up and use it like an unjailbroken phone, until you get home and reboot with the jailbreak. Without semitether, if your jailbroken phone gets turned off completely (ex: battery dies) you would be totally unable to reboot it until you got to a computer.

    For those of you that can’t understand what the point of a semitether is, I’d recommend waiting till an untethered jailbreak comes out. Much simpler for you.


    Might have to jailbreak, then turn your device off and then use Redsnow’s “just boot” option. And then maybe even respring after the jailbreak and the reboot. Good luck. Haha this happened to me.

  • Someguy999

    this blows for me…. after about 12-16 hours my device will reboot randomly, then be stuck respringing until i just boot tethered via redsnow. then i have another 12-16 hours…sometimes less. dont do it. before i had semitether my device crashed twice, since getting it my device crashes everyday, even if it doesnt get stuck in resprings. waste of time, you lose out in the end

  • Ty

    Same thing happened to me with SB Rotator. I got stuck in a infinite spring loop. I was able to fix it without rebooting.
    1. Get ifunbox. (It only works for windows, if you have maxosx, get phonedisk)
    2. Leave your iphone respringing and plug it in.
    3 Go into ifunbox and search your device for SB settings.
    4. delete SB settings (i think the ones you have to worry about are the .dylib and .plist ones.)
    5. Your iphone should automatically get out of the respring loop after that.

    I found the location on another forum

    The SBRotator file is located in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/

    Delete the two SBRotator files (dylib mainly). Respring, and SBRotator is gone. To complete remove it, go to Cydia and remove it.

    This fixed my problem
    Mine was just spinning and spinning, and then after i deleted those files, it just resprung like normal and my phone was back.

  • John Doe

    IOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak is Un-tethered yesterday night by POD2G. Follow him on twitter! or look on the news CNET. Good news to hear as my Iphone is on IOS 5.0.1 :D . I need unlock now to use on t-mobile. THERE IS CURRENTLY NO INSTRUCTIONS SHOWING THE UN-TETHERED METHOD, BUT IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY POD2G. PLEASE BE PATIENT, THE METHOD WILL BE RELEASED SOON. Btw CYDIA ROCKS!!!

  • Invisible_aid

    if u need career unlock call a danish provider9like tmobile,telie,,etc,no mather wich one) and ask them to unlock ur provider…they will ask no info from u,they only ask the imei nr and they will send a request to apple,and in afew hours via ur itunes ur iphone will get unlocked(u will need to pluge it to the pc to itunes) works f me 5 times so..goodluck9notmather where are u from..u say i have this iphone from denamrk from u….and bla bla …is fixed

  • I_seeker

    Even AT&T Iphone could be unlocked ??? Could you provide the phone number to call ?
    Thanks man.

  • Jerome

    have ip4 with ios 5.0.1, jailbroken and semi-tethered. Works great but some other hack does conflict with this. Has happened a couple of times and have no solution but to re-flash os again. Looking to see if someone has a solution.

    Most of the times the device resprings and there is no issue until a reboot. It goes into semi-tether mode and I will not be able to boot tethered??? Have tried ibooty and redsnow to reboot but does not work :( real bummer as I am unable to lock down which hack is causing this.

    Anone has any idea how to reboot the device tethered again?

  • Jason

    i used a different one , and its working fine, its also semi tethered, but the above info really helped me to figure it out. you guys rock. iPhone 4 version 5.0.1

  • Yanga91

    at the end, it says ‘waiting for reboot’ but after that, it says ‘no identifying data fetched’ on the top. whats wrong?

  • Steven M


  • Christian Duvall

    BTW if you install H1siri on top of SemiTether, it will just get stuck on the apple logo after Semi-tethered reboot. So it’s completely useless with H1siri.

  • Christian Duvall

    This works great:)

  • Tbajaj

    Here is some interesting feedback – I have iPhone 3GS with baseband and iOS 5.01. After installing the SemiTether the phone wouldn’t recognize the SimpleMobile Network and keep going between Searching and No Service.. I uninstalled the SemiTether and after SpringBoard Reload instantly the Network was recognized. Maybe some tweaks still needed. Thanks for all you do.

  • Rachot Smuth..

    i got probs..i semi tethered my iphone but when i reboot, it stays at the long does it normally take? thanks..

  • gsdfgfdb

    this happened to me too!):

  • E Alive7

    when i try to install the semitether, i show a not on my phone that the requested modification can not be applied

  • Lee_vt

    have anybody try to unlock iphone 3gs ios 5 serial NO **136*******, i mean it new bootrom, version 2011 and above week 36. thanks

  • Mematman15

    iPad 2 and iPhone 4S can’t be jailbroken.

  • Azayza

    i’ve installed cydia and everything Semitether , and i’ve saw the semitether icon of the board but the problem was at the moment where i shut down the iPhone and reboot , the cydia simply won’t reopen !! and i’ve made all the steps as followed , so whats the problem , please some1 help me

  • Eatyoursoul9232

    im having the same exact problem reply if you find a solution

  • Taylorplanb

    i have the same problem with my ipod touch 4th gen. :(
    i cant get it into dfu mode while plugged into the computer to reboot.

  • Gav

    nice app .. what if it shuts me down??

