iOS 5 Tips: Add Shortcuts To Your Keyboard

by Ahmed Omar on October 16, 2011

So you have upgraded to iOS 5 and started to try the new features of it. Here on CydiaHelp, we’re trying to help you to get everything and the best from Apple’s new software. One of the features you may don’t know is that you can add shortcuts to your iOS keyboard.

Yes you can add some shortcuts of your own and enable it on your keyboard. Let’s say you use the shortcut “btw” a lot in you writing or chatting, with iOS 5, you can make your keyboard automatically change “btw” to “by the way”.

Here’s how to do it:

STEP 1: Download & install iOS 5 from here.

STEP 2: Open Settings > General > Keyboard and you’ll find the shortcuts place like this:

STEP 3: Tap on “Add New Shortcut” and then insert the shortcut and the phrase you want to be typed:

You’ve done it right! Now once you write the shortcut you’ve inserted, it will be automatically changed to its phrase. You can add as much as you want.

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  • K_yun

    Is there way to add shortcut to date?

  • Galowitcg

    How are shortcuts deleted?