Jailbreakers First In Line To Get Apple’s iPhone 4S

by Ahmed Omar on October 10, 2011

The iPhone 4S will hit the shelves of Apple stores on Friday, October 14th. Many people are going to get it and there have been already some people waiting few months ago to get the first spot in line for Apple’s iPhone 4S. Jailbreakers are also there.

Craig Fox and Daniel James, those guys behind MyGreatFest which is officially named JailbreakCon, the first iPhone jailbreaking festival in the wolrd, have been waiting outside Apple’s store since 4:00 PM on Friday.

When they’ve been asked for the reason, they said “We like it that the first in the queue are jailbreakers… It’s a good twist.”

As a side note, those people who’re waiting for the iPhone 4S outside the store are giving flowers and cards in memory of Steve Jobs who passed away last week.

Jailbreakers and hackers’ biggest goal now is to jailbreak the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 untethered. During MyGreatFest, there was some good news about the 2011 iPhone jailbreak and iOS 5 jailbreak.

(Via Pocket-lint)

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  • Nicksk8er414

    I think that jailbreakers should have a rip steve jobs somewhere In their jb to honor steve, since jailbreaking kinda mocks him imo. Just something to respect that he gave them the iPhone to jb in the first place