  • Liar

    Totally scam!!! Don’t work as described.


    you must use Redsn0w.
    Make Sure iphone/ipod is connected to your computer.
    Step 1) Go to extras
    Step 2) Click on just boot
    Step 3) Follow the steps to put it in DFU mode
    and done it would boot up with the PWNDAPPLE Icon.

  • Philip Sedlmair

    don’t do it. I have seen 2 phones from week 40 bricked so far.

  • Angeleana947

    This is a lie actually, a scam i bricked my iphone 3GS managed to unbrick it. But Im in related in this trouble because they just realeased a new siri app thing in cydia and i dont normally install it maybe i shouldnt be touching cydia at all due to the tethered 5.0 but right now i cannot do anything to my phone. I cannot restore, i cannot place it with restore. I jailbreaked my phone using Redsn0w with b8 it doesnt work it keeps showing the apple, like it would go black for a second and then repop out before it reaches the last part, any idea i could probably get a hand on. Right now im just waiting to see if it will just go off on its on, like crash hopefully in my case so that i am able to take out that new siri “Spire” out of my phone.

  • GalaxySII_BABY!!!

    Sounds very painful.. been there.. every damn time someone thinks they have released something that will make people happy.. LOL One can always scroll down further and see all the end users beating their heads against the keyboard because of the errors and crashes. Good luck to ya!

  • Abbas Msam

    I tried that, it didn’t work with me…………..

  • Bhikshu2002

    You guys are really awesome !!

  • jwcho1102

    A ios 5.0.1 Untethered jailbreak is already out. Just downlaod redsnow

  • ian carr

    ok now my question is im where that person is at, and know the steps to retether from semi tether using redsnow. Though my issue is my computer crashed and I need to download rednsow and the ip all over again. So my question is does anyone know if I needed something from my old computer that was saved from my first semi jailbreak. Or can I just download everything again and follow those steps (same ones you stated) and will it boot tethered again?

  • Deanlingard

    someone please help me , i have an iphone 4 on i0s5 tethered jailbreak and earlier today i just respringed it and it stuck on the loading circle ! ive tried EVERYTHING , is my phone deaad ? just help me asap , please , thankyou

  • My_life_logy

    i cant open my phone when i restart it add when i reboot it shutting down and open one more time ,,, what can i di ;(

  • Guille Marroquin

    It just happened to me! what did you do? Please help!

  • Guille Marroquin

    It just happened to me! what did you do? Please help!

  • Seamonkeez3

    i have an unlocked (tmobile) jailbroken 3gs running on ios5. have the semitethered 0.9.1 version installed. When my phone is in semitethered mode, phone automatically goes to ‘no signal’ and I cannot use the phone or text. However, I can use most apps and safari via wifi. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

  • Lopez juan

    Download an app called corona 5.0.3 and it’ll solve your issues

  • tunedgaz1987

    hi can any1 help plz cydia keeps on saying unable to load

  • Will

    Hold home and power at same time until you reboot, then boot tethered, after that go download corona from cydia, you will then be untethered

  • Punkzmarus

    jailbreak ios 5 need to just boot or not to turn on the iphone?

  • Chrismblatch

    I have installed the semithether app and my phone has booted up fine under semitether… However, I can not enter DFU mode for just boot or to do a an untethered jailbreak, when before I could perform this action without a problem any ideas?

  • Nbuchele

    I have ios 5 4th gen iPod touch white. Untethered jail broken but almost all of my sources won’t load. Y?

  • Ajmorse

    will this allow you to use any sim card? like any carrier? also i have iOS 5.0.1 and baseband 4.11.08 – that ok?

  • Xmantheitman

    I tried entering DMU mode and i messed up and now my i pod 4th generation will not turn on how do i fix this?

  • Dra3_19

    i just jailbroken my iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 with the new redsnow and cydia works but any app that i download from any source does not work help plz

  • Kuljames007

    i had installed cydia in ios 5.0.1 before and also install semitether but now i hv remove cydia in cydia,,,, now i want to again jailbreak my iphone 4,,, but i cnt able to perform it by redsn0w. May be because of semitether is in my device,,, will u help me to again jailbreak my ios 5.0.1

  • Kuljames007

    hello dear..

    I hv also same prob wid my iphone 4.. do u hv any solution ??????

  • Hehej

    This worked for me. THAAAAAANK YOU :)

  • Jorgen_sandvik

    Hey, i did all this a few days ago.
    And then i tried to reboot, and now i cant go on redan0w again to click “just boot tethered”
    Because i get stuck on that pineapple…

    So im just wondering, did i do something wrong? U said we just had to reboot with redsb0w, but well that didnt work

  • Darlin Estrella

    it does not work on my ipod touch 4th gen with ios 5

  • Ivanspauley

    You do not need to use this. An untethered JB is available now

  • Omgthatskool54

    i already jailbroke my ipod touch 4g. is there an easy way to find out if my ipod touch 4g is tethered or not?

  • Vytas

    same with me!

  • Mystigue12

    If your cydia box is white you have to go back into redsnow and this time click on extras…reminder your device must be connected to your pc. After clicking extras you must click on the first choice at the top and follow the steps as displayed. Once you have successfully done this your device will reboot with the pinapple but then switch over and show as normal. Now check you cydia section and you should see the brown screen with a box in in instead of a blank white box. (Only if done correctly) Good Luck!!!

  • Breeze Breeze

    Boobs lol

  • Breeze Breeze

    Your lame one year later lol